Dennis Rubi

Dennis Rubi

Dennis Rubi

Hi this is Dennis and Elliott, we're leaving on December 17th to Thailand in search for a retreat, adventures, and select activities. The original reason I wanted to go to Thailand was the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and from that moment on I made it my mission to go to that beach and asked Elliott if he wanted to come. Also if I get accepted into CSULB as a transfer student next fall, this will be my last 6 week winterbreak I'll get from going to a community college so I wanted to do something with the time I've been given.

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki April 8th 2009

I woke up the next day ready to rock the show. I called my buddy Elyzza to see what they're all up to and she tells me they're staying at a hotel on some street with a bunch of vowels in it. I walked out of my hostel and read the first street which was Paoakalani Ave, sounded about right so I walked down it and there was their hotel. Nice I was only a block away. While walking, and this happened on several occasions walking around Hawai'i, I run into people from my class. 'Twas very surreal running into people you know in a different island miles away from your native lands. Anyways everyone was out on their own agenda so Elyzza and I decided to plot an adventure of our own. Later on several ... read more
Adventure of a lifetime
Another view
Group Shot

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki March 31st 2009

Let me start off with American Airlines sucks, especially at 6 ft., it's such a drag. On a lighter note the individual who happened to sit next to me on the plane turned out to be a 3 year old young lad from Sweden named Simon who was reading a book in Swedish and communicating with me in Swedish. According to his mum he allegedly said, "I admire you Dennis, for your display of vigor and tenacity for wearing a cap at this season. For I am not allowed to wear a cap only during the summertime." A surprisingly bright young chap I might add. Hours pass and fatigue kicks in.. I wake up startled and alarmed at the sight my eyes laid upon. Simon was asleep laying horizontally with his feets (mostly his toes) pressed ... read more
Private Flight
The Internet Cafe

Perhaps due to the turmoil which has been brought to my life as of late, the time has come. In 18 hours I shall be departing on a journey of epic proportions. My flight takes off at approximately 6:10 PM on Monday, March 30, 2009. The duration is 7 days with a 1 day layover in Maui before my primary destination at Waikiki in O'ahu, the surfing mecca of the world. I hung out in San Diego over the weekend with friends and family for few last minute words of wisdom. Anyways I have high hopes and low expectations. Please be advised for updates. - Dennis Rubi... read more
Luau at the Loveshack 2
Right Before the Madness.

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 1st 2006

The beaches in Thailand are cool the water is so warm compared to home. I chilled at the beach by my hotel a few more times and the water was so warm even at night. Me and some other guys made sand barriers to protect our fort well after the sun was down and when I went back into the water to wash my hands I couldn't believe how warm it was. I went back to Phuket a few days later. Said goodbye to Moo, wasn't sad at the time but now I kinda am I never even took a pic of him or with him, thought it wouldn't be manly at the time but now I regret it. Oh well it's off to Bangkok for New Years. I came back to the city on the ... read more
Sippion on that Jooz
The Boys with their Toys
Khaosan Rd. on New Year's Eve

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don December 24th 2005

I spent my Christmas on the Phi Phi Islands. The owner of the hotel/guesthouse hooked it up and called a van to pick me up the next morning. The driver was cool I sat up front with him and he was bascially my hero fo awhile. He told me stories about the tsunami last year, like how the streets were flooded and how the water was coming out of the sewers and the canals overflowing. He said at that time he had japanese tourists with him and he took them to safety. This other passenger who was translating what he was saying told me he ran up to the mountains. I looked over to where he was pointing and was thinking "oh my gosh this guy is a national hero" the mountains were so far from ... read more
Getting Ready for the Big Game
The Time Has Come
Arriving at My Pad at the Bahamas

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket December 21st 2005

Title is lame I know, but besdies the point, I've had enough of Bangkok for the time being and thought the time has come for the big hitters of my trip. Given I didn't know what the heck I was doing or where to go and what to do I sought for help from friends I met online. Originally I was planning on taking a 1 hour plane ride there, but I was convinced by how much money I can save taking a bus. She also had a friend who lives and works there she knew from college who was going to pick me up and take care of my hotel situation. So I took a bunch of random taxi's, vans, and city busses to get to the bus station that would take me to phuket. ... read more
Width of a Hair
Showing Who's Boss at Patong Beach

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 19th 2005

My brain is a jar of pickles right now, i don't know if that is a proper analogy but I don't care. I was on China airlines where the majority spoke chinese, wasn't sure what the pilot or what anyone else was saying at the time, then I happen upon Taiwan where everyone speaks taiwanese which is why I got lost in the first place. Now here I is in Bangkok, Thailand where everyone speaks Thai. I wake up every morning pretty surprised myself how I made it this far. At the airport i had no clue where to go or what to do or where to get my bags, all I know is I had to walk at least a good quarter mile to get to where I needed to be. Changed about $40 USD ... read more
Ummm...excuse me??

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei December 18th 2005

Hey everyone it is I and I am doing well. My flight was ok and super long. I thought it would be a long and lonely flight but I sat next to a guy from Taiwan who was super cool his name was Steven. We chopped it up for like the whole flight he's a foreign exchange student in Tennessee. When we first got offered beverages I wanted to test the waters of international waters and asked for a beer then a cocktail afterwards. No good, I repeat no good. I'm a light drinker so about 30 minutes into my mission I'll be honest with you, I was hellie yaded. Dood it sucked soo bad because shortly after the alky started kicking in we were experiencing heavy turbulence. I was about to yak so I headed ... read more
Ballin it young
In fLOLight meal

North America » United States » California » San Diego December 17th 2005

I'll be honest with you, I'm really nervous right now, today at 9:15PM I will be embarking on an adventure of courage, guts, and glory. I think. I just got everything packed mainly the essentials. Everything had to be last minute because I just got done with finals a couple days ago, but I got my travel shots like 4 weeks ago to let the jooz settle in my capillaries. It sucked because I had to get like 3 of the 5 in one day and I think they stuck the apparatus inside the same hole for each one then the last two in the exact same hole if my memory serves me correct. I think my arms are loose now. I said goodbye to some friends and family yesterday it was really hard. I'm going ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Anguilla » Anguilla December 5th 2005

the trip of a life time, a escape perfect for the occasion...a momentus adventure ... read more

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