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5th August 2017

Loving the photos and blog! Hearing about Issys car sickness is enough to make me feel sick too! You ar do worried about parking tickets! Overthinking is amusing! Hangover from Auntie Nancy always making sure you did the right thing! I can relate to that !! D
4th August 2017

I bet your missing Melbourne weather
We had a balmy max of 9 degrees yesterday, the 3rd August. Coldest day in 22 years and the coldest August day since 1970. You guys miss all the good times xxx
3rd August 2017

Another day in melbourne
The most seasoned city by the sea;  multicultural, but here's the key.  Bustling streets with the peak of ti.e having cars and bikes with one per car parked on freeways. There is the peculiar sight of Fed Square; Then come the complex streets, making you question “where?” An Aussie monarch, rich in the days of yore;  Both Gold and colonisation, even the wars.  Melbourne is more than kangaroo’s and dust;  A well known icon, it’s something we’ve all discussed.  Don’t forget about Australia’s sporting hub;  Watch the game while eating classic Aussie grub.  Going South to the beach certainly won’t disappoint;  Featuring golden sand and sunset, not to mention blonds Perpetual levels of joy, there is no need to fuss;  It is just another fortunate day in Melbourne for us.
3rd August 2017

Who does that??? Walking shoes David.
3rd August 2017

Of course you can eat saganaki every night. Doesn't everyone when in Greece
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21st May 2017

Hi Dave and Issy, welcome to TravelBlog! I've just stumbled upon your blogs and look forward to reading about the rest of your trip. I chuckled that you ordered the same food as you order in Melbourne, we often find ourselves doing the same... it's interesting to see how food evolves over time :)
23rd September 2016

that is a funny photo of the skinny boy/man..
18th September 2016

Dave wasn't taking a picture of me at all. He was waiting for something funny to happen in the pool which he nailed haha
13th September 2016

nice story and very good manners you two..
13th September 2016

Wow that pool is fantastic! Another good read, I'll miss your blogs Dave.
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12th September 2016

I can't believe Issy says you both need more exercise after all you have done, are you taking count of your steps each day? - I'm sure it would be massive.
12th September 2016

Great photos....and the rat ewwww!
12th September 2016

Beautiful blue glass.....and a good pic of Issy too!
12th September 2016

your blog headings are very good Dave.
29th August 2016

Geeze that's a lot of beach umbrellas!
29th August 2016

and that's a lot of steps!
29th August 2016

wow look at those two blue colours - beautiful.
23rd August 2016

Finally a relaxing day! the lounges and umbrellas look really good.
23rd August 2016

Lovely, you'll have to grab one of those day beds on the beach before you leave.
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19th August 2016

Lovely photos
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19th August 2016

How lucky you were to be at the waterfront on this night...the story gave me goosebumps.
15th August 2016

You look very comfortable Issy!
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