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14th July 2016

Well Dave - yesterday I was out at Loy Yang and it never got above 4 degrees and there is snow on the Strezlecki Ranges. What a contrast. Stay cool and thanks for the blog!
1st October 2015

I love the gummi bear breakfast and the hat blowing off. You should have been travel writer.
From Blog: Le Morne Brabant
1st October 2015

Love the thong catch. Love it all really, especially Issy deleting the photo's
From Blog: Dolphin Watching
22nd August 2015

Looks beautiful ! You both look so relaxed but sounds very pricey. Enjoy :)
12th August 2015

Loving the blog & enjoying the history lessons. Keep writing Dave !
12th August 2015

Enjoyed your trip to the Lourve & dinner at the Eiffel tower. Felt like I was there too ! P.s. did you pinch a fork ?
6th August 2015

I wonder if the man you met from Ballarat was one of my relatives- Collis Burmingham?? My dad and Collis's mum are first cousins I think.He is a long distance runner.
From Blog: To Lyon
29th July 2015

Your love of towers is great Dave & results in terrific photos !! Issy that must have been distressing watching people slip.over at the station caused by stupid antics :(
24th July 2015

Think you going to have to buy a map and navigate the old fashioned way!
From Blog: Siena
21st July 2015

'Dive'your blog makes me lauh out loud !!
20th July 2015

Dave, are you aware you can drink the water coming out of the fountains in Rome? Cool and clean. Perhaps avoid drinking the water IN the fountains, but have a crack at the stuff coming out of the Lion's ..... It beats paying for bottled wat
From Blog: The Vatican
19th July 2015

Enjoyed the Roman history.I studied this for years & it's very interesting ! The art in the chapes also sounds amazing !
16th July 2015

Loving your travel blog !! You're inspiring me to travel to places I have only read about & now feel informed enough to venture there !! Stay safe & continue to have an amazing time :)
15th July 2015

Enjoying your travel blog. The heat sounded oppressive !
From Blog: To Marrakech
14th July 2015

Very interesting place. One I must one day visit unless you tell me else wise. On the sporting topic. Tigers by 25. Your definitely not missing much back here.
From Blog: To Marrakech
13th July 2015

Sounds like you should have stayed in Malta.
From Blog: To Marrakech
11th July 2015

Don't be so upset, the caves were just ok. Oh apart from the ship wreck 35 meters below sea to which due to to the Crystal clear waters you can still see the coffee cup sitting by the captains arm chair. Only gagging.
From Blog: Comino
10th July 2015

Am enjoying your blog very much..Ir's inspiring & educational all in one..hope Issy doesn't beat you up too much..I like the sarcasm. .can you please find other food to eat so when I visit I will kmow I won't starve as rabbit & hors
e don't do it for me !!
From Blog: Gozo
10th July 2015

can you please suggest to the bloggers owners to add a like button xoxox
From Blog: Laundry Lessons
10th July 2015

I'm really enjoying your news David and hope you and Issy will still be speaking when you leave Malta. It does sound fascinating.
From Blog: Laundry Lessons
9th July 2015

Brilliant reporting Mr Sheehan!
9th July 2015

hahahaha. I am literally pissing my pants laughing soooo much.
From Blog: Donkey Life
9th July 2015

holy shit I've just peed my pants again xoxoxo
9th July 2015

brilliant once again

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