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15th August 2016

You look very comfortable Issy!
From Blog: Exploring Madrid
10th August 2016

great photo!
From Blog: Exploring Toledo
8th August 2016

That water is very green - why is it so??
8th August 2016

La Casa de Pilatos looks very pretty and I'm glad Issy finally got her sashimi!
7th August 2016

OMG... you crack me up. Really... you didn't know we are an Upper Class Family!!! Of course we are, i'll show the our coat of arms when you get home! Love the bit about the spanish women xoxoxoxo
4th August 2016

Again, entertaining reading.
From Blog: Gorge Hiking
3rd August 2016

Granada and Ronda look lovely...
From Blog: Exploring Ronda
29th July 2016

Princess Mary and the Human Vibrator hahaha
27th July 2016

Issy that is a fantastic photo of you on the terrace...well done Dave.
27th July 2016

Thanks Kate. Having a fantastic time
26th July 2016

I'm loving Barcelona!
26th July 2016

very pretty and interesting, I want to go there.
From Blog: Barcelona Hills
26th July 2016

great photos.
25th July 2016

Good writing Dave...I had a few giggles!
From Blog: Getting There
25th July 2016

Great pics, hope Issy feels better soon.
25th July 2016

I agree don't change your writing it's entertaining!
From Blog: Oia
25th July 2016

great story.....rabbit ha ha ha
25th July 2016

Busy day! you are v funny Dave Sheehan!
From Blog: Valletta
25th July 2016

How lucky are you to have a relative who is so knowledgeable to be your personal tour guide for your stay there.
From Blog: Gozo
25th July 2016

yes a Like button would be perfect.Entertaining read again!
From Blog: A Domestic Day
25th July 2016

OMG....this make our Thailand boat trip seem ok!
From Blog: Comino
25th July 2016

looks an amazing place and hot!.....pity about the food poisoning stories.
From Blog: The Medina
25th July 2016

wow what a day!
25th July 2016

Ok I'm reading the current trip now...ha ha!
From Blog: Ridiculously Hot
21st July 2016

You are so hilarious! really enjoying your writing. Now there's an idea for your retirement. Travel writer a la Jonas Blakiston!!!! Very cool here. Off to the farm for the weekend really looking forward to seeing Sally next week. love
From Blog: Ridiculously Hot

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