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10th May 2018
Meiji Jingu Shrine

Tokyo in the rain
What a shame it was raining while you were there but sounds like many images of folk in facemasks would have provided enduring memories.
From Blog: Exploring Tokyo
8th May 2018

Have fun ❤️😍😂😍❤️
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11th October 2017

Welcome home
Must be time for you guys to start planning the next adventure. We have recently returned from ours and I've only just started blogging it and Denise throws out an idea today! Isn't that why we work? Gotta pay for the travel somehow!!!
From Blog: Home at Last
11th October 2017

Absolutely. We started talking about where we would go next about half way through!!
From Blog: Home at Last
9th October 2017

Our piece of Paradise
Mmmm. Beautiful pictures.
30th August 2017

Very impressed that Issy can speak Maltese. Great that she's been back visit g where her family came from. Is Maltese like any other language? Hysterical observations Dave!!
30th August 2017

Thx Deb. Maltese is about 80% Arabic, so not at all like any other language that I know any words of. Maltese and English are both the official languages of Malta, so virtually everyone here is completely bilingual.
28th August 2017

Back at work... sadly...
Hi Dave, I am back at work today, unfortunately... all holidays must end, so continue to enjoy yours. The posts are great, sounds like you are having an amazing time!!!! We had a great time across the UK. See you in a few weeks time.
29th August 2017

Gidday Peter, Thanks for the comment and commiserations for being back at work. Catch up when we get back. Assume the Grumpy Old Men's club is alive and well in my absence? Cheers, Dave
25th August 2017

Big G
His just Grumpy Su. Another BIG 'G'
23rd August 2017

Your description of your time in Lipari sounds awful. Cranky people, dogs, no shuttle. Issy says Lipri has been her favourite place so far?????
24th August 2017

Despite all of that it was a very nice place!
23rd August 2017

Glad you enjoyed it
You know Dave you can do this at Rotorua without the climb and falling rocks?????
From Blog: Stromboli
23rd August 2017

What is the name of the hotel?
I tried to send this before but couldn't tell if it went through
24th August 2017

Hotel room, pool and view were great. It is called the Hotel Villa Enrica.
23rd August 2017

From Blog: Gate Crashers
20th August 2017

Loving the blog - always good for a laugh!
Hi Issy and Dave I love the blog, it makes me laugh and Daves' writing reminds me of Danny Katz. I have to agree with Issy - it is amazing what can save your marriage. Dave sounds like Peter keen to experience everything. It's lovely you guys are having such a beautiful trip. x
From Blog: Special Beach
19th August 2017

Hey! Nice blog and the places you shared about is very interesting and the journey you shared is amazing. Thanks for sharing such information with us. Keep posting :)
From Blog: Stromboli
19th August 2017

Many thanks for your comment.
From Blog: Stromboli
9th August 2017

Sure, Dave
Sure you were looking for your thongs, Dave. I thought this blog was meant to let us know what was actually happening over there?! Clayts
From Blog: Pineapple Tattoo
9th August 2017

I reserve the right to reject all inappropriate comments.......
From Blog: Pineapple Tattoo
6th August 2017

Concrete- strong men in Greece
He pulls us by rope through a narrow passage........

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