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Daisy Jayhawk

Born in Kansas and lived there until 2010 years ago when I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. Attended the University of Kansas for five years and graduated with two bachelor’s degrees, psychology and sociology. Since graduating, I have honed the skills central to facilitating a positive and inspiring learning environment. My passion has always been education and I want to share that with others.

I love living life, so I have many hobbies in addition to learning new things, including: laughing, making others laugh, outdoor activities, basketball, movies, music, photography, reading, writing, baking and trying new recipes, acting / theater, technology, community events and let’s not forget playing games (card games, board games, and more creative games)!

And now, I am in Budapest, Hungary to teach and travel Europe. Keep checking this site for my monthly blog updates! I plan to visit a new country each month and upload my photos and adventures to this page. Also, don't forget my number is the same and it costs nothing for you to call and text me.

Love You!!!

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid December 27th 2015

I split these cities up, for a special reason.* I went to Barcelona first for a couple days, then bused it through the countryside to Madrid for a day and a night, then back to Barcelona in time to celebrate my birthday with all the BCN NYE hoopla in the main square with fireworks and a live band. First, Madrid was grand, in a word. Things are larger here and the styles are also slightly more grand than Barcelona and Lisbon. The roadways and layout are quite large, so I could sense that way back in the day when there were horses instead of cars, there was plenty of room to allow for a bustling, metropolitan city. I absolutely loved the giant Buen Retiro Park where I spent many hours wandering and admiring. There was even ... read more
Best xmas lights
BCN Arc de Dorkus
2015-12-29 17.18.08

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens December 23rd 2015

SURPRISE!!! Greece is freaking amazeballs! =D I knew it was going to be cool... but I had NO . IDEA ! what I was in for on my second stop! Talk about Paradise! My friend Dimitri, whose parents are Greek-born American citizens, asked me what it was that had me completely flipped for Greece and it is hard to explain it, but I’ll try. The weather and the land and the greens and the blues and the air and the coasts and the many islands and the great prices and THE FOOD and the laughter—more laughter in the background when you are walking through the streets than any other place I’ve been in Europe, and the outgoing, generous, hospitality offered by everyone you interact with… the feeling of how you are truly, fully living your life ... read more
A Block Away
High in, er, from Greece! =D
Greece-y Citrus

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome December 19th 2015

For winter break this year, I traveled south again, towards the warm Mediteranean. Rome was the first of my four-city holiday tour. I was happy with the weather and the amazed that I wasn’t even a block from the train station when I came across my first ancient ruins. I heard it said once that Rome is “a layer cake of building over thousands of years” or something like that. Anyway, it’s true. The number of ancient ruins purposefully scattered throughout the most common areas in the large city is astonishing. On my way back to my room, I saw a mother walking home from school with two boys and I started thinking how I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be born and raised among these ruins as if that were normal. ... read more
"Layer Cake"
Gladiators, lol
Bernini Fountain

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin November 17th 2015

I don’t know if you know this or not, but Deftones are my favorite musicians. They announced their European tour at the beginning of 2015 and I was so pumped to get to see them for the 10th time or so over here in Europe somewhere. Of the four shows, I decided not London, since I’d been there. I debated over Paris and the two cities in Germany, as I had not been to either country. Although I was tempted to have a romantic night in Paris with the Deftones, I opted for the show in Berlin. I purchased my ticket immediately and was the happiest girl in the world! :D This was April. When they began their tour in November, they checked out the event center in Paris where they were going to play and ... read more
Rock Hostel

Europe » France » Île-de-France October 26th 2015

Paris was my second stop for fall break. I had planned to visit this because, well, you know, it’s Paris. It’s hyped up to be some big deal awesome city and I hear it has some good chefs due to that culinary school they have. I figured I had better check it off my list. I had NO IDEA Paris would actually live up to all the hype! I knew it would be alright, but I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be all that impressive. It was like a fairy tale; the weather, the fall leaves, the Seine, that monumental tribute to glitter (aka the Eiffel Tower) at sunset… it was just utterly beautiful all around. I get it now. I finally understand why Paris is *Paris* Where the food was concerned, I actually did know ... read more
Joan on a Horse
Cemetry Stroll
Je suis Charlie

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin October 24th 2015

For fall break, I visited two cities that you just don’t want to visit in the winter if you can help it. Northern Europe is crazy cold with the high humidity and all the weird weather stuff that happens there. Dublin was first on the list and it was everything I hoped for. Although smaller than I imagined, it made sense once I remembered I was on an island. If you have ever thought it might be nice to visit Ireland, you are correct. The people are polite and have a level of sophistication that I didn’t see to the same extent in eastern European countries. And that is not to say that eastern Europeans are not sophisticated—they most certainly can be, but they are much more varied in their clothing styles than what I saw ... read more
Dublin Castle
THE Temple Bar
Corned Beef, Cabbage, Taters

There is a lot to love about Croatia. This is in my Top 5 favorite European countries to visit, so I will try to help you understand why this little place is so incredible. The first cool thing about Croatia is that it is the childhood home of Nikola Tesla. The next cool thing is that they still use their own currency, the Kuna, and not the Euro. Their capital city, Zagreb is smaller and cleaner than many other capital cities. The design is very old-fashioned with the layout revolving around the city center. Although, there is much more green space planned throughout the small city than one would expect. Another reason this place is awesome is because the weather is semi-tropical, so it’s great year-round. Also, there are hundreds of islands to skirt away to ... read more
My future neighborhood, lol
Chasing Waterfalls
2015-05-19 21.23.23

Europe » Austria April 4th 2015

An Easter weekend trip to Vienna turned out to be a great idea. The weather was great and that city is very well-maintained. Perhaps the cleanest city I’ve been in since I landed. Nothing big on the itinerary, just chilling at Schönbrunn Palace and wandering the city in search of neat street art. The Palace is H.U.G.E. I had planned to spend an hour and I spent half the day! The Neptune Fountain was one of my favorites in Europe. They have a special coffee that is a double espresso blended with a rich, homemade whipped cream and topped with chocolate sprinkles, a Vienna coffee. Yes sir. It was a short trip, but I can always come right back. The train ride is short enough (2 hours each way) that I can go any weekend! :D ... read more
Schönbrunn Backyard
Schönbrunn Palace

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa December 28th 2014

I arrived at the hostel around 8pm. It was an OK transition from Heaven back to planet Earth. Little did I know what was in store for this week around my birthday, celebrated around the world (as New Years Eve). After Black Swan in Barcelona, this is the best hostel in the world. Good Morning Hostel is aptly named, due to the phenomenal breakfast. Every morning, we came down to Tatianna making fresh waffles and paninis for breakfast, plus bowls of fruit, cereal options, juices, milk, teas, coffee… from 7-11—always with enough leftovers to last us through lunch, and sometimes dinner :D If you know me, you must know one of my favorite things in the entire world is free food :D Lisbon is a beautiful city with intricately designed black and white marble cobblestone streets ... read more
Tessera Design
Dude on a Horse

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona December 22nd 2014

Super easy to get from the airport to my hostel Black Swan. I almost did not book there because of the name, but it had some of the best reviews. These reviews were well-founded and I ended up leaving one of my own. I loved the staff, the prime location, and the facilities were super-cute and newly renovated. Did I mention it was a bargain price, too? :D It was here that I learned where Algeria was located in Africa—the northwest, as well as the fact that it is the largest African country. Maybe you already knew that, but I am learning so much about geography while I’m meeting people from all over at these hostels. Hostel was amazing and met 2 basketball players from US that are Pros in Spain. Forget what ya heard bout ... read more
Christmas on the Beach
Arc de Triomf
Dude on a Horse

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