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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Lembongan July 30th 2012

When you are on a beach, there is nothing but sunshine, blue skies and cool ocean waves surrounding you... what would you do? Soak it in? Us too!!! Since the last blog we didn't really do much other than eat, sunbathe and sleep so there isn't a whole lot to write about. One thing, or person I guess, that definitely makes it into this blog is Fernando, our new Brazilian friend!! He is this energetic friendly guy who loves to surf, loves his wife, loves playing the ukelele, loves travelling and all around loves life!! It was awesome just sitting around shooting the shit with him when he wasn't out in the waves. He speaks four languages and has been to some absolutely amazing places. We were so happy to have met him. Plus he is ... read more
Seaweed Farmers
Gunung Agung
Cremation Procession

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Lembongan July 26th 2012

We've got some time before heading out to get some food and watch the beautiful sunset so I figured I would catch everyone up! As you know, the first night of Kuta was um, long... and that meant the following day was an absolute right-off. We didn't get out of bed until around noon and laid by the pool the majority of the day. We heard Kuta had fantastic sunsets so we ventured out to the beach just in time to see the magnificense! Fantastic is right! At this point I think we have seen more sunrises than sunsets simply because of the early wake up times for every thing we did on Java, but this was the first great sunset and it was just gorgeous. The tide was out much farther than it had been ... read more
Sanur - Our boat
Underground House - Kitchen
Devil's Tear - waves

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta July 24th 2012

Our first night in Kuta consisted of steps bars, “happy hours” every hour and a sketched portrait of Tyler. We got to Kuta around 11:00am Sunday, settled in at a pretty sweet hotel with an infinity pool and air conditioning for $15/night. Huge splurge for the birthday boy who insists on celebrating his birthday for a week. Immediately we found food (pizza, yumm) and made it to the beach. We laid in the sun right by those beautiful waves for hours. It was fantastic! After the beach, we came back to change and admire our new bronze glow before heading out for a fun night. The main street to get drinks is Jalan Legian and we found two for one drinks at a place with wifi so decided to hang out there for a couple hours ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 21st 2012

After only a few weeks away from North America, I have quickly had to adapt to a number of things. Cold water showers, mandi's (squat toilets) and standing out like a sore thumb to name just a few. I knew it would be different and I knew I was going to have to adjust, what I didn't know is just how different it is. My biggest barrier has been language. It's really quite crazy how quickly you pick up a language simply from lack of any other option. Tyler and I have by no means become fluent in Indonesian but we have certainly learned a lot in a short amount of time. The food words were the first things we wanted to know... when there aren't pictures on a menu it's kind of a crap shoot ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 21st 2012

Bali is already very different from Java. Java is mainly Muslim while Bali is mostly Hindu. As soon as we got off the ferry we could feel that it is much less conservative. Almost every single house has it's own temple/shrine and there are “offerings” all over the place. People will put the “offerings” at the end of their driveway, on their motorcycles, in front of their shops etc. Many people have tattoo's, some actually wear shorts, but there are also a lot of traditionally dressed Balinese people around. The older people are generally the ones to wear the traditional clothing (consisting batik sarongs; the women sometimes have long lace tops on with belts wrapped around their hips, the men usually have a traditional headdress that we unfortunately don't know the proper word for) but it ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru July 19th 2012

Mount Bromo Our last night in Malang was rough. The bus to Mount Bromo left at 1:00am so we tried to get to bed at a reasonable hour the night before in order to get a few hours of sleep. However, the gazebo that we adored so much the evening before, suddenly became impossible to sleep in. The trucks and motorcycles zinging past a few floors down seemed to be going right through our bamboo walls and the guest house bar of course had some thirsty patrons hanging around that weren't too concerned with our lack of sleep. Once we finally got to sleep, it was time to wake up; We started our adventure on about an hour of sleep. The first place we went was of course the viewpoint to see the sunrise. It was ... read more
Three Volcanoes
Bromo Crater
View from Ijen trail

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Malang July 14th 2012

From Yogyakarta we took a bus to Pacitan. Pacitan is a fairly small city near the coast of the Java Sea. Our original plan was to stay at a place called Happy Bay Beach Bungalows. From what we had read it was a great little guesthouse that had bungalows you could stay in on the beach. When we got there, it turned out it was closed down. Our bus driver was nice enough to take us to another place he knew nearby. It looked nice enough but was full (of surfers). The owner of the surfshop guesthouse suggested a couple of other places to our bus driver and he was able to find one of them not too far away and even made sure they had a room available before he left. Hotel Rajiwali was our ... read more
City Hall
Tugu roundabout
Our own gazeebo

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Malang July 13th 2012

The many meanings of honking your horn on the streets of Indonesia. With the many different modes of transportation and lack of road rules, there is a whole lot of horn blowing that goes on around here. There are usually two sides to the street (keep left) with a doted line down the middle indicating a separation. That apparently doesn't mean you actually have to stay on your side though. You can pass another vehicle whenever and wherever. Going uphill on a highway, no big deal! Obvious traffic coming at you from the other direction, no probs - they will go around you! The majority of people get around on motorcycles or scooters. However, there are a lot of minibuses, trucks and a few cars. I'm getting the impression that the bigger you are the more ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur July 9th 2012

Our first stop in Indonesia is Yogyakarta, once we got off the plane we decided to take the 1a public bus to our guesthouse, Bladok Losmen on Sasrowijayan just off of Malioboro. It seemed easy enough and definitely cheaper than taking a taxi! However, it was really hot carrying our backpack's and the bus was packed to the brim. We missed our stop by about 1.5km which meant we had to fight our way back up the street of Malioboro; one side is mostly food stalls (or warung) and the other side is mostly shops that sell everything from bracelets and watches to handcrafted wood art and batik clothing. It seems this is not only a great place for backpackers and travellers but also a hot spot for Indonesian vacations so the streets are always packed. ... read more
Spice Market
Water Palace

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta July 8th 2012

All weekend, there has been a stage set up on our street, Saturday night there was some dancing that was way too cute (since it was probably 4-8 years old boys and girls) but during the day it has been rather quiet. We knew something cool was going to happen tonight because there were instruments on stage all day. Just as we finished doing some research and planning the next few days (actually Tyler did, I napped) a parade started going right past our guest house. The parade was loud with drums and chimes, all the people were dressed in traditional clothing, it was awesome! So we followed the parade down the street where they set up this massive traditional meal. All the men sat and waited while the ladies ran around to get everything ready ... read more

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