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9th August 2014
"VIP room"

Hi, Rebecca...... Nice to meet you by this blog. Hope someday we can meet again in sukamade.... My honour to be your sukamade adventure driver.
25th November 2013

Nice one, thanks.
From Blog: Nanning
2nd July 2013

Well done ! You are so brave and adventurous! These are great pictures of Tiger leaping Gorge! Which reminds me… I should go through my India pictures and post some. Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this article together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worth it! In return, I also found a great blog of trekking the Great Wall, I’d love to share it here with you and for future travelers.
19th May 2013
Kuta - sunset

Nice Sunset beautiful subtle reddish color perfect In Kuta
16th February 2013

Do you remember the names of the hotel and the cheap restaurant you visited while in Lovina. My wife and I are heading there tomorrow.
From Blog: Lovina and Ubud
3rd February 2013

border crossing
What an interesting and scarry border crossing! Glad you are safe once again in Cambodia. Take care of each other - Love, Gr. Shirley.
1st February 2013

As you near the end of your magical journey!
It has been great following your picked a fab time to end your travels in Cambodia the streets, population will be celebrating the life of their beloved King Shihanouk...enjoy cannot wait to see you both in the Spring! xxx
31st January 2013

Been there, Don Det!
What an interesting title! Hi you two! Can't believe your days of travel are soon going to be over. Your blogs are so interesting- makes one feel as if we are right there withyou. Your last photos from Loas were interesting-sunset from a hammock must be spectacular. Are you ready to come home? It will probably take some getting used to. No lazy river in a canoe or that wonderful ethnic food along the way. You have had a very exciting and historical adventure-memories you will have forever. Keep on treking and enjoy the rest of your travels. Take care of each other-love you both--Gr. Shirley.
30th January 2013

Love the Blogs....
Becca and Tye, Wow....this must be such an awesome experience......I was talking to your mom last night and she informed me that you guys will be coming home at the beginning of March....can't believe it already. Boy, time has flown by...are you ready to come home yet? Can't wait to hear more about your adventures....keep the blogs coming!! Luv Dave and Gina
25th January 2013

Great post
Hi, I really enjoyed your post. I'm from Ontario and living in Ubud right now and I'm trekking over to Gili T in a few days. I'm by no means an old-timer and I've done my fair share of partying but I was glad to read something about Gili T that didn't involve partying. You did most of the activities that I plan on doing so it was nice to get a sense of what to expect (eg. biking around the island). Anyway, safe travels and thanks for the read.
From Blog: Gili Trawangan
15th January 2013

How are you ever going to re-adjust?!?!?!
I'm not sure how you two are ever going to re-adjust to life back home. I can't think of a lazy river over here unless you count the ones at the expensive indoor waterparks with tons of kids screaming! I'm guessing that's not the same picture that you have of "your" lazy river! :) On a personal note, I'm not sure how I'm going to adjust to not having any travel blogs to read of exciting locales/adventures and gorgeous pictures to look at. Maybe you guys will just have to continue on with your blogging of all your exciting adventures around London?!?! :) But in the meantime...continue to enjoy every day, every adventure and all those little things that are making your trip so fun and memorable. And continue blogging about it so I (and many others) can enjoy it along with you!!!
11th January 2013

Wow that was Aquino trip to Thailand too bad would have loved for you to have surprised my uncle however the door will be open for you next time ! Sitting at airport in departure lounge gonna hook up with "Dick n Piss" in a matter of hours. We will think and chat about you both often! Loads of love and cuddles. D & P xoxoxoxoxox
From Blog: Thailand
7th January 2013

sweet Rebecca
Your resolutions are much like mine this year. Living life simply, understanding the differences between my WANTS and my NEEDS..and mostly realising that no amount of money determines how rich I really am, the amazing family I have, the beautiful friends I am surrounded by and the genuine love and hope that lives in my heart. I am so proud of you. Lots of love, Tara Olivia
4th January 2013

Hello Flower, My New Year's Resolution is to be like Rebecca Madinger minus the Yoga LOL!! Love you Deb
3rd January 2013

Well you've done it again...
I think I now have to add Cambodia to the (very long) list of travel spots. That looks pretty awesome guys. Especially those pics of Angkor Wat at sunrise...breathtaking! I think I even want to try the fish pedicure! Thanks for keeping us updated on your adventures!!! Happy New Year!!!
3rd January 2013

Hi! You guys are really covering a lot of country! Wonderful descriptive blogs. All different modes of transportation - so exciting. I'm sure Paul is enjoying every minute. Amazing photos of tigers and the beautiful River Kwai. Many years ago I saw a movie "The River Kwai". Keep safe - Love - Gr. Shirley.
31st December 2012

Great to hear a positive feedback from your travel experiences in Cambodia. Can't wait to hear your comments on your return trip in February. Happy Travel! Theary Minnesota, USA
29th December 2012

Expensive meals?!?!
I love how you think $5 meals are expensive now. Wait til you return home - good luck finding a $5 meal like that! :)
27th December 2012

Christmas 2012
Well it is now the evening of Boxing Day here in Canada. It was so great to Skype with you a few times in the last few days! I'm happy to hear your Christmas was great in Thailand. We had a wonderful Christmas here too. Will be more complete with you two next year:) Look forward to reuniting again when you do return home. Keep enjoying and savouring this amazing time you are having! May 2013 be a year full of Abundance, Peace and Joy for you! Lot of Love... Mom xoxo
25th December 2012

Merry Christmas!!
Merry Christmas Rebecca!!!!! Continue having safe travels and have a happy new year!!!!
22nd December 2012

We stayed here in April 2012, and met 'Snowball' as a kitten - and you were right to dub him that: we asked the staff and they said his name was, in fact, Snowball. He grew so attached to us that on our last night he wandered into our room and hopped onto the bed :)
From Blog: Xi'an
20th December 2012

Bus Rides
Becs, You are blessed abundantly with your awareness of what's around you on this trip. So many people never see past the immediate let alone reflect and digest and comment on what they see. You have developed an art of conscious awareness some people spend a lifetime trying to perfect! This amazing journey is imbedded in your thoughts forever! Love you all, Miss you all! xoxo Patti
From Blog: Bus Rides
20th December 2012

Cambodian Houses
Hi, I got a chance last may to visit cambodia and travelled from siem reap to Phnom penh. Like you said we spent around 7 hrs through bus journey which went through the National highway. It is indeed sad to heard about the incident happended a decade back and it is reflecting in their faces nowadays even though they didn't share openly to outsiders. I am not sure whether you noticed a small structure (like miniature stilt house) outside every cambodian house in rural areas. I came to know that they worship their spirits through that and believe they safeguard them from evil force. If you know more about it , let's share some information through your blog. As a final word, you people rocking and realizing things when many thought they were just dreams only.. Guys like us live our dreams through your blogs.. Keep rocking.
From Blog: Bus Rides
19th December 2012

Well that sounds like a perfect 9 days. I may need to add that to my list. Honestly, you are making my list just grow and grow!!!

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