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July 8th 2012
Published: July 8th 2012
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All weekend, there has been a stage set up on our street, Saturday night there was some dancing that was way too cute (since it was probably 4-8 years old boys and girls) but during the day it has been rather quiet.

We knew something cool was going to happen tonight because there were instruments on stage all day.

Just as we finished doing some research and planning the next few days (actually Tyler did, I napped) a parade started going right past our guest house. The parade was loud with drums and chimes, all the people were dressed in traditional clothing, it was awesome! So we followed the parade down the street where they set up this massive traditional meal. All the men sat and waited while the ladies ran around to get everything ready and start to serve up bowls of chicken with peanuts, a chili type jell-o, boiled egg and rice.

Next thing I know, Tyler is being offered a seat by this really nice Indonesian dude, dressed to the nine's. He tried to get me involved but I bashfully declined. A few more requests later and I had to give in. So here we are, Tyler and I (a couple of Bule's - which means white person) and about 50 traditionally dressed old Javenese men, some with beards about 8 inches long sitting crossed-legged, enjoying a feast that streched maybe 40 meters down the road.

We definitely weren't dressed for the occasion, but they didn't mind and we stood out like a sore thumb regardless. I think it was just as much a delight for them as it was for us; there were a lot of pictures taken, and I wish I could get a few copies, since we didn't have our camera on hand (aww nuts!!)

Now we are going to go back and enjoy the festivities, we will get you another update later about the other stuff we have been doing.

xoxo Ty+Becs


8th July 2012

Too Much Fun-WOW
We are in awe. What an amazing experience. I cried as I read this out loud knowing this is a life altering experience and life here now seems so drab. Non the less dancing has always been a part of your life Rebecca and the people there want you to be involved in their traditions. So cool. Love you guys, Love Mom XO

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