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July 24th 2012
Published: July 24th 2012
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Our first night in Kuta consisted of steps bars, “happy hours” every hour and a sketched portrait of Tyler.

We got to Kuta around 11:00am Sunday, settled in at a pretty sweet hotel with an infinity pool and air conditioning for $15/night. Huge splurge for the birthday boy who insists on celebrating his birthday for a week.

Immediately we found food (pizza, yumm) and made it to the beach. We laid in the sun right by those beautiful waves for hours. It was fantastic! After the beach, we came back to change and admire our new bronze glow before heading out for a fun night. The main street to get drinks is Jalan Legian and we found two for one drinks at a place with wifi so decided to hang out there for a couple hours before getting dinner. After a couple beers and an arak mixer (arak is the most common and cheapest liquor over here) we headed to the night market for din din. At the other restaurants we saw, dinner would have been about $5/person at least, well we scored with a meal for the two of us for less than $3!

After dinner, we were ready to get down to business so we bought beers at the variety store and wandered around the main tourist strip for a while before finding the perfect set of stairs to chill out on, drink our beers, listen to live music from the bar about 50m down the way, and watch the people/motorbikes wizz by. Three chicks dressed up to the nines hopped on a little vespa and off they went to get down on a Sunday. It's always party time in Kuta! We also saw people walking around with snakes and in one of the variety stores, they were selling sunscreen and a can of Bintang... if you're going to be at the beach you need sunscreen and beer right?

The best part though, was when this random drunk 50- or 60-something aussie walks up and says “steps bar!!” in his hilarious slurred australian accent. Apparently there was a name for this place we decided to drink at. When we had spent enough time on that stoop, we headed back to the main drinking street (Jl Legian). Not before trying to hassle some guy into selling us two pairs of sunglasses for $1.50 each. We really wanted to go back and offer $2/pair but couldn't remember where his shop was.

Back on Legian we found ourselves back at the same place we had been earlier in the day ordering 5 shots of arak for 3 bucks. Then off to party at Bounty (apparently the best club in Kuta) we went. It wasn't that great, but I got to do my thing on the dance floor for a few minutes and that's all I needed.

Next we went back to wandering, but everything now seemed to be closed so we found a couple of local Indonesian dudes chilling out and joined them for a while. They were listening to some great tunes, mostly Red Hot Chilli Peppers per Tyler's request. The one guy also drew a picture of Tyler when he wasn't paying attention and ended up making $4 for it. The arak was being passed around and we had lost track of time before deciding to call it a night.

All in all, it was a fun night! Expensive, but fun 😊 Now we are on Nusa Lembongan an island just off Bali. We had to take a crowded boat to get here but we want to spend at least 4 nights here so I'm sure it will be worth it.

Xoxo Ty+Becs


24th July 2012

Hi Becs, we in Siberia here need your address because we have some Peanut Butter Oreos and Berry Burst Oreos we wanted to share with you and I'm afraid they won't last til you get back - so thought we should mail some to you!! (haha just kidding) Just wanted to make you feel included in the funny little things that happen over here in Siberia!! On a separate note, I think you should celebrate your half birthday over there since you were here for your actual birthday. I think it's only fair - right!! Anyways, back to work (for me) loving that everytime I check your blog, there's at least one new entry - so keep em coming sista!!!
24th July 2012

July 24/25 and counting
Well my boy is almost 27!!! Well I guess over there you technically already are lol :) Sounds like you are having an amazing birthday! Looking forward to our Skype tonight! Sure hope I did it all correctly!! xoxox Love Mom

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