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July 26th 2012
Published: July 26th 2012
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Kuta - sunsetKuta - sunsetKuta - sunset

our first gorgeous sunset on a perfect clear night
We've got some time before heading out to get some food and watch the beautiful sunset so I figured I would catch everyone up!

As you know, the first night of Kuta was um, long... and that meant the following day was an absolute right-off. We didn't get out of bed until around noon and laid by the pool the majority of the day. We heard Kuta had fantastic sunsets so we ventured out to the beach just in time to see the magnificense! Fantastic is right! At this point I think we have seen more sunrises than sunsets simply because of the early wake up times for every thing we did on Java, but this was the first great sunset and it was just gorgeous. The tide was out much farther than it had been last time we were at the beach catching some rays and the sunset created a mirror image on the water. Soooo pretty!

After that we headed back to our room to chill out and get a good nights sleep since our bus was leaving Kuta at 6am the following day.

The next day we woke up, headed to catch our bus and
Sanur - Our boatSanur - Our boatSanur - Our boat

The boat was being loaded with supplies before we could board
about 20 minutes later found ourselves waiting to catch a boat to Nusa Lembongan. We opted for the public boat because it was much cheaper than the fast boats. Lonely Planet cautions that this area in particular (between Bali, Lembongan and Lombok) can be very dangerous and a couple of people died in 2010 so the bigger the boat the better! Our public boat was interesting... not only was it crammed with people but was also the first boat to leave Sanur for the day so there were lots of suplplies being transported to Lembongan, including chickens!! However, the boat was a good size, and the ride seemed pretty safe.

While we waited for the 8am boat we happened to catch the sunrise in Sanur... again what a magnificent thing to see. The sky was full of clouds and the sunrays shone through it onto the water and bay signalling it was time for everyone to start their day!

After a couple hours on the boat, we made it to Lembongan! Wooo! Island Paradise! The first day, as usual, we found a place to stay and checked out the town. We thought the next bay (mushroom bay -
Underground House - KitchenUnderground House - KitchenUnderground House - Kitchen

we are pretty sure this was the kitchen
great for snorkling) was just around the corner so off we went by foot. An hour later, we still weren't sure where the heck this place was lol but we grabbed some food and kept going. It's a pretty little island that isn't occupied by too many locals. There is really only a lot of people in the bay that we are staying or another villiage that is more inland. It has a great peninsula with some great views of neighbouring islands and the hills make for quite the little workout when you're getting around.

We were totally pooped after that so found some happy hour beers and went to bed. The next day we wanted to find better accomodations. There was aboslutely nothing wrong with the homestay we were at, except there was no wifi and it wasn't on the beach. The place we are at now, Pacific Inn, is right on the beach, has wifi, beach chairs and is the same price. Score! After getting settled into our new home for the rest of the week, we rented a motorbike and rode all around the island. Since it is so small, we did it in a couple
Devil's Tear - wavesDevil's Tear - wavesDevil's Tear - waves

There isn't a way to describe the way this place engulfs your senses, it's hard to believe what you see let alone the sound that fills your ears as the salty spray hits your skin ever so slightly
of hours even with some nice scenic stops.

A hidden gem we came accross was this underground house, built by a 75 year old farmer, puppet shaddow performer, dancer, priest named Made Byasa. It's about 500 meters square and all underground except a few entrances and a couple of vents.

However, our favourite place on this island is the Devil's Tear. At high tide when we made it to the point, the swells were huge and crashing up against the island spraying waves up like whale blow-holes. We had a little bit of a photoshoot and admired the power of the water for quite some time. It was a highlight of our trip and a fantastic day for Tyler's 27th birthday!

Next up was happy hour time! Beers and arak mixed drinks for Tyler's birthday as we watched another beautiful sunset. All in all a fantastic day for the birthday boy 😊

Today we didn't do much other than eat food (one of our favourite past-times) and read in the sunshine.

Tomorrow we want to get a bike again and head off the the next island over... chow for now!! (pictures to come)

Lembongan SunsetLembongan SunsetLembongan Sunset

This picture was taken from a beach chair on our patio. Paradise.

Additional photos below
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Made ByasaMade Byasa
Made Byasa

pronounced Maw-day Bee-yaw-saw He was 75 when he started construction of the underground house. It took from 1961-1976.
Devil's Tear - RebeccaDevil's Tear - Rebecca
Devil's Tear - Rebecca

Inspired by the beauty, I busted out some yoga on a rock I found. This is a back bend as the waves crash in... almost an out of body experience for me. Truly unbelievable.
Devil's Tear - calmDevil's Tear - calm
Devil's Tear - calm

when the massive round of waves was finished this beautiful calm of a million different blues took over the ocean.
Devil's Tear - TylerDevil's Tear - Tyler
Devil's Tear - Tyler

I can't tell who's stronger, Tyler or the waves :D

30th July 2012

Stunning pics!
Some absolutely stunning pics there Becs! That Devil's Tear reminds me of when I was in Hawaii and saw the Halona Blowhole - it's amazing how much power is in those waves. Although you guys got a lot closer to them than I did!!! :)
18th August 2012

Nice photos
Great job of those travel tips for Nusa Lembongan Brian http://www.mainski-lembongan-resort.com
19th May 2013
Kuta - sunset

Nice Sunset beautiful subtle reddish color perfect In Kuta

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