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22nd July 2010

A short and rush trip
Roy, i think your trip is too rush and short in Shanghai and Nanjing, and qibao can't represent a real water village in Yangtze delta. It is artifical not tradition, maybe some snack foods there are not bad as many locals packed there.
28th June 2010
The Oriental Pearl Tower, Pudong

the shanghai tower looks very similar to the Namsam Seoul Tower in Korea
21st June 2010

Graet adventures!!
If you love touring in Singapore here there was a blog where you can be able to visit http://hotelwithheart.com/trip-advisor/. They had lots of Singapore hotel hot deals and best top tourist destination!
9th May 2010

Don't worry, your time will come soon yah =) The best place to see it is still in the castle grounds of Japan where the atmosphere is. Of course, if you want somewhere quiet, Korea is a decent choice too =)
9th May 2010

I want to see sakuras one day too~~~~
16th March 2010

i was still thinking when r u going batam.. and the 3 hrs of SPA TREATMENT... too relax liao ba.. *JEALOUS*
9th March 2010

Is it still there?
I live in Toa Payoh, but I've never seen this shop. Huh? Opposite Delifrance?? Is it still there?
19th November 2009

You should ask HQ how much she bought over the internet to compensate for the loss in Hanoi hehe :)
18th November 2009

Wow... the legend tripod in action again!!!! brand new?? What a nice break.. to claim the mind with just sea and sand. :p
26th October 2009

Free and easy trip is never challenging if everything went on smoothly... it is always the "road-guessing game" (which got us all tired) that makes this trip memorable and interesting one... I am proud of you, CC and SS to be able to figure the way out throughout the trip... *thumbs up*
26th October 2009

To be surrounded by majestic scenery and watched stunning sunset in the cool sea breeze is surely an excellent way to relax your mind and soul... I really miss that evening at Halong Bay - HQ
24th October 2009

i was bright awake inside for the encore show. I can even differentiate the differences... and even the musicians who sings along.. also makes a different. Well... companions makes the difference in watever you do.... Cheers!!!
11th October 2009

nice one. i like :)
22nd July 2009

:( but i am sure you will have a chance to go the next time.. your family and friends are prob concerned for you..
16th July 2009

Cheer Up
Cheer Up... Since you sang your final song, the Stadium is still up... after we were suckered into watching the Singapore-Australia match which was supposed to be the final soccer game to be played at Kallang... i think they should let the stadium be... they can install new roofings and other gimmickry without destroying a Singapore icon.
6th July 2009

Don't be snub. You turn will come in due course. Should I start addressing you Auntie? :P
2nd July 2009

Belated Happy Birthday!! Open your arms wide to welcome the UNCLE HOOD ba..
15th June 2009

Hey dude, I enjoyed Ms Tan's lessons too. Literature is manna for the soul. The more you read, the better you write. I think you are becoming a pretty good travel writer. Continue plugging away. :)
14th June 2009

Big Ben!!!!!!!! i never know Roald Dahl was frm london... London really have nice architectures!
6th June 2009

A complicated plate of colourful spagetti: a perfect metaphor:-). Good luck.
16th January 2009

I want to go Japan too!
23rd October 2008

hey bro, happy that you enjoyed yourself! a bit paiseh to subject you all to the shuttling to and fro - but you guys were really gung-ho. thanks a lot for helping me out and gracing my wedding dinner. now when will it be your turn? :P
19th October 2008

Yea buddy! 3 cheers to this friendship. And yes, the iced milk tea was 'impressing' :) Meet up soon!
5th August 2008

Yup yup, enjoy urself, but pls take good care since you will be alone. Do call home regularly. :)
5th August 2008

Yup, saw your pics on "Fakebook". We entered by the side gate. Didn't pass through the main foyer =)

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