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5th August 2008

Ooh I didnt see you there.. but saw wailing, bee eng, bok eng, carol and doris there!~ :D
14th July 2008

From C Buddy
Hey Friend, have fun during your 8 days in Taiwan..traveling alone hence got to take good care ya...call home to bao ping an once every 2 days :)
24th June 2008

Train to Malaysia
Hi, i took the train back fr KL to Sin last year with my husband. its the express train n air con second class but the seats are really uncomfortable due to the long journey. it was more than ten hours. a friend of hours was worse. there was a derail ahead of their train fr KL to Sin, but no announcement was make n the train just stop n everyone had to be transfer to take bus to JB.He was furious!Express bus faster, also got con.must buy ticket fr counter n fr wellknown company.
21st May 2008

even after hearing your horror story.. i still want to try it!! all the way to thailand lol! n i still i will be able to sleep too!! i can slp anywhere!!
21st May 2008

From C
nice blog..short and sweet! too bad we didnt take any pics of the food.
12th February 2008

Re: When Are You Getting Married
Haha brother, don't worry, your time will come if you are still single at my age. I just caught a show on Channel U this evening. And it gave me the sudden urge to visit Taiwan again. To go back there and "find" back my soul and to "learn" to appreciate the simplicity of life. I should be flying off the moment when the prices are right for me.
10th February 2008

"When are you getting married?" syndrome? haha... I just red a newspaper this morning and it seems the question is a die-hard greeting that single adults are scared of. Anyway, you had a relaxing chinese new year. Good for you. Happy CNY
28th January 2008

A very touching entry. Yes I do agree with you - traveling either breaks or strengthens a friendship. I am glad the latter happened to you! Do cherish what you have :)
27th January 2008

Hi, I just went through your message. It is very touching. Being a cambodian, i am very much grateful for this humanitarian action during your trip to Siem Reap. Hope the rest will follow. Nataro,
25th September 2007

Comments from Colleagues (2)
I definitely agree that the guys and girls there are friendly. Like what Colleague 1 mentioned, space is a constraint. If I pay the price, then I would like to stay longer lorh….and not to mention that Deli France is just opposite. That is a heavy threat to them.
25th September 2007

Commernts from Colleagues (1)
They do delivery??? For a start, seating area is too limited. Cake is nice, haven’t tried the food yet, because most of the time when we pass by the place is full. But it is good to have the shop in Toa Payoh, of what we observed, TP has yet to have this kind of eating outlet yet.
12th September 2007

Re: Hey!
Yah of coz.. Death railway probably in late November 07. Shall combine that with Bangkok. Realise that my Thai is still super shitty after this trip. Hope that we can have a chance to practise our Thai ya :) Spent 4 days in Udon Thani in September. 9 out of 10 probably have no idea of this place. People continue to associate Thailand with Bangkok and Bangkok with Thailand.
11th September 2007

wow! i was waiting for u to update ur travelog. haha when did u go?!? how many days did u spend there? and are u still going to the death railway? next time we can speak in thai! haha
28th July 2007

hey hey, i like the part about "joke of the day" but i suppose the joke of the day has got to be how a group of supposedly jovial, loud and outspoken people would clam up suddenly in the company of new acquaintance. "Olam" should pay me money for word-of-mouth advertising.
13th July 2007

Nice pics, especially on the fireworks!
12th July 2007

tks.yahoo has decided to close Yahoo! Photos to focus all efforts only on Flickr.com...so i may consider Flickr.com...or snapfish.com the 'other side' of taiwan i am talking about is actually this mountain farm called ÿqœ: - have to drive thru Taroko in hualien, up the mountain 'one way' road for 5 hrs before reaching ...but the stressful drive was all worthwhile (road and weather con were very bad then) can go see here: www.fushoushan.com.tw taipei and hualien was gloomy n rainy on the week of 22/6-29/6, but kaoshiung was HOT HOT HOT! will try to finish my taiwan travel blog ASAP n upload the pics ... will stay in touch once all complete so u can view. ta!
12th July 2007

I saw those helis fly past my house!
Hi! The wonderful wonderful helicopters flew past my house in the North with that huge flag. It was great to see! Thanks for posting the pics!
12th July 2007

Anna, Welcome back to Singapore. It must be pretty hot in Taiwan right now. Hope you had fun. Probably, you can try yahoo to upload your pics. I usually don't share pics online so I'm not too sure which is the better URL for photo sharing. Looking forward to discover another new "side" of Taiwan. Roy
11th July 2007

hi roy, its me Anna again...remember me? yes, me back from taiwan. have some GREAT pics to upload online and also to share with you. heard from huiping you r a great 'fan' of taiwan..and i wanted to show u the other side of taiwan tat you may not have discovered, and hopefully you can make visit there one day too....but my headache is dun know which site to upload my photos online to share..any suggestion? preferably a site tat can upload multiple photos at a time...
27th June 2007

Whydo you choose Taiwan ?
How r u ? Well, I've read through ur 8 days trip to Taiwan and found it interestin, I am a Taiwanese, currently workin for Taiwan's gov. to promote Taiwan's travel, just wonderin why u would choose Taiwan as your travel destination at the first place ? Despite those 12 positive aspects, what else ? I appreciate your answer...
From Blog: Encore Taiwan
25th June 2007

Lovely pics
I have heared about a Tokyo Disneyland! I loved your photos! Greetings
14th June 2007

Re: tks
Anna, you are absolutely right. Do bring your tripod along for your Taiwan trip in order to capture the nite shots well. Taipei 101, the Miramar Ferris Wheel, Ximending and the night markets are stunning at night. Good luck and have a nice trip!
13th June 2007

hi roy (u r roy, right?) tks... basically wat u meant was: use the 'nite mode' function only when u think u have steady hands or else put the cam on a tripod. otherwise, the normal 'auto mode' without the flash will do the nite shots jus as well. did i get u right? the australia photos looked great too even from huiping's cam....i will be leaving for my Taiwan hols soon next Friday and hoped to capture some great shots to post on my blog to share.
12th June 2007

Re: hi
Hi Anna, I'm not an expert too but will try to answer your question. Basically, when taking nite pics, I use the "auto mode" but I will turn off the flash light (suppressed the flash light). In this way, the picture will turn out relatively well at night. Once I turn on the flash light, my background are gone. Of course, the nite shots are best captured using "night mode". But then, I don't carry my tripod all the time and I do not have steady hands :P hope it answers your questions and thks for asking. Budokan
12th June 2007

great pixs!wat is supressed flash? my camera is canon powershot A430,4.0 MP...and i am a camera idiot...hahhaa, btw, i am huiping's friend.

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