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17th May 2007

Hey fren, Did not manage to get "My Paper" today. Will try and ask around. Anyway, nice to know that "you" got featured. :) Really motivates you to write more travel blogs eh.
17th May 2007

Re: Yo!
Fuji fine pix 4.0 MP. For night shots, switch to auto mode but suppressed flash if you do not have a tripod :)
16th May 2007

haha first time leaving a comment here... havent read.. but the photos look promising.. btw, which cam do u use? seem to take nice night shots.. hehe
10th May 2007

good credentials~!
good credentials lor~! can go b a travel-writer liao man~! hahahah
6th May 2007

spelling error
it's UNIQLO lar..
16th April 2007

Sounds like you had great fun in Japan! N reali glad that you have proved that Japan is not solely for the rich! Keep the blogs coming ...
From Blog: Yokoso Japan
26th March 2007

I was there too
Hee... i was there too! Was sitting at the 3rd row...
31st October 2006

Encouraging Trip
Very encouraging trip but lack of halal food, tq.
24th October 2006

Thanks !
Yes u are rite ! : ) I think me too, should stop complaining abt work, try to appreciate things, and live with it ... will start so tomorrow ...
22nd August 2006

something from mr. confucius - Without goodness, one cannot endure adversity for long nor enjoy prosperity for long. Confucius warned against hypocrisy - one with clever words and a pretentious manner is seldom good. He believed that a gentleman can withstand want; only a small person is swept away by it. Rather than give up his principles Confucius could be satisfied with coarse rice to eat, water to drink, and a bent arm for a pillow. i believe that sincerity and honesty is v important in a job, yet every few people learned to embrace these virtues. kudos to you!! the pay might be little, but im sure you're able to sleep better at night. =) plus, if that couple gets rich one day and wanna travel again, im sure they wil come back to you! haha worry not, for the fortune will come your way soon.
From Blog: Travel Rebel
22nd August 2006

you are darn funny. biting the hand that feeds you. :)
From Blog: Travel Rebel
2nd August 2006

During my one and only trip to Macau, I won HKD3K on the jackpot machine :):):) Very lucky - Invested only HKD19/- Never went back again. Quite different now I see. Maybe another trip in the near future. You take really nice Pics!!
2nd August 2006

This has been a great year for you so far , travelling. You so lucky !!!!
2nd August 2006

Nice Pics. I took part in 2 NDPs - in 1970 and 1971 as part of the NNCC Band. It really is quite a different feeling once you are standing out there. During those days, it was held in the Padang.
30th June 2006

Hmmm.... never thought of visiting there because I thought they ain't many things to see or places to visit. Did you gamble??? haha....
30th June 2006

Shanghai? Beijing? Kao Shuing?
Hey bro, budget airline sucks but they are cheap. What is important is you get to travel to your destination safe. Hmmm I am thinking of visiting China or Taiwan. Any plans for another trip?
27th June 2006

it's really impressive and encouraging to see constant posts from you. hahha now i don see u as a classmate or friend but a TRAVELLER. woahhh.. u've got al the potential n energy and chance to go into tourism. jy! 'the world of possibilities welcomes the one who believes in possibilities and the world of opportunities welcomes the one who works proactively to create opportunities' ur travelblog n u are the best examples. heh since so, success can never be far.
27th June 2006

wow... Take care! This's a nice entry.
26th June 2006

No hurry to travel with S**. No worry, am very sure u can easily afford to travel in it one day... perhaps even a first class :)
26th June 2006

all the best
Do pamper urself in future n travel SQ. Next destination.. Japan in 2007 or 2008 =) [another shopping trip] all the best! have fun for the moment.
12th June 2006

the porridge looks delicious... and the livers so BIG....
12th June 2006

d desserts look good...
10th June 2006

Hi, I just came back from Taiwan (by tour) and it was lovely to read your travelblog about Taiwan. Absoutely agree with many pointers you made. I've visited Hualien and I love it. Highly recommended places to visit- ChihBen's Hotspring and Taroko Gorge. And if i have the chance to visit Taiwan again, I'll go by free and easy. We had too little time in Taipei - ShiLin Night Market which was a pity.
31st May 2006

its so beautiful.great job.keep it up
25th May 2006

Victoria Harbour at nite
hey, this pic is really very well taken!!! ur camera very gd!!!!it's not ez to take a very nice pic of that place at nite!!!! very nice!!!!!

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