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5th September 2009

Black Sea Coast
Hmmm, well the blog has been fascinating. However, not until now have I felt a healthy tinge of jealousy! Those winding mountain roads and coastlines look very appealing. Happily though, I will settle for the dirt track in and out of my own mountain hide-out and enjoy the county roads between home and Boulder. Good Riding!
4th September 2009

Countries will fly by now!
Congratulations on hitting the Black Sea! Looking at where you've been and where you're heading, you guys are going to feel like you're just blowing through all these "little" countries you'll be seeing from now on. Glad to hear you've got some good folks to join you on a portion of your journey. Have a great time and keep on being safe! I can feel fall knocking on the door and conversations are starting to turn to how busy the squirrels are, how many pine cones are in the trees, El Nino, and all the things that indicate that THIS is going to be a BIG WINTER! Look forward to enjoying it with you!
1st September 2009

Hi, Greg is due to arrive from his travels here in Chico this week. Then he will fly to Alaska for a week then return. We leave for London on 9/21 and return after our time in Tanzania, Kenya, and Sudan on 11/21. We should be in Chico after that for a short while. Love reading about your travels. come see us when you get home. We met Bill up on Denali in June and great to see him. Kathy
24th August 2009

you are great!!! Is Czech republic on your itinerary? I hope the difference you see now in Russia and you will see in my country will help you to understand that we are not east Europe at all! Only good people on your way!
24th August 2009

Happy Pedaling
It's great to hear from you two! What an incredible journey. I am gald you have some fresh produce to eat, at least for now. We are doing well, enjoying the summer that is buzzing right along. Be safe and keep in touch. Love, Lisa
20th August 2009

Black Sea--Bulgaria?
Hey Chad, You mention you are going towards the Black Sea and the former Eastern European bloc countries. Is Bulgaria on your route? If so, perhaps my friend Denitsa can offer some advice. She's back there, an HR manager for an online travel company, Lessno. Unexpectedly lost Celeste last Tuesday--you've heard me refer to her as "the mother of most of my nephews." She was only 54. It's been a hard time for the family. Blue skies, Brian
20th August 2009

keep it goin
Wow! You two are amazing. Keep it steady.
20th August 2009

Nice kids
Great to see kids w bikes and not throwing rocks! Too much produce is a problem worth tackling! Wet and green here in the Rockies...lil graupel the other day!
19th August 2009

kindness on the road
HI Chad and Alison, Glad to see the Chinese military helped you guys. Stay safe. See you next season at Tahoe XC. Bill
From Blog: Chinese weenies
8th August 2009

Greetings from Speckled Ave
And you guys think you have it rough...saw Buss yesterday and he couldn't decide if he should paddle the kayak or row his new skiff across the morning glass in Huricane Bay...I'm struggling with the seemingly insurmountable task of deciding whether to take one or two extra powerbars for my morning ride up to Mt. Baldy...and then the tortuous evening ritual of choosing betwixt a T's burrito or a double artery clogger at the CharPit (yes, of course I'll have cheese AND bacon with that)...I tell you, the Siberian outback seems like a walk in the park compared to summer in Kings Beach. Still finding it strangely comforting knowing that you two met here in the same kitchen where I submit this comment....
7th August 2009

Congrats on making it to Europe and the halfway point! The Vuelta de Espana starts on August 29th. I think you guys are trained up and ready if you can make it to Spain by the start ; ) Plus, the bikes will feel so light once you drop the panniers and all your stuff. Had an enjoyable ride in the chilly rain over to NStar last night to watch the bike races since we had to cancel music on the Beach in KB last night. I know you guys have lots of experience riding in the rain (and snow!), but since coming out from Ohio it just doesn't happen very often. Laughed my butt off most of the way over there. Woke up to "fall" today with the thermometer reading 39 degrees and lots of rain yesterday afternoon and evening. But, I think summer will be returning by the weekend. Enjoy Europe! Hope you have many enjoyable and safe travels until we hear from you again! Pam
2nd August 2009

Found you!
Allison and Chad, I did not get the phone message, but I finally found you! I hope all is well. Raffi and Ischa
31st July 2009

Hey adventurers
Zradwidchya - kak dgela . Great writing- I am chuckling in the UNR knowledge center, thank you for that. Nursing school has been a doozie this summer. Excited to be free for wonderful adventures in the not too distant future. Pedal-party on. Dosvidanya !
30th July 2009

ahh, syphalization.
Not that grinding hauls and river crossings don't sound fun, but the lattes, pavement and architecture do! Then again, party minded-border guards make me edgy from here. No better security than movin'! So JP has welded and in for the powdercoats they go...mine metallic copper and Jora's turd green! The bikes are shipping to Port Townsend. We are looking forward to rides from solduck hot springs. And Caleb is coming!
29th July 2009

Hola-from Tahoe
Enjoyed Your humor and Mark Twain writings.Nice to know your our safe
29th July 2009

a toast!
Chad and Allison, To your stamina, your great attitudes, your hungry bellies and minds, and your sturdy bikes! Let the adventure continue! Colleen
27th July 2009

Thanks for the updates you guys. Inspiring and great writing. We should have joined you with the kids and a Burly. Tahoe says hello. Looking forward to having you back here again! Kevin
25th July 2009

Hey, i think you must remember us in Kazakhstan town Petropavlovsk!how are you?i wish you good luck and soon i will send to you your photos
From Blog: El Mundo Tercera
15th July 2009

wow wow wow wow wow!
14th July 2009

Blog Link on Chad's Site
Dude, I finally put this trek link onto your website back in later June. Somehow missed the previous blog entry. (I have an email reminder sent.) The BenFest was a good one, and it seems I've had an adventure the last four weekends. Just limited computer time when I need it. And yet I joined Facebook three weeks ago. Oh whooped-tee-doo. I know, how disappointing. What's next? Ben developing an online art gallery through
13th July 2009

Glad you're our political envoys!
Damn, I thought our 40 mile Downieville ride was an adventure, make us feel like a bunch of wimps If we'd only added a non-bridge crossing of the Yuba....we'd be almost there. ; ) I'm glad to now be able to imagine you guys flying over pavement instead of slogging through sand and dirt. I think of the two of you every time I swing my leg over the bike. Keep the great stories and experiences coming, hopefully we'll be hearing from you more that you're in "civilization", and thanks for bringing a positive American experience to all those people you're coming into contact with. You guys are awesome!! I can only imagine the amazing things you will see as you're rolling through Russia! Onward to the Black Sea! Asalam Aleykhem! PS - Can't believe that I just wrote the check for our Nordic Passes for next season. We'll be skiing in less than 5 months (there's already talk of the "biggest winter in 50 years!") and our skis haven't even made it into the shed for the summer yet! Probably should have had you put the summer wax on before you left ; )
13th July 2009

That's a great entry, wish I could have been there to see that crossing, glad you guys made it in more-or-less one piece with no equipment loss/damage. I hope your future river crossings are enabled by BRIDGES! That story reminds me of the American pioneers; as they traveled west in their wagon trains the number one cause of death was from drowning during river crossings, number two was accidental gun shots. You guys really lucked-out on the border crossing, that's cool that you're meeting some friendly folks just about everywhere you go it seems; no little black beggars screaming and throwing rocks at you like in Africa. I bet the hot showers and civilized food were greatly appreciated, no more mutton for a while anyway? I hope you find many more paved roads, coffee shops and cloud cover in Kazakhstan. Happy Trails, Ric
12th July 2009

Forza, Forza!
Chad, Allison, I am in awe of all your new experiences, you meet a problem and you solve it (rraging river crossing). When we didn't hear from you for a while, I was afraid and now I read with joy that each challenge becomes a new triumph, more power to you. Art hopes you plan to write a travel book for all of us folks, who will never get there in person but we are with you in spirit. All we did were a few century bike rides including the "Tour de Manure" with good food afterwards and we think we have done something great, ha! Good thoughts travel your way, looking forward to your next blog, stay healthy, Helga
11th July 2009

Back in tahoe for just a short while
I don't know if I have words to describe what a life changing experience you guys are going through! I think about you often. I just got back to Tahoe from Haines last night. You are right, I caught the bug! Nothing too hardcore, but incredible people, amazing sights and record breaking weather. It only rained twice while I was there for four weeks! You could see all of the peaks around for miles almost everyday. It was in the 90's last week! I went out on a five day sea kayak with Caleb and some AMG clients which was wonderful! The land of the midnight sun has planted a happy little seed, and taken a lot of my sleep with it! Now I'm off to finish up class and graduate from teacher training in three weeks! Miss you both! All my best! Samantha
11th July 2009

wow, you two are absolutely amazing!

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