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9th April 2012

glad to read of your trip
I was glad to read of your trip. I was suprised that Josep turned back. He looked incredibly fit. Just probably wasn't what he expected. I am glad that I could be of assistance in Anchorage. It sounded like an epic trip and reminded me me of my trips up Denali when I was a little younger and of my work as a volunteer ranger on the mt. on several occassions. Makes me tired just reading about it. Unfortunately, my cat, Mallory, died a few months ago (old age) and I got a kick out of you mentioning him checking out your gear. You did have a lot of shit. I will never climb Denali again, but am planning another back packing trip in the park in Aug.- probably Wonder Lake across Mogonagul pass. You are welcome to stay here again if ever needed. My friend Karen and I are buying a second home in CA so maybe will see you in Lake Tahoe for some skiing tjhis winter.
3rd January 2012

very nice
Hello there ! I am preparing my cross Asia tour and just found your blog. Thank you very much for all the details and info you are sharing !
8th October 2010

love the journey
Chad, Love the way you tell a story! Thanks for the inspiration. Keep living the dream. Be well! Josh
30th September 2010

timeless beauty
"the banal, the mundane, and the industrial are filled with a timeless beauty that fully reveals itself at the pace of a bicycle" I would generalize that to say, "The banal, the mundane, and the industrial are filled with a timeless beauty that reveals itself at the pace of a life well-lived." So many tourists aren't really living, they are merely spectators. Keep on rockin'! On a side note: will you be voting on the California ballot this fall? It seems important.
28th September 2010

Hi team, Wow, the waters and country look incredible!!! Alpine is in Virginia of all places. Raking in more late season oats. I suppose if Jora remain kid free we could just quit working for a while and follow in your tire tracks!
24th September 2010

Always a treat.
From Blog: Dar Hinterland
24th September 2010

Enjoying the trip with you !
Hi to all-- Your descriptive and amazing commentary is fantastic -- I have so enjoyed vicariously traveling along with you. Please give my best to Julie and J.P. with thanks for Julie's phone call from Macedonia. The moon is shining brightly on all of us, wherever we are.....Enjoy your continuing adventure. Love from Weezie (Julie's mom)
From Blog: Dar Hinterland
9th September 2010

Hi Chad and Alison, Greg and I leave Nairobi for Moshi this a.m. I left Chico in hot weather and glad to be where it is a bit cooler. I think Moshi will be different. Sorry I missed you folks. I will be here until Dec. then head back to the States. Keep on riding. Love, Kathy
8th September 2010

baklava!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes pleeze!!!!!!!!!!!!! you must be in food heaven. I leave for so. africa next week! happy riding.
7th September 2010

You have brought a bit of brightness to my day. I enjoy the blogs so much, and it is a welcome change (excuse?) from my pushing paper from one side of the desk to another. The heat must be tough, but it seems the view and experiences in the furnace are incredible.
6th September 2010

Safiri Salama
Hi Guys, Thanks for the nice write-ups. It makes me want to join you except for the description of the heat. That I can do without. I am on my way to Nairobi by bus in an hour to pick up Kathy. She arrives tomorrow after a long hiatus. We will get back to Moshi by the weekend for Christopher's wedding. My best wishes.
30th August 2010

Simply awesome
It's great to see you guys living out your dreams. Keep it up!
26th August 2010

Beware the Bandits
I don't know if you're familiar with the 1894 journey of Frank Lenz, one of the first bicyclists to try to navigate the globe on a two-wheeler. He met a still speculative, but ill fate in Turkey. I read about him in a 2009 issue of American History magazine on Sunday afternoon. A synopsis is at:,_adventurer . 100+ years later, the roads are better, your ability to telecommute distress assured, and the Turks are more agreeable--so have fun. (BTW, also slightly tweaked your front page, although you'll prolly not notice: .)
25th August 2010

On the Road Again!
Thanks for planning another amazing trip for us to live vicariously through! Alison, I can't believe you brought that bikini top and skirt with you, very hot!! ; ) Hope you guys have a great trip! I'll be thinking of you and excitedly checking my e-mail for your next blog! You guys are awesome!
25th August 2010

Best ever
Hi guys, that was the best blog yet! I hope that as you have lightened your loads and are back to the bicycles, that as you peddle Northward toward "europe" proper especially as JP n Julie come in your "expedition" becomes just a little more "vacation"! :-) Thanks for writing! Mark
24th August 2010

This could be a movie!
Wow! That says it all! Thanks for sharing!
24th August 2010

It all sounded miserable and delicious at the same time. One of those trips that gets better as you move away from it. Best wishes. Greg
24th August 2010

Very inspiring
Excellent travel commentary from you as always. Wishing you good luck, good food and wind at your backs. Safe travels, Heather Segale
13th August 2010

Write more!
Keep your thoughts and experiences coming! Helga tells me your original bike-travel plans changed. Please write about those. See you when the snow falls in Tahoe! pam
8th August 2010

My thoughts or you two shall be of envy, awe and good wished throughout the journey. To a grand adventure (again) and may the aim of the rocks cast your way be poor!
7th August 2010

Great Insights
Chad, Allison, you two hooked up again, super! Loved your insights Chad, that our official foreign aid ends up down the rabbithole and resurfaces in a numbered account in Switzerland, or somewhere else. Can't wait to hear about your new biking adventures. Viel Glueck und bleibt gesund, Helga
7th August 2010

Leaving Africa
Well said Chad. My time here has caused many a musing and as my time grows to a close it becomes more and more bitter sweet. I know that there is something about mama africa that just won't go away. I'm glad to have gotten to spend some time with someone like Greg while I was here. I hope your reunion was a good as you were hoping it to be and I will soon be taking very good care of your little oasis in lake tahoe!! Cheers! - Samantha
28th July 2010

Chad- All that nice snow at Tahoe this spring has made for some mighty fine swimming these days and I am making the most of it. Daily Tahoe dips are good for the soul and brain! Zia is part trout, she is a great dog paddler. Miss you, hope all is well. Looking forward to hearing what you and Allison do on your incredible fall adventures. Pablo is working on lots of house projects, including a new metal roof to shed all that snow. Safe travels, M .
6th July 2010

Looking forward to this trip!
Really excited for your next trip while we hold down the fort here in Tahoe!
6th July 2010

Hello Again
Dear Chad and Allison, I love your blog site so I hope to keep getting the updates on your adventures. Chad and I hope to do a clinic together in a week or so here in Moshi so that will give him a taste of my life over here. He is off in Tanga on the coast right now looking at a property for a friend. It has been great to have him back in Tanzania. The next mountain trip should be exciting. May the God of the Winds be at your backs when you need it. Best wishes. Greg

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