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10th April 2020

What then?
Sounds like a fabulous time skiing in Krasnoyarsk! Much has happened in the world since the and I am hoping you made it safely back to your homestead in CA.
11th March 2020

So great to hear from you and to know that Wyntr exists somewhere... Thank you for sharing this blog and pictures; so fun. We miss you all!
8th March 2020

Awesome adventure...So great 2 hear about your trip,take care,ski on...
Looks like lots more snow ,than here in the Sierra. It's been a very warm winter here in Verdi Nv..We look forward to your safe return.
9th February 2020

Fantastic read and great photos!
Chad & Allison - What an adventure! Bob and I love following your trip with Sylvia to a part of the world we've never seen. Memories of a lifetime! Thank you!
29th January 2020

Yeah you guys !
28th January 2020

A Misconstrued Title on the Internet
I thought, "Chad and Allison are blogging a Tahoe adventure? That seems so pedestrian for them" but of course, we're not the only Big Blue Lake on a Map. It's always a joy to share in your adventures. Keep 'em coming and yourselves going!
25th October 2018

Great Read!
Thanks for sharing your adventure(s). Glad you survived the nuances of travel. Ski you soon(!?)
24th October 2018

Service road.
Rejoice the service road. The traffic sounds intense! The hill climbs epic! Love the photos of fall colors and Syl on follow me. I can feel the strength exhaustion and satisfaction in your writing.
23rd October 2018

Truly awed by your trip
I love your blogs and only wish there were more.
18th September 2018

Thank you
Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Your skilled writing carried us right along with you. Love seeing Sylvia in the pictures. Dave and I look forward to seeing you again in Tahoe soon, meanwhile happy travels.
13th September 2018

Amazing & Inspiring
Allison, Chad and Sylvia, You guys are amazing and I wish you the best along your journeys! Thank you for sharing your experiences - tears of happiness are shed for you with each big I read! You’re amazing and and I’m not surprised you’ve overcome the obstacles along the way. Keep living large! Although 20 years have gone by with much silence during that time, I miss you, love you Allison and Chad and wish you all the best! Greetings from Tahoe/Verdi and I look forward to our next visit!! Much Love, Shara
16th August 2018

I salute your courage for taking a different path. As much as I worry about you riding with Sylvia, you are opening the world for her and she is opening a whole new world for you. I worry about my upcoming trip but your honesty about your own fears (much more warranted) give me courage to not bail out. To adventure!
16th August 2018

Dear Alison, Chad and Sylvia Thank you for sharing your amazing adventures. You are an inspiration and a wonder. Your travels transcends cultural boundaries one wheel rotation at the time. And Sylvia, keep practicing your roaring!
9th August 2018

It's great blog and very informative . Thanks for sharing this blog on this platform. keep it up!!
9th August 2018

A traveller
Seems nice place over all. just want to know roughly budget for a trip of 1 week ? If you can. Have you ever visited to malta ? Thanks
8th August 2018

I'm glad you went!...:-)
26th July 2018

Thanks for the note, it means so much to us to tag along!
25th July 2018

Love it!
Thank you so much for taking the time to write it down! Your adventure stories inform so much of the way I feel about places in the world that are otherwise foreign to me, thank you for giving the vicarious experience. LOVE the photos, how darling is Sylvia! ... and so fun to see her bringing so much joy to the people! I especially love the photo of Chad (I think) reading "One Family" to Sylvia in the tent ... really ties everything together ... Much Love from SLC! Thanks again for posting!!! <3
21st July 2018

Ride On
You guys are AMAZING! Can’t wait to here more. My love to all of you xoxo
14th July 2018

So happy for you!
Way to go, Chad! Way to go, Allison! Congratulations on your newest rider and continuing to follow your hearts!
13th July 2018

Beautifully worded...
I adore this: 'Babies get the vibe better than adults and she had a way of sleeping harder the faster we were moving.' I think this surprised us the most with our kids, we figured we'd have to stay in places longer, but they became bored and agitated with routine far quicker than we ever did....
13th July 2018

Welcome back!!!
I often wonder what has happened to those I Follow who drop off the face of the earth...especially in remote locations...are they still alive. Not only are you alive, but you now have a new life joining you. This is crazy, but will certainly be an adventure. With Sylvia along you may never have to pay for a meal or hotel again! I look forward to reading your blogs.
13th July 2018

Congratulations back in the saddle
I am so happy for you three! Starting an excellent education for your little girl. Opening that mind up at such a young age. Great work you two!!
12th July 2018

Back in the saddle
So fun to see you all back in the saddle again! I hope one day Caleb and I will get to spend sometime with you and the mini. Nostalgia is a funny thing, it washes around you in a tide that is always changing. Cheers to what was and what will be! I hope we cross paths again sometime! Hugs! -Samantha
12th July 2018

You guys!!!! This made me laugh, cry, and so incredibly happy to hear about your life and adventures!! I’ve been wondering how you have been and what you have been up to!! I’d love to connect with you and when you will be in the states again and how or when it’s possible to connect!! This brings me such great joy!! A little Challison named Sylvia! And I’m sure she’s an amazing little gem of a human as you both are!! Love, hugs and gratitude! -Colleen

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