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7th May 2009

We have had a bit more spring snow up high, and quite a lot of rain! Still thinking of you guys headed through the revolving door into the great unknown when we dropped you at the airport! It's just a start and so many more adventures to be had! Can't wait to hear about them!
From Blog: Coal Country
6th May 2009

Great to hear from you. You paint a neat picture of life there. Tahoe is bright and warn today. I did take my pack up to Mt. Rose Sunday and snowshoe in fresh snow. Keep pedaling. Kathy
From Blog: Coal Country
4th May 2009

Ride the Snake
Keep the writing coming! Within these somewhat disconnected yet vividly coherent thoughts and emotions there are some jewels. For example, "He wore shabby clothes, had few teeth, talked like a madman, and inspired us both." Best wishes in your journey. We think of you often and follow your mouth, stomach, and mental sensations tenaciously. Love, Eliot
2nd May 2009

I'm here for the ride!
Nothing better than a positive start! Good thing you's have strong resilient lungs...kinda like my job! Its worth it when you love what your doing! Keep smiling and have fun!!!!
30th April 2009

Sounds like you are off to a great start. I'll be thinking of you. I leave Tahoe on the 12th of May and head North to Alaska. Enjoy! Kathy
29th April 2009

Stay safe. Love the blogging! Can't wait for the next episode! Stay aware of the CDC and the Swine Flu....
28th April 2009

Don't breathe too deeply!
Great to hear from you Allison and Chad! So glad that you made the big crossing and have landed safely. That air pollution can be brutal on your lungs and cause permanent damage so don't breathe too deeply. This means that you will need to take care not to overexert yourselves in the heavily populated areas and save the hard biking for the middle of nowhere. The construction and industrialization boom in China, frankly, scares me to death. I fear that we are doomed, but hopefully you can do a good job of leading by example as non-standard, eco-friendly Americans! Stay healthy and safe. Best, Heather Segale
28th April 2009

great description of trip
Hi Chad adn Allison, I will send your blog site to all members of our club. Many will be interested to sign on. safari Njema, Wend
28th April 2009

LOVE the blog entry – both the substance and the style! Thanks for including me in your adventures. I look forward to your next entry. -Carina
28th April 2009

Sounds like you guys are off to a good start, thanks for adding me in to the blog. Keep the rubber side on the road. Enjoy....
28th April 2009

"Smoke them if you've got them"
Dear Chad and Allison, What fun! The smoking issue in other parts of the world has always amazed me. The American companies did not need to be overly concerned about the US's attack on cigarettes since the rest of the world seems not to care. It may become our biggest export! I am getting tired of carrying water uphill to prepare for Denali. It will be nice to get onto the mountain. Bill Dwyer is guiding a group for Mountain Trip and we should see him up there. Stay healthy over there. Greg

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