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17th March 2013

привет с Арашана.
Привет из Кыргызстана! прочёл твой блог-очень интересно. Какие планы на весну-лето 2013? я как и планировал провёл лето в России на Кавказе, зимовать вернулся на Иссык-Куль. Сейчас живу в селе Григорьевка на северном берегу Иссык-Куля, Если будете в Кыргызстане заходите в Гости, буду рад. Передавай привет Allison.
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12th September 2012

hot hot hot hot
yes always hot. love you guys!
8th September 2012

Chad/Al- Wow, great blog entry, really enjoyed the read. Sounds like a good but HOT adventure there. Hope you can stay by the water 'till trail's end! Stay cool, be safe. Call when you can. Happy Trails, Dad
8th September 2012

Great blogs
I love reading these blogs, their always so interesting, Vietnam seams like a beautiful & interesting place with gracious people. Take care- stay safe :-)
3rd August 2012

Amazing, you guys! Better than NPR, better than the New York Times, a really astonishing and strong account of the peoples and regions that you\'re cycling (!) through. Get back safe. I understand that you\'ve thrown yourselves into the ocean for the sake of the waves; but seriously, this is one hell of a tale you\'ve already told and more to come. Your writing and insights are superb--I don\'t know how you do it on the fly. Write up a final version when you\'re home and I\'ll be proud to sell it in our bookstores here in Berkeley. Honestly though I think that your story has national appeal.
2nd August 2012

Exciting Stuff
What an exciting adventure! Glad to hear all is well!! Thanks for the updates! I've got a good supply of bike parts I'm dropping off to Kevin that will be waiting for you on your return. Keep on pedaling and I look forward to giving you guys a hug when you return what I know will be an incredible winter wonderland this year!
2nd August 2012

Shambala and Shagri La
Tashi Delek! Oh, boy! So how many momos have you eaten this month? Thupa(sp?) noodle stew? Endless glasses of Yak (Gak) Butter tea? See some nice Himalayan turquoise to rival the Navajo kind? I AM JEALOUS, but no way in heck could I pull of what you are doing. I'd be the backpacker tourist on the bus denied passage. Looking forward to seeing the photos; though your words paint quite the picture. Wishing you safe journey.... love you guys!
9th July 2012

Tashi Delek!
So you pedaled all the way the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. COOL! Wishing you more safe, groovy encounters and say hi to the Tibetans for us! Love you guys.
8th July 2012

Honk honk📢📢
You guys are amazing. It's all so interesting. Tahoe awaits your return. I always think of you two when i do my morning ride. Be safe. 😊🚲ride on(get it)
8th July 2012

Up up and away
Heading up and out and back to more traditional Chinese foods and mannerisms sounds great. I can easily visualize and laugh at Allison literally pissing people off! Looking forward to photos when the Internet allows! It would also be great to see the route and your location on a map.
6th July 2012

Another Epic Experience
You two are awesome, very brave, and versatile to take all experiences, good and not so good, in stride. You take us into another world and I thank you for the honest descriptions. Pedal on and bon voyage .......... Helga
22nd June 2012

Catching up!
I can't tell you how excited I get when your emails come across my computer!! So glad to hear that things are going well for you!! Makes me so happy to think of you guys out there on the road representing!! Sending you both lots of love! We're doing some clean up so I'll try and gather some of our older bike parts and save them for you to send when you get back!
21st June 2012

I am honored by ther mention, and it all sounds so cool ! Safe journey you guys. Greetings from the Black Rock Desert, we just had a solistice Playa CampOut with Amber and Eliot.... "He is like the Madonna Dunbar of Central Asia, he has the ability to dream freely and the wherewithal to push his dreams into reality. Our philosophy of helping out in the developing world revolves around identifying such individuals and getting behind them. In this case, it worked out quite well. His mission is to bring awareness to environmental issues in the adjacent 60000 hectare walnut forest (the largest and oldest on earth, well established when Alexander the Great marched through) through providing tools of discovery for tourists and locals alike."
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14th June 2012

lucky horse too, if he had not run away he would not have found a mate
Chad & Allison, Thanks for sharing, it provides an eye-opening glimpse into a foreign culture most of us will never get to experience. The vast, sweeping landscape seems strangely treeless as shown in your pictures, have the forests been denuded by the people for building materials and fuel or is this a natural feature of the high elevation? What do people in the rural areas use for fuel? Glad you were able to procure a bike for your friend, I'm sure he'll be pleased. We wish for you more good food, happy people and smooth roads ahead in China. Happy Trails, Ric & Lisa
14th June 2012

Interesting, enlightening, and fun. Alsways a pleasure. Ride on and write again. Thank You.
14th June 2012

Amazing Couple
Hi Chad and Allison, you two are fantastic with an attitude: of course we can deal with anything that gets thrown at us. Love hearing from you. I will bike with Pam tomorrow and you can be sure your name is going to come up. Happy trails and best of luck!
13th June 2012

Good to hear from you
Chad: So great to hear from you and enjoy your adventure vicariously. I know who no one who has taken the time to so embrace the world as you and Allison have done. Many wonderful miles await, I am sure. When you grow weary of engaging Chinese border guards, perfect enunciation or not, cheese enchiladas await you in San Antonio.
4th June 2012

I hope to read all future entry's.It all sounds very interesting. Hope you guy's are well. Uncle Brian
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31st May 2012

I miss you guys! Enjoying life in Alaska, waiting for Caleb to get home from Boliva. Happy adventuring!
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8th May 2012

Yes we have returned from Mexico Baja sur Los Barrilles, Very nice to read your message it takes us there on your ADVENTURE... You both are simply Amazing!!! In the Bond, Michael & Patti
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7th May 2012

Keep me up to speed on your travels. Have fun!
3rd May 2012

Always a good read.
And always fun to know just what you's are up to! BTW, what's a "food forest"?
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3rd May 2012

So enjoyable to read you blog!
Happy to hear all are feeling well & on your way. Look forward to the next blog. Be save being the explorers you are,my prayers are with you.
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2nd May 2012

Thank you for sharing
So happy to hear from you, awesome experiences that most of us will never come even close to. You two are some tough hombres. Looking forward to every morsel that you care to share and good luck and health for the next portion of your adventure.
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28th April 2012

Remember then
Hi Chad and Alison, Still remember celebrating your 30th birthday on Kili. If I had not done that I would not have attempted Denali that next year. Glad you both walked away alive after reaching the summit. 16,200 ft was high enough for me after we had the two deaths happen just before we went up the fixed lines. Beautiful views and an incredible mountain. My hats off to you both. Hugs, Kathy

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