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5th July 2010

Have Fun!
Hey you two, Have a great trip. I look forward to seeing you both in the fall. It is great to see that we share old friends. Love, Roger
12th March 2010

slide show Tahoe City
Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation inside the Yurt. It was very inspiring.
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2nd March 2010

Glad to see you are getting to share your rare experience with others.
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2nd March 2010

Got Projector?
You guys got new projector or i need bring a bag with ice?
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2nd November 2009

See y'all soon!!
It's hard to believe that after all these months, your journey is coming to an end. Can't wait to see you both! Have a great journey home.
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31st October 2009

Tales of your journey have made it into common life "back in the grid." Your journey has been inspiring to countless people. Stacey is working like a bee to make sure your home is just like you left it. Your skinny-tire road bikes are safe and waiting for your return among the the other 20+ bikes at the house. I recently did an inventory and discovered we have an average of over 4 bikes per person in the household. Our Flume Trail ride got snowed out on Wednesday due to 4" of fresh snow (at elevation) and cold, strong winds from the north. Harry and I still got out to enjoy a ride through the Manzanita Switchbacks with a light dusting of snow on the trails. Like every winter, the local backyard meteorologists are calling for a big winter based on the unprecedented squirrel activity. I'm optimistic, but until someone comes up with an appropriate metric to measure squirrel activity, I'm not buying the squirrel forecast. I can't wait to see you guys. Congrats, congrats, congrats. I hope Amsterdam has been an accommodating place to celebrate the successful completion of your tour.
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31st October 2009

Buddies, its Halloween here and folks are all dressed up for the Rocky Horror Show. I spose flying will be a trip. Like riding sans baggage, you'll be feeling an emptiness of changing from a devoted trek...sitting there letting someone else chart the course. That feeling I'm sure will morph into the pleasure that is life back home complete with wood stove minifridge and predawn txs rides. Congrats, you made it. We never had a dought! Mark
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31st October 2009

You guys ROCK!
Way to go team! That is an impressive trek... everyone I show your blog to is blown away! One day I aspire to be as cool as my 2 buds from Taos. When do you get back? I'm on the west coast and will be driving through Taos in a couple of weeks before heading to Kathmandu.
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31st October 2009

Congratulations, ARe you going to ride to Tahoe from Maryland? Next week? You two are amazing people and I love you both. B
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27th October 2009

Chad and Allison, I have been following you all along. I lived in Germany for two years and know that you will love it there. Get off of the bicycle paths and spend time with the people. They are warm-hearted and welcoming. Sue Welsch
27th October 2009

Man, I'm wishing I had your life right about now. Sure I'm sure there are those days of traveling drudgery, but then you realize that you are living life the way it is meant to be the now. Enjoy! The world is your oyster. (Whatever that means) Any way, good luck finding that pearl!
25th October 2009

YAY team A-C
So sweet you guys! Glad you are enjoying your adventure to the max. Thanks for sharing so thoroughly. I am enjoying the high desert scape as a more permanent resident in Reno these days. Getting through nursing school week by week, and have a beautiful clinical assignment with the Paiute tribe out at Pyramid Lake. The autumn colors are glowing out there at the end flow of the Truckee. Enjoy the wind down. : )
22nd October 2009

Riding Home
While we were helping out at the Nordic Center on Sunday I was thinking about how we'd be seeing your smiling faces soon and then was so excited to get the postcard from you on Monday and a blog update on Tuesday!! A couple happy little surprises to break up the workday. Glad to hear you're going to be able to explore some bike-only routes as you travel through Europe. I hear you when you say the bike path is a welcome respite from diesel and wild drivers! Enjoy your last few weeks on the road, but as one journey ends another begins. Look forward to seeing you guys soon!!
21st October 2009

You guys are living the dream! I'm stoked you're out doing it. We're living a slightly less rootsie dream, out of the back of an xterra in Red Rocks.... Life is good! Cheers for the shtumpa shout! adios- be well- Kev
21st October 2009

glorious, simply glorious!
20th October 2009

From Kasia and Laurence.
"You are welcome guys, I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the kind words.
4th October 2009

C and A, Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. I can only imagine how much you have changed throughout your voyage, your perspectives, insights, cultural experiences. Even the eloquence of your writings seem to express how within your journey you have become. See you sooner than later. Roger
4th October 2009

Is getting cold!
Yo guys, Very Very Nice picture and comments! I cant wait to see you guys and talk about the trip. Here is getting cold and we just got a drop the snow today. Looking forward to skate with you guya agai! Miss you guys, See ya, Paulo.
4th October 2009

Getting closer to home
I can't believe you are only a month out from heading back to good old Tahoe. We had our first dusting of snow this week. It seems that fall has finally made it's way to the mountains. I think of you guys often! I LOVED the post card!
19th September 2009

What a challenging adventure !
So glad the pictures look so charming....even though the adventure in the Crimea had some rough spots! We are impressed that the 4 of you seem to have just made the most of it and kept going. News from Julie and J.P. in Greece sounds enjoyable and relaxing. Our best to you on this last part of your journey !
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17th September 2009

What a great read...Thanks for taking me away from all the hassles of managing life and nursing school. Sweet observations made amidst the challenges and adventures you are experiencing. It will be great to see your smiling faces whenever you get back. Have an ochen xorosho rest of your trip. From Laura
From Blog: With our Friends
15th September 2009

yea for mountains
Another great story, looks beautiful there. Mountains and coast line, camping on beach sand, swimming in the Black Sea, eating good food...sounds awesome. Thanks for the post card. Happy Trails, Ric
11th September 2009

Hi Guys, Thanks for the great updates. Kathy and I leave for London on the 21st and then we head for Africa later in the month. We will be gone until late November. Take care. Greg
7th September 2009

Exciting times in September
Hi to all...have enjoyed your blog with the historical information. We are all anxious to hear how J.P. and Julie Boylan are doing with you along the Black Sea--sounds thrilling , and the scenery is beautiful !! Great way to hear about your trip !
6th September 2009


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