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12th July 2018

On the Road Again
Best wishes on your journey! Its always a pleasure to read about your adventures. And just think, you still don't have any sheep!
1st June 2016

Change can be scary. Differences confusing. Growth painful. But progress, above all rewarding.
31st May 2016

Cookin' an egg
55 C, now that is some real heat! To rescue their country, we ought to send all our foreign aid to their ice skating program.
23rd November 2014

hey chalison somehow im in turkey now, will take your advice to go south along the warmer route, let me know of any tips/places to stay. its very cold! guanto (from taiwan, to turkey via bishkek athouse!)
16th October 2014

Allison, Your blog and travels are AMAZING. I too spend much if my time traveling, mainly around South Asia and Europe (maybe 5-6 trips a year?). Roark and I have often wondered what came of our friend Allison. When Roark told me about your blog I couldn't wait to send you a message. I hope all is well! CJ
18th September 2014
Babash-Ata Peak from the Arslanbob side

Just wonderful
17th September 2014

The smiles say it all
Missing you guys from this great wide world!
8th August 2014
Another "beef-shtyeks"

You continue to amaze us! Great adventures. Great writing! Happy trails!
30th July 2014

We always get a chuckle when we pass vehicles overloaded beyond belief. This one is great.
30th July 2014

A truly insightful blog...
I'm pleased you decided to wait out the heat wave in Shymkent. One shouldn't have to suffer all the time! The pictures of the food looked delicious. And thanks for the pictures of favorite town on the Silk Road.
5th July 2014

Nicely written blog!
Hey guys - I enjoyed reading that - especially the part about the English cyclist ;) In Namangan at the mo, going to cross into KY tomorrow I think. If only I could find a computer that allows me to send an email from hotmail my life would be easier! Good to meet you! All the best, Will.
20th June 2014

The road goes on forever and the party never ends!
Yowza! You two do it again, and again. Simply incredible. We miss you but know you are off making adventure real! xxxooo - M
20th June 2014

extra-planetary travels
Chad/Al, That's my favorite post yet; you make it real. It's fascinating to see a different world through your words and pictures. Although I don't believe that area would be at the top (or even the bottom) of our vacation spot list, I'm glad I could "feel" it from the comfort of my home looking at my computer; a pleasant distraction from the daily grind and the joys of home-ownership (backed-up sewer). Happy Trails, Ric
20th June 2014

Those scary bicycle pumps can be dangerous. What a funny story. Hedgehogs, sea boats and are seeing the world. Fantastic travels. We are happy to follow along.
19th June 2014

just stating the obvious " you guys rock!!! and thanks for the pics of the food, it gives a common point of reference. it is hard to believe that you and i are on the same planet! we miss you :-) T & M
19th June 2014

Happy belated belated birthday Chad.
Hi you two. Sound like your having a wild crazy time. Think of you both often! Stay safe & keep the stories coming. Michele
28th May 2014

great post
Chad/Allison, Love to hear about your adventure and learn about the people and places you are fortunate enough to experience. Great pics too! Love, Ric
27th May 2014
Doggie friend with glacier

A perfect photo
Now that is adorable.
27th May 2014

Looks like an amazing adventure!
You two are inspiring... what a life you are living! So full of adventure and good will traveling out there in the big, wide world. Stay safe and healthy. Let's hope that this next year's skate ski season has a little bit more snow. Wishing you all the best, Heather (and John) Segale
24th May 2014

Loved this blog and love the way you immerse yourself in your environment - it is the difference between seeing and experiencing a destination. Your travels through the eastern part of Turkey brought back incredible memories during my time in the Kurdish region of Turkey more than 20 years ago. Interesting that the Kurdish fight for some autonomy (especially with their own language) is still unresolved. I visited the Kurdish region of Iraq last year and desire for a separate Kurdistan is much stronger there.
20th May 2014

One on her way, the others soon!
I am suprised (and happy!) you had so many chats with locals, and got a strong insight about the country, region by region. I am so curious to read about these delicate issues you've been talking about - and i believe every citizen here should read an objective review as yours, to review their own point of view. Waiting for your next post about Georgia! Waiting you at Istanbul, cheers,
16th May 2014

Backlava and bikes
Well you amaze me once again with your adventures!!!! I hope you ate some extra Backlava for me. Love. Safe travels. :)
13th May 2014

blog entry
Chad/Allison, Very informative and interesting to read. Another great adventure shared. Thanks!
11th May 2014

Too much good eating and talking politics. I know it's great, but it would be nice to hear more about the history and to see some pictures of local achitecture and historical sites.
You are at and so close to places where civilization (our) did start few millenniums earlier. Those people most probably do not even know much abut it. I wish I could be there with you! Have fun and be safe, Joe.
14th April 2014

Too bad I can't be with you !
Very nice report about your adventure travel. Nice pictures and it looks like you do learn something new each time you're exploring the sometimes same regions. The fist impression is not always unchangeable, politics is not good info most of the time. Have fun and be safe....all 3 of you, Joe.

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