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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 2nd 2007

Geo: 52.5235, 13.4115We were a little over two hours late leaving JFK and had a 55 minute layover in Munich before our connection to Ankara. Needless to say, we didn't make it. Business is apparently quite good for the airlines at present because nearly everything was booked. I briefly envisioned spending a couple days in Munich, but we were able to cobble together a new solution. "We" was me standing at the counter looking polite, but pitiful and a Lufthansa agent at the counter. I was very lucky to end up in her line because we got a connection to Ismir and then on to Ankara that got us in around 9:30pm local time. I heard someone else who was supposed to be on our flight got routed through Rome, then Istanbul then Ankara and didn't ... read more

Middle East » Turkey July 2nd 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856So, we made it to Ismir. We had to find our way from the international terminal to the domestic terminal. These terminals are not connected, so it was a bit of a hike. Along the way we successfully bought our visas ($20 each, cash) and made it through customs. Josh was very excited to seek nanzar bonjuks all over the place. These are traditional symbols to ward off the evil eye. Each of the kids traveled with one pinned to their shirts and they thought it was cool that I was right, and that they do really have them in Turkey. If you ever have to change planes in Ismir, the international terminal is a much better place to hang out than the domestic terminal. Only 10 minutes delayed, we caught a Turkish Airlines ... read more

North America » United States » New York July 1st 2007

Geo: 38.4543, -76.6907We left Vermont this morning and drove down to JFK airport. Alex and Josh were pleased to see Manhattan for the first time and were able to pick out the Empire State building in the distance. Alex shed a few small boy tears when he left his dad, but we're looking forward to seeing him in Istanbul next week! Lines were long and the TSA agents were surly, but we managed to work our way through security in a little over an hour. Since Mike still had to work his way south to Richmond so that he can go to work in the morning, he dropped us off 6 hours before our flight. Needless to say, we didn't sweat making it to the gate on time. So we're using our cell phone minutes, playing ... read more
Leaving Vermont
Manicure girl
Waiting for a plane

North America » United States » Vermont » West Dover July 1st 2007

Geo: 38.8921, -77.0241The bags are packed and we are ready to go. After a week in West Dover, VT, we are headed for JFK tomorrow. We'll catch the sunrise somewhere over the Pacific and be in Munich for breakfast. It will be either a late lunch or early dinner in Ankara. I found what looked like a pretty cool boutique hotel in Ankara, but decided against staying there because we would have had to split into two rooms. It's just a hunch, but I think the disorientation from the plane trip and the strangeness of a new country are enough to tackle without having to sleep in a room away from Mom. So I decided to go with an American hotel chain that let me book four of us into a room with two (iki--Turkish for ... read more
Day at the Harriman Reservoir
Visit to Smith College

North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond June 1st 2007

Geo: 38.8921, -77.0241Alex's thoughts: I think that going to Turkey is going to be a lot of fun. I'm going on a train for the first time. I am going to sleep on the train. I think it's going to be pretty easy to fall asleep on the train because the sleeper car was made to have people sleep on it. I think there will be melons in Turkey. They are supposed to be the best melons. I think they will taste great. I like to eat them cold. I think they will have some different kinds of melons from the ones that we have in America. I hope they have Fruit Roll-ups there. They are delicious.When we get to Turkey we will use buses, trains and airplanes. I know how to say "excuse me" in ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond May 17th 2007

Geo: 38.8921, -77.0241Today we had an appointment with C. Bruce Norman at the Travel Clinic at Henrico Doctors' Hospital. In addition to our "standard" immunizations, we opted to receive an immunization against Typhoid Fever. While the chances of getting typhoid are not good, it is recommended for "risk averse" travellers who will have an extended stay in Turkey. Since "risk averse" describes me to a "T," we ponied up the $ for the shots. It is also available as a series of pills, but the shot seemed much easier. Ms. Norman is a consummate professional and was able to speak confidently about the region and briefed us on the primary the health concerns. Rabies is the big one, so we all discussed leaving cute, furry animals alone. We also got to see some new syringes that ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond May 12th 2007

Geo: 42.9371, -72.8497We've rented the house, we've bought the tickets, we've made hotel reservations. What else is there to do? Well... they Typhoid shots. I'm pretty sure we won't get typhoid without them, but how embarassing would that be to try and explain to people back home how I lost a child to typhoid? So we're going to the travel clinic next week. I spoke with the travel clinic lady on the phone the other day and she was Johnny-on-the-spot and really seemed to have a good grasp of what we needed to do. When prepping for the unknown, it's good to talk with people who inspire confidence. Rabies is also a danger, so we need to remember to stay away from animals.... read more

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