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Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Avanos July 6th 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856From what I understand, you don't get the best deal on your purchases if you go with your guide. I can say, however, you do get to shop in some really nice places with very personalized attention. Avanos is known as Pottery Central in Turkey. During our visit the kids enjoyed throwing pots/vases, whatever on the kick wheel while wearing "clown pants" to protect their clothes.... read more
Alex gets a little help.
Josh throws a pot
Kate throws a pot

Middle East » Turkey July 6th 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856We're on the bus from Goreme in Cappadocia to Ankara and then we catch the sleeper train to Istanbul. We should have plenty of time in between to get dinner. Of course, I don't have internet on the bus, but I've decided just to type in Word when I get the chance and then I can cut, paste and upload later. I'm sitting next to a Muslim woman who is mouthing prayers with a string of beads that look somewhat like a rosary; obviously there is no cross on it. I was sitting next to Josh, but women only sit next to other women on Turkish buses, so Josh got moved into a free seat nearby that was next to a Turkish man and the lady is next to me. Last night we stayed ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme July 6th 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856Alex: We went to the underground caves. And I rode a camel. If you think of horseback riding and then camelback riding, it may be funny to you. We also made pottery and we bought three plates for each of us: me, Josh and Kate. We bought and rug and we got to run around on the different rugs and it was fun except mom got mad at us sometimes. Other than that, it was a great day in Cappadocia.Kate: Hi everyone! For the entire day in Cappadocia we had a guide we had to wake up at 7:30 to we could eat and pack. Our guide's name was Ugur (the g is silent and it should have a little smiley over the top). The first place we went to was an underground city ... read more
On Gamirasu terrace

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup July 6th 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856I'm giving the carpet buying experience its own entry because I took a lot of pictures. Although we did not opt for the silk carpet, we enjoyed seeing how the silk threads were teased out of the cocoons, then wound together into thin threads, then wound together into thicker threads and possibly wound again, depending on how thick your thread was going to be. We also saw how the dye was mixed into vats and how the weaving was done. We also found out that the lowly silkworms, after being boiled to death in their own cocoons, were shipped off to Scandanavia to become skin products. Also, here are the two carpets we bought.... read more
Death in the boiling water
Free lesson with expensive purchase
Hand weaving

Middle East » Turkey July 5th 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856 I think we are all back on a "normal" schedule now. We woke up at a reasonable hour, had another fabulous breakfast buffet, complete with Nutella (chocolate hazlenut spread) on toast. We packed and went out to the store to buy snacks. We settled on breadsticks and simit and pistachios. We still had plenty of time to get to the bus station, but I didn't fancy hauling all the luggage up and down the stairs at the metro, so we took a cab. It was a fine thing that we took a cab too, because a child (I won't name names) left his/her bag with his/her new digital camera inside it in the lobby of the hotel because he/she got couldn't resist the lure of the revolving door. As soon as we pulled ... read more
Ankara from our balcony at sunset
Caves across from our room

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Urgup July 5th 2007

Geo: 38.6336, 34.9119Kate: The hotel in Cappadocia is fantastic. Mom and I shared a bed with a canopy in the honeymoon suite room. The idea of having a hotel in a cave is just brilliant. The manager is really nice. This morning during breakfast I saw and pet a kitty and called her Marmalade. She belongs to the neighbors next door. It's nice to have a kitty around again, if only for a short time. The food here would make Aunt June very happy. Yesterday we had this weird bread that looked like baklava but tasted like ravioli. We also had lamb and rice at dinner. I don't really like lamb. That was even before I knew it was lamb. I guess the idea of killing little tiny baby animals sickens me (Josh interjects with "baa"). ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Ankara July 4th 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856Day 2: Still jetlagged. I got the kids to sleep by 11pm, but I didn't nod off until about 3am (That's 8pm at home). Hopefully I'll have that sorted out in a day or two. Josh was up by 8 and we let Kate and Alex sleep until 9. We decided to try the hotel breakfast which had the advantage of being both close and free. There was a huge array of breads, spreads, fruits, vegetables and olives. There were also a couple cereals, veal sausage and boiled eggs. I think the highlight for everyone was the honey served on the comb:We spent some time back at the room writing up our thoughts on yesterday and then went downstairs to ask the best way to get the the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. I know ... read more
Drinks at Cafe And
Exterior of Citadel wall
Honey on the comb

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Ankara July 4th 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856I'm hoping to get the kids to write a little every day and then I will give them their own blog entries. Mostly, I will be true to the original wording and may even leave in some of the more creative spelling. As Josh likes to quote, "It's a darn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word!"Josh: We woke up at about 12:00pm. We all went on a walk and mom bought five simit--they're like bagels. Then bought some drinks. Went to a park. I bought some sunglasses (I haggled with the seller!). We went back to the hotel room, got our hats and went on the metro. When we came out we went to the maesuleom then got dinner (I star in some pictures). There was some ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Ankara July 3rd 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856We managed to figure out how to get a trickle of electricity to the computer, so I'm up to about half power. We slept 12 hours and had a very good first day. After getting dressed, we ventured out to explore the neighborhood a bit. Our first stop was a street vendor selling simit, which are pieces of bread, some of which look like pretzels. They are 4 for 1 lira, but she gave us an extra. One lira is about $.75 at the moment. Then we stopped at a small urban grocery and bought some juice boxes and nutella (a chocolate hazlenut spread). The variety of juice boxes was pretty impressive. We all enjoyed our bread and spread. Continuing around in a circle, we came to Genclik Park where Josh tried out his ... read more
Playing chess online with Grandpa at the airport
Political rally buy Tundogan metro station, Ankara
The candidate speaks

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Ankara July 3rd 2007

Geo: 39.9439, 32.856We had bubble baths and slept for 12 hours. Now we are venturing out in search of food. Our hotel room has a really great view of Ankara, including Ataturk's tomb. We are also across the street from a Metro station. With that, Josh proclaimed, "Ankara is in the palm of our hands!" Alex saw a ferris wheel and is lobbying to go to a theme park.I already blew the fuse on my power converter. Apparantly I need a transformer, not a converter for the heavy duty work. As a result, I'm low on computer power. We'll upload more details and picures after I get more juice.... read more

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