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Middle East » Turkey July 30th 2007

Geo: 36.9295, 27.1216Today we start life with no car. In anticipation of this event, we went to the MM Migros yesterday to stock up on heavy food and drinks. It doesn't seem like it will be a big deal to get small and light things, but hauling a lot on the bus will be kind of a pain. There is a small market just down the road in one of the other neighborhoods. We will probably go check that out today. That should do us for a couple visits a week and we will probably go into town twice a week or so for fresh fruit and whatnot. Market day in Gundogan is Tuesdays when all the local produce is out on display. We may have to go in to get internet as well. Our service ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum July 28th 2007

Geo: 37.0391, 27.4302Today we are celebrating Kate's birthday. She is wearing a new red dress that she bought in Bodrum yesterday, the new pearl earrings that Alex bought her and playing with the new plush rabbit that Josh bought her. We spent the morning at the beach and are heading off in a minute to go buy a cake. Alex: Yesterday it was Kate's birthday. Early in the morning Kate opened presents. We didn't have any wrapping paper so we put a blindfold around Kate's eyes and we had her feel her presents and try to guess what they were. I got her pearl earrings and a silver dolphin necklace that I bought at St. Peter's castle. Dolphins are a symbol of Bodrum. There is also a statue in the water of Bodrum of dolphins. We ... read more
Eating a birthday dinner on the beach
Lekvek (what Lucy ordered)
Our table

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum July 27th 2007

Geo: 37.0391, 27.4302I've lost track on where I am in the blog. Since we don't really have internet at home, I'm getting a little lost. Yesterday we went to market day in Yalikivak. We bought peaches, itty bitty strawberries, watermelon (karpus), dried and fresh apricots, honey and sesame-covered peanuts, tomatoes, parsley, onions, another melon which we don't have a name for (it looks like a cantaloupe, but is green inside) and bananas. Everything was very fresh and very local, except the bananas. We brought all of it home and mixed a bunch of the fruit in with some plain yogurt and honey for lunch. It has been over 100 degrees, so that was very refreshing. I used the vegetable stuff with some leftover ground beef I had to make spaghetti last night. We spent the afternoon ... read more
A necklace sold inside the castle
The tour
A real pomegranite tree-- cool!

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Ankara » Gündoğan July 26th 2007

Geo: 40.1716, 27.6345Mom: Today we headed down to Gundogan early in search of a boat for a day trip. According to our local guide, you just show up down at the marina and pick a good looking boat, but we had trouble finding a boat that had a clear indication that it was available for trips. I suspect it's easier to find one in Bodrum, as Bodrum is much larger. Eventually we found a sign on the side of a restaurant advertising two different routes for boat trips, so we went in and inquired. The restaurant guy said to come back at 10 and we would leave at 10:30, so we divided our extra time between the beach and checking email at the internet café. When we arrived back at the restaurant at 9:55, the boat ... read more
Kate doing her "Titanic" impression
Peaking from the top
Alex, again

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum July 24th 2007

Geo: 37.0391, 27.4302We spent the morning at the beach. I played ball with a Turkish toddler and Josh made a friend his own age. They had a few words in common and all enjoyed pushing and being pushed into the water. I'm hoping we will see him again tomorrow as having a friend at the beach makes it easier for us to stay longer. Today is going to be a slow news day for us, since we're not doing too much. We did have to laugh at the irony of the signal going out at the Internet cafe when we were there. No signal at home, no signal abroad... is this some sort of sign? The cafe experience is pretty interesting. We sit outside on a couch under a tree listening to birds and having random ... read more
Josh and his buddy
Jumpin' off the dock is a great game!

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum July 23rd 2007

Geo: 37.0391, 27.4302Today is wildlife day. Wildlife here is made up of feral dogs and swallows, as far as I can tell. In Istanbul it was cats, but here the dogs roam free. As I may have written before, there was a mamma dog who had puppies next to our porch the day before we arrived. The house manager told me that she had them "taken away." I didn't know what that meant and didn't really want to know. Today we found out that it meant "taken to a location that was not very far away because their mamma has been feeding them regularly and had carried them back to the porch of their birth." In other words, there are two chubby, blind little puppies in our flower bed. I have considered mentioning this to the ... read more
Bodrum harbor
Mr. Blue Lips

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum July 22nd 2007

Geo: 37.0391, 27.4302Lucy came in last night, but her luggage did not. We spent today alternately trying to get through to Alitalia to try and track her luggage down and get it here and visiting different places to buy "necessities." It was pretty relaxed and we made it to the beach for several hours. Tomorrow we will probably go out to the airport to get the bag and may hop over to Milas to check that out.Alex: We went to the beach today. We jumped off and had fun and swam to the docks and had fun with our noodles. They were repairing the ladder on one of the docks today. I rinsed in clean water then I played again in the salt water. I pushed Kate in. We got Turkish "Moon Pies" at the beach. ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum July 22nd 2007

Geo: 37.0391, 27.4302Hello. I'm Bridget's friend Lucy and I'm visiting them in Bodrum for a week. I arrived last night via layovers in Rome and Istanbul. My biggest activity since I arrived has been trying to find my luggage, which Alitalia decided was so appealing that they wanted to hang on to it for a little longer. I hope they are enjoying it as much as I would be if it were here with me. This has resulted in many very interesting vignettes in the past 12 hours, including trying to navigate the phone system with its many different mating calls. I'm still not entirely sure I am fluent in the different beeps and tones you can get when you call people (and we have been calling many, many people in search of my luggage), but ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum July 22nd 2007

Geo: 37.0391, 27.4302Josh: Today we had some cereal for breakfast. It was mini-toast Nutella cereal called "Chockella." It is very odd. We went to the pool. There was a French girl there. We played with some balls that we had gotten at the market for a couple of hours. We had to do a little comprehending because she didn't speak English. We tossed the balls around, laughed and had fun. At the end, I dragged everyone around the edge of the pool, holding onto a noodle with them in an innertube. They loved it.When we were done, we went back to the villa and mom went to an internet cafe and Kate, Alex and I stayed home. We hung around reading books and chilling out. We cleaned up the house and we went to pick up ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum July 21st 2007

Geo: 37.0391, 27.4302It seems like I have a connection for about an hour or two every other day or so. On the other days I'm going to have to take a field trip downtown. Hopefully we can combine shopping and internet into one trip. Since we don't have a whole lot else that we have to do, that shouldn't be too bad. Here's what I wrote at home:It's Saturday morning. We dropped Mike off at the airport last night. He flew back to Istanbul where he was going to spend the night at the same hotel that we were using before. He should be up and about soon and heading out to buy a few trinkets to share with the kids' friends back home. There were a few tears at the airport and the kids maneuvered ... read more
our "beach"
The beach restaurant
The water is much deeper than it looks

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