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24th September 2014

This sounds so amazing.
20th September 2014

excellent photo!
From Blog: Mount Etna
2nd August 2011

Thank you for sharing. Lovely photos :)
27th July 2011

Wow - look at the surf dudes! That looks like so much fun. Where's Bridget on her board?
25th July 2011

Might be some kind of woodpecker. Has beak inside hole in the tree.
14th March 2011

What kind of plant is this? I need some!
From Blog: Turkey Botanical
21st December 2010

I wish I could see that stuf it sounds cool
18th May 2010

i loved your pictures,hope you did enjoy your trip
From Blog: Kid-speak
5th January 2010

Add some description for some of the picture make perfect
From Blog: Monster Aquaduct
28th September 2009

Long-dead artist I feel so flattered!Is it annoying on how much they say about my reactions or is it mild. I loved the flower shaped gelato. It's so yummy. Did you go to the top of the Eiffel tower? Or did you get a side view? Miss you an
Love you and so glad you're having fun, Kate
28th September 2009

Yum Olives! If you have to bring us home olives bring us those, Yum!
28th September 2009

Happy Happy Birthday! love you so much and happy Birthday. Your Family of 5
28th September 2009

Kitty Kitty Kitty Kat :)
28th September 2009

Josh says :Nom Nom Nom Nom
21st March 2009

Here comes everybody! (James Joyce)I enjoyed, and printed day one's account for Nanny, who will be back from the funeral late today. Keep having chips, and increase the crawl visits exponentially each day.
From Blog: Dublin Day 1
26th January 2008

I just finished reading your blogs on your trip to Turkey and found it very interesting and pleasing that you found Turkey both fun and enjoyable. I have lived and worked in Turkey off and on since 1982 and when I would run into a fellow
American was always very happy. You don't often see them except in Istanbul. I'm sure that your travel experiences to Turkey will last you a life time. Thanks for sharing your travel in Turkey.
From Blog: The Final Entry
14th July 2007

No more booties I'm sure we could have kept the booties, but we put them in the recycle bin. Throughout the tour the kids kept asking why we had to wear the booties when the tour guide made us walk on the carpet anyway. Another interest
ing point: They had straw mats on the floors throughout the harem that were supposedly imported from Egypt to help the inhabitants keep the humidity down. I'm not sure how much humidity they could have possibly absorbed, but there you go.
10th July 2007

Kate & Josh Do Istanbul Hilarious! Who are these guys?
7th July 2007

Setting the Standard Ok you guys. You're making it sound as if you're having a lot of fun. it CAN'T be that much fun, can it?Grandpa
4th July 2007

Re: Whats typhoid? Typhoid is not common in the U.S. and people don't get shots for it unless they will travel to an 'underdeveloped' country. The parts of Turkey we are visiting are not underdeveloped. It was just a precaution. Here i
s a description of typhoid: 'serious infection marked by intestinal inflammation and ulceration; caused by Salmonella typhosa ingested with food or water.' For more information, search on the web for typhoid fever.
4th July 2007

Finally On! Hey Bridge, Good luck w/the power (remember they have FedEx, if you want me to send something). Enjoyed the accounts and the pictures. Booked our tix yesterday. Keep havin' fun! Dad PS Happy Independence Day to all
From Blog: Ankara Day 1

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