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July 5th 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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Kate: The hotel in Cappadocia is fantastic. Mom and I shared a bed with a canopy in the honeymoon suite room. The idea of having a hotel in a cave is just brilliant. The manager is really nice. This morning during breakfast I saw and pet a kitty and called her Marmalade. She belongs to the neighbors next door. It's nice to have a kitty around again, if only for a short time. The food here would make Aunt June very happy. Yesterday we had this weird bread that looked like baklava but tasted like ravioli. We also had lamb and rice at dinner. I don't really like lamb. That was even before I knew it was lamb. I guess the idea of killing little tiny baby animals sickens me (Josh interjects with "baa"😉. We saw the Zorro sheep.

Josh: The sheep, they bite you. Well, they don't really bite you. There was a guy herding the sheep and they all had green Z's on them, probably a mark. I named one Zorro, one Zuki and one Zora. I didn't have time to name the rest because they were leaving. We were hanging out on the balcony at the time. When we were eating dinner, mom told us that we were eating lamb and I hoped we weren't eating one of my named sheep. I didn't eat any more lamb after that.

Alex: Today we lived in a cave. It was a hotel cave. Mom and me played a chess game and we had a lovely sleep in gigantic beds. Before that, when dinnertime came, we were invited upstairs for dinner. It was great. They had five courses. Of course, there were two courses that I didn't like, but the rest were fine. My favorite course was bread. I dipped it in the soup that I got and it was pretty good.


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