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July 4th 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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I'm hoping to get the kids to write a little every day and then I will give them their own blog entries. Mostly, I will be true to the original wording and may even leave in some of the more creative spelling. As Josh likes to quote, "It's a darn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word!"

Josh: We woke up at about 12:00pm. We all went on a walk and mom bought five simit--they're like bagels. Then bought some drinks. Went to a park. I bought some sunglasses (I haggled with the seller!). We went back to the hotel room, got our hats and went on the metro. When we came out we went to the maesuleom then got dinner (I star in some pictures). There was some political event happening. Then we went back to the hotel on the metro.

Alex: On the way to Turkey we rode lots of airplanes and we rode metro to our hotel. Then we went for a walk on the walk we got some sunglasses, before that, I ate a simit. We looked in a store.

Kate's entry: Josh woke me up AGAIN. It's 12o'clock in the afternoon. We all slept for a long time because of the time change. We tried this new food, simit. It's this bread with honey and sesame seeds on top. We're walking to Ataturk's mausoleum, he's the guy who made modern Turkey in the early 1900's. Mom made us walk all the way up a steep hill and much more flat land, the mausoleum was cool though. We took the subway. It was really stuff and crowded. We stopped at a cafe where they were having a political rally next door. We had Turkish pizza, spaghetti and hamburger. Mom got enough for 8 people. Josh ate a serving of spaghetti meant for 2 grown-ups. We got baklava at a nearby bakery--yum! Night!

**note from mom: Josh's spaghetti was only meant for one, but it was big.


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