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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin November 2nd 2006

As I write, I’m lying on the third floor of the Marlborough Hostel in downtown Dublin. I don’t see any cockroaches or mice droppings on the floor so I’m good so far. The prices are definitely not what I expected for a joint of this caliber. Tonight we are staying in a private room with two sets of bunk beds and one single twin. Billie and Matt took the bottom bunk on one set and Robert and I will flip for the bottom bunk on the other set. There is a bathroom just down the hall and only two other rooms on our floor. We had to each pay €20 a night for this room and since tomorrow is Friday, we have to each pay €25. When you add that all up, we are paying a ... read more
Crag Cave
Where Bad Girls Go
The Road Gets Worse

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula November 1st 2006

I set the alarm for 9am this morning and then turned it off when I woke up tired. I did get out of bed around 10:30am so that’s a pretty good start for the day. I could hear the water running for forever this morning and then when I go to climb in the shower, no stinking hot water! So if you ever wonder, you now know why I am wearing a hat in my pictures today. I’ll have to get up super early in the morning in order to get a shower. Two days in a row is a No Go. I think we actually made it out of the house well before noon today, probably since Robert and I didn’t have to take a time-consuming shower. We took the bubble car today with Matt ... read more
Fungi the Dingle Dolphin
The Bubble Car
2 Suitcases or 1 Robert

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry October 31st 2006

After not going to bed until early this morning, our day didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped. I’ve been hearing all about the Ring of Kerry and the breathtaking views along the route. The house we are staying in is only 8 km away from the Ring. We headed south on the highways since we have already been into Killarney several times and we planned to just finish up there and hit the internet café. Nothing quite went as planned though. Robert was the designated driver today so we were all in our rental car. My only expectations were to see the “awesome land and sea views” along the Ring. Our driver was trying to go the speed limit (100km/hr) along these narrow little roads with very few turnouts so it was hard ... read more
The Ring of Kerry 2
The Ring of Kerry 3
Irish Stones

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney October 30th 2006

The time zone change is reeking havoc with my schedule. I had hoped to be up and out of the house by 10:30am but I didn’t end up getting out of bed until noon. After I showered and went downstairs, Matt and Billie were already up and downstairs in the kitchen. I told them that they should have woken us up. We were up last night playing cards until well after midnight. We made sandwiches to take with us for lunch; Billie and I had peanut butter and lemon marmalade which turned out to be tasty. I think I’ll take a jar home for Grandma and pick up some smoked salmon for Grandpa. Today was Matt’s turn to drive their very compact car on our days adventures. First stop was the Blarney Stone and Castle outside ... read more
Crazy Krystal
Krystal Kissing the Blarney Stone
Robert Kissing the Blarney Stone

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney October 29th 2006

I felt like I was waking up all night but it was still dark outside so I would stay in bed. The thought ran through my mind that we might possibly have slept through the following day and it was night again. By the time daylight finally came about, we dragged ourselves out of bed around 11:15am. Billie and Matt weren’t moving any earlier than we were so it was okay. I had a bowl of Frosties (Irish for Frosted Flakes) and orange juice. We made plans to hit Killarney today since it is close by and there are several sites in the area. Right after we hit the road, we remembered daylight savings time so that set us off at 1pm. The first stop was up a winding road past Killarney National Park about 14km. ... read more
Leprechaun Crossing
Muckross House
Torc Waterfall

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Cromane October 28th 2006

Wow, what an adventure it has become to get us to our final destination. I was barely able to get any sleep on the long leg of our journey over the Atlantic Ocean and what ever waters we crossed. My geography needs to be brushed up on. We landed in Shannon around 11:30am local time (3:30am PDT). Passing through immigrations was quite easy and I now have another stamp in my passport, yippie!! After grabbing our luggage, and Robert realizing that his suitcases had been damaged in transit, we headed over to the Hertz counter to claim our right hand sided vehicle. They denied my credit card even though I paid it off before we left so I had to use Kara’s card (so sorry darling, but I’ll pay it off when we get back). The ... read more
Backwards Driving
A View from the House

North America » United States October 27th 2006

What a day it has been thus far. The alarm was set to go off at 7am this morning but I woke up long before that, thanks in whole to a sanitation man who decided to smash the city’s glass and whatnot right outside the window where I was sleeping. Unfortunately, Nate didn’t have the “energy” to take us to the airport this morning so it was a hurried event as his partner John had to drive us instead. I felt really bad to be pawned off on the poor guy who had barely met us but I hope he isn’t too upset about the matter. My only fear is that we return to San Francisco and get stranded at the airport with no ride and no car since I left my keys with Nate. The ... read more
Our Gang

North America » United States » California » Half Moon Bay October 27th 2006

Robert wanted to get up bright and early this morning so we could get an early start on the day but I did not want to wake up! He finally rolled me out of bed around 7:15am and we still didn't end up leaving the house until close to 9am. By the time I got things done at work and we ran our errands, it was 10:44am before we left Bend. We actually made really good time driving down to San Francisco. MapQuest estimated that it was approximately an 8 1/2 hour drive and it took us about 9 hours but we stopped for Subway lunch in Klamath Falls and stretched our legs at several rest areas. Battling through California freeway traffic is always a rush but we made it to Nate's house with little incident; ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Bend September 17th 2006

And the countdown begins until our next adventure!! Only 39 days until we get on that jet plane and take off across the ocean for the green isle of Ireland. There is so much to get done in that time and so much on our plates already. It has been one crazy year of planning with a thousand changes but the time is actually coming for us to take a vacation! I am so excited and I'm about to move into that faze of creating list after list so I don't forget anything I need. The craziest part is that we are about to be homeless in 3 weeks so all our stuff is going to be packed up in a storage locker while we're gone. When we return, we have to make sure the house ... read more

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