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20th August 2020
Carved Table with Calla Lilies

wow where was this table made??? I have one always wondered
it is so eyecatching and everyone asks
14th September 2020
Carved Table with Calla Lilies

I found it in a store on the outskirts of Guadalajara. They are known for their woodworking there.
2nd May 2014

Archeological zones
The Roof over Cacaxtla covers 10,000 square meters. It is the second largest roof in the world over an archeological zone. The first largest covers the terracotta soldiers in China. Xochitecatl is about 300 years older than Cacaxtla, they are about a mile apart from each other. Thousands of small figures were recovered from Xochitecatl, almost all of them female forms which leads archeologists to believe it was possibly a Matriarchal society or at the very least a place dedicated to fertility rites. it has four major structures, pyramid of the flowers, pyramid of the serpent, beginnings of a structure known as pyramid or base of the Volcano building and a Spiral Pyramid that was dedicated to the Wind God Ehecatl.
25th June 2012
Dinner Table

A Roman Javelin Point
The photo is somewhat dark, but I believe it to be one piece iron, 4 sided point with a tapered metal ferral, which attached the pictured point a wooden spear (Javelin). I have read that many Roman military weapons and other artifacts have surfaced in a large swampy area in Ireland and I have forgotten the name of the swamp or marsh area where a Roman Legion(s) happened to be crossing, who were ambushed by Celtic warriors, killing every Roman Soldier mired in the peat or mud and unable to defend themselves. This battle gound has kept it's dead and secrets until recent modern times. I believe that this swamp has been host to many archaeologists who hope to fill in this era of the Irish archaeological record.
2nd January 2012

What are the prices of your midevial banquet dinners
21st February 2011

I want you to know I love reading about your adventures. Thank you.
16th February 2011

Looks like a good time...I miss our Worldmark vacations! :( So is it pronounced N-ice, or Neece? Lol.
16th February 2011

lovely wine
I used to think the same thing about twist off caps for wine; they would be cheap tasting. Nope, not the case! It's getting more and more popular because there is less risk of oxygen ruining the precious wine inside. The kiwis and ausies have been doing it for a long time and the rest of the world finally seems to be catching on. Go on, enjoy that wine! besos y brazos ~ Laura
3rd February 2011

Yumm! All that honey looks goood! I love fresh honey/bee pollen. And Mia is rockin' those new boots and socks :) So cute! Sounds like quite the busy adventure.
2nd February 2011

Good work!
You do a great job as a journalist! Consider as career? Love, Gpa Bird
From Blog: Misa and Bautizo
27th July 2010

Tlaxcala..the land of the cornbread
Krystal... next time you-re in Tlaxcala call me. Immigrations in San Pablo Apetatitlan, just outside of Tlaxcala, not far from the zoo... are a lots more cordial than other places. Note> You can get papaers Apostillados at the American Embassy in Mexico City. ATAH Bus lines *Apizaco , has a first class bus that goes to Veracruz *the Ejecutivo. My favorite places to eat in Tlaxcala. SHARONS on Guerrero Street ...Carnes Asadas. Also for Comidas Corridas...homecooked meals at $30 pesos, Joques on Mu;oz Camargo street.
19th June 2010
Dinner Table

Bunratty banquet coffee mugs..
You mentioned that you were able to purchase coffee mugs like they served coffee in at the Bunratty Banquet. We bought two and they broke this year. Do you rememner details of how to buy them ?? we loved our mugs and were devasted when they broke. Hope we can replace them someday..They were the color of the dishes used at the Dinner Table... Thanks for your help.. Tom Geirin
23rd May 2010
Krystal, Glad you made it to Veracruz! If you want help in the future with getting settled, suggestions for restaurants/hotels, etc I will be glad to help. :-) Sometimes it's fun to venture out and explore, and as you are here more often you will learn to look out for signs that things aren't quite what they seem (like the rent by the hour motels). Also most chains here are terrible. Sambors, VIPS, El Porton are all awful. They are bland and overpriced, owned by Wal-mart and other American companies trying to sell the 'upscaled' atmosphere to unsuspecting Mexicans. Street food is much better and more authentic. There are some good restaurants around too. Again, let me know if you make it back through here!
19th May 2010

Hola mujar
hey Krystal sorry i never comment but this is cool. i have and know alot of friends from veracruz. so im sure you know that i love their music is fun and festive, cumbias to the max. ya the food choice looks interesting woman and you are quite the international woman, shoot i have never ever been there. perhpaps one day i will tag along with you but we are staying at a hotel somewhere woman :) cuidate and talk to you when you get back ok. Love ya and erika seems so much in her element there haha go figure. Nena
19th May 2010

Love the baby sand dollar!
10th May 2010

Ah the FOOD
I could get fat just looking at all the yummy food pictures that you post! Hope you guys are having a great time!!!!!!
9th May 2010

Cute hair for you and Erika. Love Erika's red streaks. How very Diva!
8th May 2010
Yummy Elote

Sounds like you guys had a late start but things worked out. Your baby girl looks so tired! Have a great trip.
8th May 2010

Eye Opener
Wow Krystal, looking at these photos really make me appreciate the luxuries we have here. I showed my children the photos and they can't get past the hot water photo. Amazing. I hope you continue to enjoy your journey!
From Blog: A Lazy Day in DF
7th May 2010

At least you made it in one peice...and safe too....have fun
7th May 2010

Sounds like the rough times are done and you're having fun now.
28th April 2010

where the heck are you woman
looks like u are having good family stuff. w are stiill plugging awau with daniels soccer gams and tournaments. when you coming back?
28th April 2010

whats up woman
so dont see you in these photos woman. you are brave to be down the but it is you Krystal haha.Nena
27th April 2010

Cool pics but you forgot to take us with you. how sad
18th April 2010

Lamb Stew
I recently enjoyed the Medieval Banquet at Bunratty Castle. It was wonderful. The show was fabulous and the meal delicious. My very favorite part of the dinner was the lamb stew. I grew up thinking that I didn't like lamb stew until I ate it at Bunratty. It was out of this world! I have been trying to find a receipe for it since my return home but without any luck. Maybe someday I will be able to return to Ireland. If so, I will make it a point to once again enjoy the Medieval Banquet at Bunratty Castle.

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