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11th April 2010

Purchasing coffee mugs...
We enjoyed the Bunratty Castle banquet very much. We were able to buy two coffee mugs like the ones you served coffee in after the banquet. However, recently they were both broken by accident. Since they had become our morning coffee mugs, we would like to replace them. They were of the same color as the mead was served in at the banquet. Can you tell me how we can purchase them? Thanks very much... Tom Geirin
14th November 2009

Hey Krystal, Hope you are having a great trip. I am still here in Iraq having a great time. Keep in touch when you can.
12th October 2009

I think your eating to good there
12th October 2009

Are you sure you should be eating that?
9th October 2009

Well, Senora... thought you had been to Mexico before... how comes the surprises... currency exchange, pictures, etc.?
7th October 2009

what do you really think your doing?
6th October 2009

Sounds like fun!!
I am totally jealous!! I want to go to Mexico and everytime I ask I get the "no" in a stern voice!! I have to persuade him that it will be a goo scuba diving trip! Have fun and love reading your blogs!
5th October 2009

Hope you all have fun... Is it just you and Mia? where is Erica?
25th February 2009

have fun!
Enjoy your road trip! I'll keep my fingers crossed for dry weather for tomorrow...and not too much fog either so you can enjoy the sights in SF!
25th February 2009

Well, sounds Keep the entries coming, I enjoy reading them.
14th April 2008

Agave fields forever.....
doesn't quite have the same ring as Strawberry fields, but oh well. Those fields are cool. I didn't realize agave were blue....strange.
22nd March 2008

What did you expect loca, youre not in the US anymore haha
Hey Krystal sorry for your bad experiences but where did you think you were going to? As for all the negative comments about Mexico and the people, one latina to a very dear friend with beautiful mijas from Mexican daddys and mainly from one GI to another, deal with it and adapt haha. You are a visitor in their country, not the other way around. I know just as many rude ass Americans, watch the news and read the letters to the editor in most newspapers or the comments section. That is on a daily basis and is very disheartening but thats what you and I have had to go overseas for, freedom of speech for those morons who write crap like that in the US paper and media. Ok I know you probably had a good idea that you were going to be challenged somewhat because this is a country where it is quite one way or the other, no middle class. We Americans got it good and usually are so grateful when we get back from foreign soil. I know this is your blog and all but wow girlfriend lighten up a little. I know you knew this trip wasnt going to be smooth sailing. So make the best of it and yes obviously very detailed in your daily log of your trip. I do hope that the rest goes well and next time loca, we will go together ok. I'll have your back there. I just happened to be going to my motherland, Tejas, at the same time you went further south and loved it. Will share my trip with you when you get back. I dont really have the time or patience to do all this blog stuff but have been meaning to sit down and read all your trips. I find this one the most interesting. Beautiful table, I want one too and girl my mom has those flowers all over her apts, she specifically planted them to beautify the apts she manages. She can help you get started too! Cmon girl buck up and utilize all your spanish skills that we know you know you got! Soldier on woman! love ya Nena when you coming home by the way?
19th March 2008

Great Tale
Great adventure tale. When are coming over? David says you should have gone to Radio Shack for the cord. LOL. I have something to tell you. So call me.
19th March 2008

Glad for the time warp explanation
Glad you explained about the computer cable - I was wondering if the whole journey had been put off for a few weeks. Now I know that at least you all made it home at the end of the journey.
19th March 2008

19th March 2008

I love your story
Krystal I loved reading your story. You made me laugh allot. :)
17th March 2008

Fun Times...
These little trips are going to be the times the little girls remember the most. Sounds like you are having fun times, and hope you are taking lots of pictures. Take care and be safe.
17th March 2008

Road Trips
Wow, that all sounds so wonderful. I especially like the part about sleeping at the rest stop. Fun times. Where are you going next? When are you going to blog the rest? Back to work yet?
17th March 2008

Are We There Yet?
First night on the road and you are already sleeping in the backseat with the kiddy crap? It can only go uphill from here ....... right? lol
17th March 2008

Sounds like the way I travel!
Leaving late, too much stuff, doing laundry at the last minute, worried about I've forgotten, visiting relatives along the's almost like I'm with you.
16th March 2008

It takes a special kind of mom....
I flip through the multitudes of blogs nad now and then I have find someone such as yourself, who I think is likeminded with someone such as myself. I applaud your bravery and your passion for taking yourself and two daughters on the road. There are few of us who can do it. I know each day is a challenge and a blessing. Enjoy them all....
26th February 2008

Jealous as usual
I'm sure you will have a great time along with a tiring time. I will be thinking about you. Be safe and have fun. Love ya, Corri and Aubrey
22nd February 2008

Sounds like it's going to be quite an adventure : ) I'm a wee bit jealous I must say.
11th November 2006

Missing you
We're missing you at Corri's place. From your photos it looks like it's a LOT wetter here than in Ireland. But, we're staying dry and having lots of fun scrapping. See you soon!
From Blog: A Final Farewell
10th November 2006

If it's any consolation...we won't have quite as much fun without you!! I'm off for the beach in just a few. See you soon (I'm still upset you didn't hide me in your suitcase, though). LOL

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