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North America » United States » California March 1st 2008

After getting absolutely no sleep last night in the car, we were up and driving again by 6am. For those that know me well, the only time I usually see 6am is when Jose is waking up and going to work and then I fall right back asleep. I had to get the kids situated into their car seats again and then we were off. I had to keep stopping for bathroom breaks. It seems that everytime I stop to go potty, Erika either goes pee or says that she doesn't need to go. Then as soon as I get back on the road, she suddenly has to go potty. Erika has to stop at nearly every rest area. Somewhere in the children's manual, it instructs them to hold back something and save it for the ... read more
Another Rest Area
My One and Only Nephew

North America » United States » California » Weed February 29th 2008

Like all of my good intentions, I had hoped to leave town at a decent hour but I decided to slow down and try to not forget anything. We woke up early and ran around trying to finish up all the last minute errands and tie up loose ends. It's weird to be leaving your home for a couple weeks and wondering what might happen in the meantime. Around 2pm we headed out to Redmond so I could pick up my paycheck and deposit in the bank. I called Mom and she made us some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to take on the road with us. We finally left town around 3pm and headed over the pass to Eugene. There I swapped cars with Autum and left her my Mazda 626 and picked up her ... read more
Great Grandma Mary

North America » United States » Oregon » Bend February 22nd 2008

My restless feet have been twitching fiercely since the return from Ireland in 2006. The coming of Mia Azul postponed any 2007 travel plans but we're all three armed with passports now and once again ready to travel. Our current adventure is a road trip to Mexico. I will be traveling with 5 year old Erika and 4 month old Mia. Our journey will cover approximately three weeks with travel time and vacation. The latest plan goes something like this: Feb 29th: Depart Bend 3:30pm for Yuba City, CA where we'll spend the night with Kara and Justin Mar 1st: Leave Kara's place late afternoon and head for San Diego and stay with Barney and Veronica Mar 2nd: Park car on the US side of US:Mexico border and walk across the border with two suitcases, stroller, ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Cromane November 10th 2006

We awoke to overcast skies and rain this morning so we decided to stay home and relax. Our suitcases are almost packed and we'll be leaving for the Shannon airport very early in the morning. We did some last minute shopping in Killarney today and burned the proverbial plastic. This will be our final blog for this vacation but stay tuned for upcoming adventures. You know we hate to stay put for very long. Perhaps it will be Fiji with Corri in the spring or Greece with my family in the fall, who knows?? Thanks for reading along! Please email if you have any questions.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty November 9th 2006

Spending yesterday at home and relaxing was just the cure that I needed for my road weary bones. Even though we stayed up late last night watching this movie called “Buying the Cow”, we were still up at a decent hour and out of the house. We drove to Killarney first so I could catch up on posting my blogs and reading emails, etc. The auto parts store was the first stop so I could order the rest of the gifts that we are taking home for our friends/family. We were at the internet café for about an hour and a half. Our money from different sources finally paid into the checking accounts so we’re sitting good now. I had to do some catching up on our geocaches and the different geocoins and travel bugs. My ... read more
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Apple Pie
The Minstrels and Ladies

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Glenbeigh November 7th 2006

I have decided that too much vacation can be a bad thing. I have grown weary of traveling all over to see things. The only things that we had still wanted to see are the pricier items and I can’t justify it yet. The Aran Islands require a ferry passage to reach them and the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park offers the medieval dinner and musical entertainment but that alone runs about €60 for each of us. So we are keeping closer to home and trying to not spend much. Today we went off in search of two more geocaches in the area. It is the one thing I appreciate about the hobby above all else. The two areas that we went to today were not anywhere that I would have ventured to otherwise. Both geocaches ... read more
The View from Caragh Geocache
The Lonely Texan
Buddy's World Geocache

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney November 6th 2006

Up and out of bed around 10am for another relaxing day. I didn’t get much sleep last night thinking about Kara being in labor and having my first nephew without me. We don’t get any cell phone coverage here at the house so there is no way of checking in on them. We headed to Killarney this morning with plans to see the Ross Castle and hit a couple geocaches. I called Autum as soon as I got cell service. Kara had baby Justin had 1:30pm yesterday and he was 18.5 inches long and 5.8 lbs. On our way to the internet café, I stopped in an auto parts store and ordered a personalized license plate that models the Ireland plates and it says “Justin-06” to mark the occasion and his aunt being far away. Autum ... read more
Ninestar Cache
Ross Castle
The Mountain Roads

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Gap of Dunloe November 5th 2006

We stayed up pretty late last night watching television. Since Ireland falls within the European Union, most of the shows come from England and Scotland. We watched their version of “American Idol” except it’s called “The X Factor” and the rules are a little different. We watched a couple movies while the laundry was finishing up and then we went to sleep around 2am or so. This morning we slept in late and just sat around the house and relaxed. Last night at the grocery store, we picked up some pastry wrapped sausage bites and Robert made them for breakfast. Their food doesn’t come precooked, it is made from scratch and then you bake it up nice and hot. I ate one of my yogurts, the Valentia Orange Cream, and it was delicious. They make their ... read more
The Gap of Dunloe-Way Up
Fixer Upper
The Long Road Back

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin November 4th 2006

Well our missing roommate showed up at some point in the night but I didn’t want to appear awake so I didn’t look at my cell phone. One thing is for certain, it was no female, lol. He came stumbling in quite drunk and muttering something. I guessed him to be young and well traveled because he blurted out “fuck” in very good English and something about “gravity works” when he dropped something on the floor. I tossed and turned quite a bit last night again, I hate sleeping in a strange bed. The alarm on my cell phone went off at 4:45am and I made sure Billie and Matt were awake. I reset my alarm for 8am and went right back to sleep. I didn’t even hear them leave so they must have been really ... read more
Viking Plaque
Dublin Castle
Castle Rock

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin November 3rd 2006

The alarm on my phone went off at 6:30am so I could downstairs and put coins in the meter. We parked on the street overnight so as to avoid paying the €6 parking garage fee. The meters on our street cost about €2.70 an hour so either way it’s ridiculous. It is free between the hours of 7pm and 7am and I get to park in the street right out front. I didn’t even bother with a shower since they are located about four floors below our room and we didn’t think to bring a towel. We left Billie and Matt snoozing in their bunk and told them that we’d link up around noon at the Millennium Spire. We checked out the hostel’s free breakfast in the basement and it wasn’t anything to write home about ... read more
March 17th Around the World
The Guinness Group
The Rooftops of Dublin

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