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North America » Mexico » Tlaxcala » San Antonio » Acuamanala January 29th 2011

After all the issues with scheduling yesterday, I just wasn't feeling it today. Then I get a text message this morning that the mother organizing the event had a "family emergency" and wouldn't be able to make it after all. I know that Mexico moves on a different time but this is the last time that I do anything for someone else. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of expensive clothes on my hands that I'm not sure we'll be able to sell in our own store. Yes, I'm quite aware of the adage "don't count your chickens before they hatch" but geez! A complete waste of a day in my book. I could have packed up the family and headed off to the beach for the day or gone into Mexico City to visit the ... read more
The Laundromat
Sick Baby

North America » Mexico » Tlaxcala » Santa Ana January 28th 2011

Half of this quick trip down to Mexico was to link up with the parents and teachers at the School of the Americas in Puebla. The rich snooty parents were excited about buying American clothes and specifically requested the expensive brands like American Eagle and Gap. Of course, I aim to please so I went shopping and brought a huge variety of clothes for them to select from. I got an email from my friend that the mother organizing the event wanted to reschedule for Monday because Friday was their payday and the teachers didn't get paid until Monday either. What person organizes a shopping event and doesn't know when their payday is going to fall? I asked her to tell the mother that it was this weekend or never. After much back and forth, it ... read more
Pan Dulce y Te de Canela
New Boots and Socks

North America » Mexico » Tlaxcala » San Antonio » Acuamanala January 27th 2011

The family went about their business of school and work and left Mia and I to sleep in as usual. With a two hour time difference and only staying here for 5 days, I see no point in waking up early and then having to adjust all over again. Ok, maybe I slept in later than I normally do but I did spend 20+ hours traveling yesterday and my body is feeling it today. Isabel and Severo returned with Fernanda just after the noon hour. The kids were pulled out of school early today in order to get cleaned up and ready for the ceremony. I went through my suitcases of treasure and found a sweater that was perfect for Isabel so she put it on to wear today. Everyone in the family picked out a ... read more
Fresh Meat
What's On the Menu

North America » Mexico » Tlaxcala January 26th 2011

The alarm went off at 3:15am and I woke right up. Actually, I don't feel like I actually fell asleep but somehow four hours was up and it was time to get moving. I jumped in the shower while José and Mia slept. I don't know how often I'll be bathing while we're in Mexico but it won't be like the comforts of home! I didn't bother to dress Mia and just put her in her pajamas into her carseat and covered her with a blanket. Once again we're going from freezing temperatures to the balmy 60's or 70's I'd imagine. We were able to leave town by 4am so right on schedule. The drive to Portland went quickly but I was very tired and had to really focus on the roads. We made the airport ... read more
Catholic Church
Baptism Party
Fresh Meat

North America » Mexico » Veracruz » Vera Cruz May 8th 2010

Even when I get up early, things don't quite seem to go as I planned. And these dang nails don't let me type very fast or accurately on this keyboard either, whose great idea was that? Isabel woke us up just before 8am so we could get a move on and try to make it to Puebla in time to catch the 9:30 bus to Veracruz. Although we kept things moving along, we still didn't make it out to the highway to catch a bus until 9am and it's a good 20 minutes into town with little traffic. Today didn't seem to be one of those days though as we didn't make it to Puebla CAPU until closer to 10am. Keep in mind, this is a huge bus station so the tickets sell out as each ... read more
Pico de Orizaba
Along the road
Baby Sand Dollars

North America » Mexico » Tlaxcala » Tlaxcala May 7th 2010

Of course, you should know how the story goes by now. We slept in as late as possible which in this case was only about 10am (my body is still ticking to the 8am internal clock though). First mission of the day was to get dressed and walk down to the panaderia to buy breakfast, freshly baked pan dulce. Upon return to the house, I enjoyed my pan dulce with te de canela (cinnamon tea). They had sopa de conejo (rabbit stew) with tortillas, arroz, and frijoles. I don't think that I will ever become accustomed to eating such hearty meals for breakfast. My idea of breakfast is waffles, cereal, pancakes, eggs, or yogurt. Oh well, while in Mexico, try to adapt as best you can. Although to be honest, I don't eat rabbit any time ... read more
Hanging Out at Ilse
Red Streaks
Rayos for Krystal

North America » Mexico » Tlaxcala May 6th 2010

I feel like today was another wasted day. My plan had been to wake up and eat, write up my blog and find an internet cafe. Maria and Sara kept saying that the first buses out of the local bus station didn't leave until after 1pm. And then it dawned on me, Maria and Victor had gone to work without any backup day care plan in place. So we were forced to wait for Maria to get home at 7pm before we could even think about leaving. We passed the day away hanging around the house and repacking our suitcases for what we'd need on the next leg of the journey. Around 4:30pm, Jose Victor took me in search of an internet cafe. The first one we found was full and he didn't know of any ... read more
Hot Water Heater
Room for Two?
Futbol Anyone?

Any day when you have to wake up at 5am is already starting off on the wrong foot but it has progressively gotten worse since then. We managed to make it to the airport on time with everyone dressed and so far I haven't forgotten anything, or rather I don't know about anything yet. We arrived at the airport by 6:15am for a 7:15am flight to Los Angeles where we were supposed to arrive at 9:45am and connect to an Alaska Airlines flight to Mexico City departing at 10:30am for a 4pm arrival. Trouble started when we boarded the plane. The plane seats four across with the aisle down the middle so two and two. The tears began when Erika realized that she would be seated next to a large man. I looked at her while ... read more
Ready at the Redmond Airport
Erika and Mia chillling
Our arrival at LAX

North America » Mexico » Tlaxcala » Santa Ana October 8th 2009

The plan for today was to head back into Santana so that I could do a little more shopping and sightseeing before we head back to Mexico City. We had juggled the idea around of staying for one more night but when I talked to Jose about it, he had a valid point. While my flight doesn't leave until 5:25pm on Friday, a midnight arrival in Portland means that I won't be getting home until close to 4am and that means I shouldn't put myself in a situation where I'll need to be waking up extra early just to make it back to Mexico City in time. So we planned a 4pm departure for Puebla which left the morning and afternoon for exploring. Before we could leave, Sara insisted on cleaning up the kitchen and making ... read more
Calle Cinco de Mayo
Fresh Fish Anyone?

North America » Mexico » Tlaxcala » Tlaxcala October 7th 2009

Another lazy morning where Mia and I slept in until 10am. For this reason, I have changed the medicine dosage times for Mia because 2:30 am/pm was not working. My mother has obviously forgotten the in-the-middle-of-the-night feedings and the necessity of waiting a few hours to give her that first dosage in order to get all the other times on a reasonable schedule. The first time that I tried to wake Mia up from a dead sleep and give her the medicine, I woke the next day to see that most of it had dribbled down her chin and dried in her nose. Mia enjoyed a bowl of cocoa cereal, scrambled egg, and frijoles for breakfast while I sipped on a cup of cinnamon tea and one of the pan dulces that we had purchased last ... read more
Playing in the Park
The History of Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala
Tourism Map of Tlaxcala

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