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May 7th 2010
Published: May 9th 2010
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Picking out pan dulcePicking out pan dulcePicking out pan dulce

We walked down to the panaderia and picked our bread out of the basket of freshly baked sweet bread. Yum!
Of course, you should know how the story goes by now. We slept in as late as possible which in this case was only about 10am (my body is still ticking to the 8am internal clock though). First mission of the day was to get dressed and walk down to the panaderia to buy breakfast, freshly baked pan dulce. Upon return to the house, I enjoyed my pan dulce with te de canela (cinnamon tea). They had sopa de conejo (rabbit stew) with tortillas, arroz, and frijoles. I don't think that I will ever become accustomed to eating such hearty meals for breakfast. My idea of breakfast is waffles, cereal, pancakes, eggs, or yogurt. Oh well, while in Mexico, try to adapt as best you can. Although to be honest, I don't eat rabbit any time of the day. After breakfast, all eight of us piled into Severo's Renault and headed into Tlaxcala and his salon.

The plan today was to get my hair colored and highlights put in. Erika started looking at all the color samples and decided that she wanted to get her hair highlighted to. You know what, she's been wanting to get her hair colored for
Hanging Out at IlseHanging Out at IlseHanging Out at Ilse

Severo named the salon after his oldest daughter Ilse. From l-r; (seated) Lalo, Fernanda, Azul, Sara, Isabel, (in front) Severo and Ilse.
over a year now but Jose didn't think it was a necessary expense considering the cost in the USA. Here Severo was doing it at no cost so I said what the heck. So now she has four large streaks of red down her part. Now getting my hair was a completely new experience for me. Severo started by having his assistant Mayra mix up the blond bleaching mix. Then he put chunks of hair in foils all over my head. Now these foils were not held close to the scalp and hairline so you'll have a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of my natural color before it turns light blond, hmm. Then Mayra mixed up the light brown color and his other assistant Eduardo put up the rest of my hair in more foils. So no bottles of dye squirted all over my head, no cap and time sitting under the dryer, just two hours of getting foils put in my hair. Severo washed out all the lovely little foils and then trimmed and styled my hair, whew!

It was now time to make our way to the downtown area and the park where they have free internet. I
Red StreaksRed StreaksRed Streaks

Erika finally got her dream, colored streaks in her hair!
made sure that I could connect on my laptop and then we went in search of some fresh fruit. After walking through the rows of vendors, I only found fresh berries at $40 pesos for half a kilo and they were delicious but not enough. So it's off to walk down to the mercado and keep searching. Here are more rows of vendors and in the middle is a "food court". There are like 10 food vendors all serving the same type of food and drinks and fighting over the same clients. As you walk in, each vendor has an attendant who jumps up and tries to wave you to sit down at one of their tables, etc. We sat down at a vendor being run by three ladies. They had three different little ones around their feet while they tried to work with a young girl around 14 years old taking orders and attending the clients. We got two small fruit cocktails for Erika and Mia out of pineapple, strawberries, and honey, two large fruit cocktails for the table to share and these had pineapple, apple, mango, guayaba, strawberries, and honey, tortas which are huge sandwiches of ham and
Rayos for KrystalRayos for KrystalRayos for Krystal

Cut, colored, and highlights in and it's off to the market!
cheese. I hadn't thought to request that they hold the jalapenos so I was picking those off my sandwich along with onions and tomatos.

After eating, we returned to the central park where they were having some huge festival with a band playing in the center and lots of older folk dancing around and the sidewalks were packed. I jumped on the free internet to look for which bus lines serviced Puebla to Veracruz and found ADO. The only ones available for tonight were at 10:30pm and midnight and it's a 3-4 hour drive so we decided to wait until morning and try then. Since we don't have reservations anywhere, I don't want to show up in the middle of the night when everyone is tired and pay for a night's lodging that we barely get to use. The first Primera clase bus that we could probably make departs at 9:30am which takes approximately 3:35 hours according to their website. Coach class leaves every 30 minutes and it takes an hour longer. Personally, I'd rather pay the extra $5-$10 dollars to travel first class and spend less time on the bus, that's just me. I tried connecting with Jose

We got these huge tortas in the mercado for 48 pesos and they were yummy! I got the hawaiian version :)
via MSN Messenger but the signal kept dropping so I gave up and sent him a text that I'd try another cafe in Acuamanala later on.

We walked back to Severo's salon to wait for him to get finished up and give us a ride home. This time we had two more people to load into his little sedan; Ilse and Mayra. As we're driving down the road, I can hear this metal grating noise coming from my side of the car. I actually felt sorry for that little car, there were nine of us crammed into a little four door and an old one at that. On the way home, they dropped us off at an internet cafe near the house. Ilse stayed with me and played on another computer while I posted yesterday's blog. Thankfully I was able to plug in the internet cable to my laptop so I could upload pictures and charge it all at the same time. Just over an hour for only 9 pesos, can't beat the prices down here!
Internet cafe 9 pesos


9th May 2010

Cute hair for you and Erika. Love Erika's red streaks. How very Diva!
10th May 2010

Ah the FOOD
I could get fat just looking at all the yummy food pictures that you post! Hope you guys are having a great time!!!!!!
27th July 2010

Tlaxcala..the land of the cornbread
Krystal... next time you-re in Tlaxcala call me. Immigrations in San Pablo Apetatitlan, just outside of Tlaxcala, not far from the zoo... are a lots more cordial than other places. Note> You can get papaers Apostillados at the American Embassy in Mexico City. ATAH Bus lines *Apizaco , has a first class bus that goes to Veracruz *the Ejecutivo. My favorite places to eat in Tlaxcala. SHARONS on Guerrero Street ...Carnes Asadas. Also for Comidas Corridas...homecooked meals at $30 pesos, Joques on Mu;oz Camargo street.

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