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North America » Mexico » Tlaxcala » San Antonio » Acuamanala October 6th 2009

It is nigh impossible to exchange your US dollars for Mexican pesos in a bank. If I had known that I would waste almost a complete day trying to turn my money into the local currency, I would have deposited it into my checking account in order to just pull it out of an ATM and presto, pesos! Azul and I didn't end up getting out of bed until 11am (9am our internal clocks). Azul and I slept in the children's room with Sara sharing a bed with us, Marciana and Marilub on the bottom bunk of the bed to one side and the mattress from the top bunk on the floor to the other side where Pedro slept. Marciana is constantly drinking water so the first time that she woke up to go pee in ... read more
Sleeper Seats
Bus Cental in Puebla-CAPU
Pan Dulce

The flight from Portlad to Houston was relatively uneventful. Mia behaved as well as can be expected for an almost two year old at midnight. Thankfully we had a young couple seated next to us and not some uptight senior citizen to chastize me on manners and children these days. Continental now offers DirecTV during your flight for a mere $6. I tried to sleep as best I could but it wasn't pretty and the layover in Houston didn't help. Upon arrival in Mexico City, I will need to pass off my child and attempt a nap. Thankfully, the flight from Houston to Mexico City addressed the issue of the FM-T visa that we need because we're staying in Mexico beyond the "border zone". Our State Department mentions the visa but when I called Continental to ... read more
Hard Rock Cafe Mexico City

North America » United States » Oregon » Bend October 4th 2009

This trip is already starting off on a crazy note. My plan had been to work the majority of my shift and just leave a couple hours early to give me time to drive the 130 miles to the airport and catch our flight. Instead, we awoke to 3-4 inches of fresh snow covering the car and roads. Jose helped me load the suitcases and everything into the car so that I could leave straight from work and he would bring Mia and meet me in Redmond. The drive to work soon convinced me that this plan was not going to work. While Kara was driving her truck behind me on the way to work, an oncoming car lost control and spun in circles crossing all four lanes of traffic and ended up in our lane. ... read more
Waiting on the Shuttle Bus
Dude, Where's My Car?

North America » United States » California » Bodega Bay February 25th 2009

Now is what I call the perfect vacation day... we slept in until our bodies were ready to wake up, at least mine was. Our only desire was to do some exploring in the local area and take the girls to see the ocean. It was raining in the Windsor area but it seemed to be off and on and everyone knows it's always rainy at the coast. I fueled up at the gas station and asked a local where was the best place to take kids to the beach and pointed us in the direction of Bodega Bay. We wandered down the twisty little state highway 12 through Sebastapol until we ended up at the ocean in Bodega Bay. The sky was still scattered with clouds but the rain was holding out on this side ... read more
Jose and the Kite
Building Sand castles
Bodega Bay

North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 24th 2009

We got off to a rocky start this morning after I hit the snooze again and we missed our wakeup time by a couple hours. Thankfully someone called and that woke me up. Erika was a little turd this morning so we didn't actually roll out of here until after 10 am but hey, we're on vacation right? The current toll to cross the Golden Gate bridge now is $6 if you're headed southbound into San Francisco, just in case any one is budgeting for their upcoming travels. We followed Hwy 101-S to Lombard Street and stayed on that until it deadended at El Embarcadero where we found a public parking lot that only charged $15 to park there for the whole day and we only had to walk the few blocks from Pier 35 in ... read more
The Carousel
You Can't Catch Me!
Hard Rock Cafe SF

North America » United States » California » Windsor February 23rd 2009

With this fabulous new schedule that I have, we decided to take advantage of the very first 4 day weekend to make a quick trip down to Cali and get out of town. The alarm went off at 7am and I hit the snooze button without thinking so we were a little slow getting out the door. By 9am the Escape was loaded up and we were on the road. It was pouring down rain as we headed south but I had hopes that it would get better the farther we got. Jose drove the first part of the journey so we stopped to eat lunch in Weed and change positions. We had lunch at the Pizza Factory, right where highway 97 comes into town at the first traffic light. They advertised salad, pizza and pasta ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco March 5th 2008

Carmen was up bright and early this morning getting the boys up, dressed, and off to school. I tried to sleep in as long as I could but that is a difficult feat with both girls in bed with me. Then Mia had one of her overflowing diaper episodes and that did it, I was up and stripping the bed in a flash! The boys didn't get out of school until 12:30pm so Carmen took all of us around the town for some more sightseeing and to go find out if the town pool was open or not. On our way out there, we stopped at a building where they were making tequila. They had a display out front with bottles of tequila lined up. One of the only things Jose asked me to bring home ... read more
Fresh Fruit
Carmen and the Gang
Agave Fields

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Autlán de Navarro March 4th 2008

First order of the day was food for us. We decided that it would probably be easiest to grab some snacks on the road since we were getting a fairly late start. Sorry but I don't handle time zone changes as easily as I used to. Our first stop was to fill up the tank and Fernando bought me a bag of caña for only 10 pesos. It had the hard outer shell/bark peeled off and it was cut up into 1 inch chunks. You basically pop the chunk into your mouth and chew the fibrous wad to get all the sugary juice out and then you spit what's left into the garbage. It was interesting, I liked it but I kept thinking about all the sugar calories I was ingesting, lol. We stopped at a ... read more
Pork Anyone?
Hat Peddler
Park and Sports Complex

It was a very long night as we waited to board our flight in Tijuana. The plane was scheduled to depart at 12:55AM. The gate (or sala) as it is called there was starting to get crowded as we continued to wait the several hours. As the time got closer, they made some announcement that I could not understand and everyone started to line up. I had thought that we would board based on groups or seating but we got into line like a herd of cows, monkey see monkey do seems to work in any country. As we finally got up to the front of the line, all the attendant did was check off the number on our ticket and we all milled around waiting once again. Don't ask me the purpose of this because ... read more
Some New Friends
Carved Table with Calla Lilies
Sun setting over Guadalajara

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana March 2nd 2008

I hate Mexican airports!!! But don't let me get ahead of myself quite yet, I still have the whole adventure of my day to share with you lovely folks. I figured out what I forgot in my packing....the power cable for my laptop!! That one wins the prize when your plan is to blog your journey for everyone back home. (So folks, that's why I'm home now and trying to go back and blog each day and post the pics now that my laptop and power cable have been reunited at last) After showering and getting the girls dressed and ready for the day, we loaded up into the car and started off once again. First stop was at the McDonald's to grab some breakfast, apple walnut salads and a Cinnamon Melts. A picture is worth ... read more
Politically Backwards California?
Hanging with Family in San Diego

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