I am a nanny looking after 2 children while travelling around the world with them and their parents!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 19th 2010

It is always nice when you are given the correct information by the boss. We were meant to be picked up at 9:30, so breakfast was at 8, which meant I had to be up 7 to get HB and F up 7:30. Turns out that we weren't being picked up up till 10, breakfast was at 9 meaning I could have woke been up an hour later than I was. Never mind. Our flight was only an hour to Melbourne, by the time we were all settled we were about to land. The hotel was called the Lyall just outside the heart of the city. We had our own apartment with a kitchen, the plus side was I got my own windowless room - bliss. Our evening was taken up going to see Mamma Mia, ... read more
My favourite picture

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 18th 2010

Today was meant to be a trip to Bondi beach with the whole family, unfortunately (just for Ru - it says in my diary at this point I can't believe it took me all of 2 seconds to lose that pen!) due to a case of food poisoning the plans changed. Typical, you spend 2 months travelling around countries where there is a good chance you will end up with GI without getting it, only to come to Australia and then get sick. Well it wasn't me that was ill, it was Mr G. apparently the fancy restaurant they went to yesterday wasn't so good after all. As he wasn't well Mrs G didn't really want to travel that far, understandably, so another day of just the 3 of us. And I had just the perfect ... read more
Pretty Lizard
More pretty lizards
HB trys her hand at parseltongue

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Ultimo March 17th 2010

Ahh such a peaceful night’s sleep… that was until the phone went of next door at 7, then their door bell went, and then their alarm went of continuously for the next 45 minutes. Turns out that Mr and Mrs G had gone out for a run and had forgotten to turn off their alarm. No worries, it worked, it woke me up at least. If the phone, the door bell and the alarm had not of gone off I think for the first time in ages I would have been woken by my alarm. I normally wake up a minute before my alarm goes off which always deprives me of that extra minute of sleep. I hear you say ‘surely that one extra minute sleep doesn’t make much difference?’ Well call me strange, but I ... read more
rather uncomfortable

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour March 16th 2010

I could have slept for ages this morning, if the light hadn’t off woken me up. F and I had a constant battle about leaving the curtains open or shut. I get woken by the smallest amount of natural light, even if I wear an eye mask the sun finds away slipping in and waking me up, therefore like the curtains closed. F on the other hand likes to wake up and see what is going on outside. Well that is great, but seeing as I always get up first and am ready long before the kids wake up, that curtain should stay closed! But what sort of lesson would I have been teaching him if I said no, so we made a compromise; alternating every day between open and closed. As it turned out they ... read more
My what big teeth you have!
Ooo they glow!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Harbour March 15th 2010

Ugh, don’t you just hate that going back to work feeling? Yup me to, no matter how much I love my job, I still hate going back to it after a break. At least it was only a half day. I spent the morning changing from one hotel to the other which was across the road. This day was really spent doing nothing. By the time they arrived it was lunch time, so we had a quick bite to eat in the hotel restaurant. The next stop on our trip was taking us to various places in Africa and later on to South America so HB needed to have her yellow fever jab, I think she was the only one at this point who had not had it. I can’t remember if the others did, I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Harbour March 13th 2010

So our time in Blinman is coming to end, our last full day had a very gentle pace to it, although Ian did take us up for ride in his 4 seater plane! That really was quite fun, 3 of us squished into the back, but the view that it gave us was spectacular. Up there you really did get the most wonderful views of the geological features that made up the landscape. Never had I seen the Earth looking so many hues of red before. Truly a beautiful sight. The rest of the day was spent doing mundane tasks like laundry and packing, while HB watched Beauty and the Beast on my laptop. Before we move onto our next big adventure let me just say, if you ever want to truly experience what life is ... read more
3 in the back.
2 in the front
A spectacular view

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Blinman March 10th 2010

One of the few times I get my own room and a sleep in I get woken up by the Ghalas in the tree outside my bedroom window. I don’t think I have ever heard so much noise come from some birds. The kids were sound asleep so I left them hoping that they would sleep until about 10ish, but Di said that everyone was planning to go and see the Flying Doctors! Exciting stuff. Turned out that was not the plan at all and I should have left them sleeping. Oh well, they were up now so they might as well come. Mrs G needed to and see the doctor so both Mr G and she were going and as I had not been feeling well since Moyo Island it was decided I should probably ... read more
Ian preparing the BBQ

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Blinman March 9th 2010

To begin with let me apologise for being very lax at writing these blogs, with a new job that doesn’t give me a day off until my contract is over it is tough to find the time to write. But with the constant nagging of my dear Mother I have sat down to complete some more episodes. So sit back, enjoy and I am sorry it has taken so long. In my diary it says ‘I’m not sure what we actually did this morning, it is a blur of stuff’. This means that is took longer than usual for us to get ready and moving for a day of adventures in the Aussie Outback. We eventually set out in Ian’s 4x4 with me in boot, or trunk for my American friends. Let’s be clear, I was ... read more
Aboriginal Tool Marks
Sheep Shearing
A bit of a squeeze

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Blinman March 8th 2010

I have decided to skip a day, it was a resort day and I only left the room for meals. Otherwise HB and I played memory and dominos, and while they all went to the beach I repacked everyone’s suitcase. By everyone I mean F’s, HB’s and mine. See why I am deciding to skip it, I actually finished the day in 3 sentences. So that is another place finished with then. Looking back on the whole Round the World trip I would have to say that Southern Ocean Lodge was probably the best hotel we stayed in. The service was out of this world, they were all so friendly and willing to do anything to make your stay better. In a way it was like stay at a Disney resort but in the real world. ... read more
Awww a mummy and joey
Rounding up the horses
Hopping Roos

Today was a special day indeed, it was F’s birthday! Not just any old birthday but his 13th. Throughout the trip Mrs G and I had been chatting about how we hoped that F didn’t do a Kevin and Perry routine and turn into a rotten teenager at the stroke of Midnight. For those that have never heard of Kevin and Perry, they were a sketch from a TV programme called Harry Enfield and Friends. The first sketch of Kevin is of him with his parents just before his 13th birthday, and he is meant to be a lovely 12yr old, BUT once he turns 13 he becomes a horrid, grunting smelly teenager. It is really funny, and I would highly recommend that you all go to You Tube and find the clip. To spare you ... read more
Feeding a Kanga
Much nicer
Nope I am not coming down

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