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Remember how yesterday I said that we didn’t normally join big tour groups as we liked to do things at our own pace and we could be as late as we liked? Well today was no exception to that rule. We had a full day tour of the Island planned for the day. Originally we were meant to start at 9:30. Any guesses to the time we actually started? 10am? Nope. 10:30? Nope. 11am? Yes. We kept our guide waiting for almost 2hrs. It meant we couldn’t do all the things that had been originally planned for us, but hey never mind, we still had a great day. Our guide for the day was called Mary. She was nice, very blunt and very orange. Maybe it is because we beat them in the Ashes again (for ... read more
Foot up date
Being terrible English
Pirates Cave

Do you ever have days when it is really hard to get up? I am not talking about that normal ‘I don’t want to get up feeling’, but actually being unable to get up because your body is so shattered you physically can't get up? Well I had that feeling when the alarm went off. I fell asleep so quickly last night and so deeply that when my alarm went off I really couldn’t get up. For the 1st time on the job I hit the snooze button and went straight back into a deep sleep. When my alarm went off at 7:30 I only actually got out of bed because Mrs G came into the room with the news that we only had 90 mins before our group tour left! There is nothing like your ... read more
Aw sleeping koala
Forest fire
F and HB

Ugh there were two problems with the flight to Australia: a) It was too short; it was only just over 7 hours so not enough time to have a good nights sleep. b) It was very very bumpy, so when I did fall asleep I was woken up by the plane bouncing around. Other than that it was a brilliant flight, the Air Hostesses were lovely as usual and they even moved HB, F and myself into First Class for the last 10 minutes of the flight so that we could all get off together. Immigration was a hoot, we had a lady shouting at everyone that if the person in front of you is being too slow to go round them. I’ve never been told that before while waiting to get through immigration. Other than ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West March 2nd 2010

We had discussed last night where we were going to go today. I really wanted to take them to Jurong Bird Park, which is a fabulous place to spend the day. F wanted to visit the Zoo; I have only been to the Night Safari Zoo, which is also a fun thing to do, so it was Singapore Zoo that we ended up going to. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go there but knowing that we were going to be spending the next 5 or 6 weeks looking at wildlife I wanted them to do something a little different. However, neither HB nor F knew where we were going. They never do, it is left to the day before we leave for the next country or, in some cases, until we are boarding the ... read more
 A we kiss
Monkey around
It's Jack!

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina March 1st 2010

We finally left Moyo Island, I really thought that the day would never arrive! Time for a change of scene and culture. I am ready for some good old western cuisine and to be in a place where they speak English, say like Australia. We had one stop before we got there, namely Singapore. I love Singapore. It is such a clean and friendly place. I also like it as it reminds me of my family. If my Daddy was still alive then he had planned to take a final posting to Singapore, so my family would have been living here at this point in time. Obviously that wasn’t to be, but it is a comfort to think that we would have been there. Strange, but true. Singapore also happens to be my Mummy’s favourite place ... read more
Our view over the Harbour
The Casino
Singapore at night

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Denpasar February 20th 2010

Since we didn’t really do very much in Bali and Moyo Island I will put it all into one post. This will cover from Feb 20th to Feb 28th 2010. The resort in Bali was lovely, we spent our first day on the beach. HB spent most of the time with her parents in their cabana, so I was with F. We didn’t do much at all, they all played in the water, but the currents were very strong so you couldn’t do much swimming. Mr G and F tried to go snorkelling but they kind of got washed away with the current down the beach. So they ended up having to walk back up to us. This really was the first time since Vietnam that we didn’t do anything. As the next day was going ... read more
A monkey
Feeding time
Pretty fish

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda February 18th 2010

My 4th Disney day of the trip! During last October when I was onboard the Disney Magic I went to a talk about the different theme parks that a lady from Disney Imagineering gave. She asked everybody in the audience who had been to which parks and had anybody been to all of them (nobody put their hands up for that), she went on to say that she had a friend who for her 25th birthday had visited every park round the world. That is Disneyland, California Adventure, Disneyland Paris, Disney Studios, Disneyland Hong Kong, Disneyland Tokyo, Tokyo Disney Sea, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, and Disney Animal Kingdom. I went away from that talk thinking oooo that is what I want to do for my 25th birthday. Well I will be 25 in just over 2 ... read more
The Nautilus
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Waiting to board our sub

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Yamanaka February 17th 2010

Mr and Mrs G decided that as HB was “unwell” that it would be better to go back to Tokyo a day earlier than planned. Mrs G told me later that HB had miraculously got better as soon as they had decided to go back, although HB didn’t know that. No - she was never sick to begin with, she had dry skin. Secretly I think that they were trying to get out of staying in a Buddhist temple for the night. The schedule that they would have had to do would have been gruelling; it also would have been freezing with all the snow around as I am pretty sure that there wouldn’t have been any heating. Again it was a slower start to the day; it would have been even more relaxed if I ... read more
Our hotel room
Tokyo sky line

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Yamanaka February 16th 2010

This day was certainly a very different day from what was planned. Most of it was totally unnecessary, as my mum would say a good smack could have done the trick (but we don’t hit children, or at least you don’t hit other people’s children no matter how much you think the little darlings would benefit from one - let’s not open the smacking debate, we will leave it at my parents certainly gave me a good hiding in my time and it did me no harm, in fact I still get a smack round the back of the head from my mum and aunt, obviously now it is done in good fun with all of us laughing). Anyway that is jumping way ahead. Again this day was billed as a quiet day with nothing much ... read more
My Japanese design
My name in Japanese
Looking very proud of myself

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto » Gion February 15th 2010

It was time for us to move on again. It is very tiring to constantly being on the move, never staying in the same hotel for more than 4 nights at most. On the other hand it does break up the time wonderfully - it makes it pass very quickly. We are never any where long enough to get bored. The plan, as of last night, was that HB and I would stay at the hotel in the morning, giving her some much needed downtime. But as I said yesterday, plans change and I am always the last to know. So why should today be any different. We all left the hotel at 10am, ready for another action packed day. Today we were off to the Golden Palace. Not much to say about it, except it ... read more
Hot Tea
Bamboo forests

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