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Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto » Gion February 14th 2010

Plans change a lot, and I am always the last one to know what is going on. Today was meant to be a short and quiet is day. Was it really like that, like heck it was. We were out all day, not that that is a problem, but I would like to know the plans of the day so I can mentally prepare myself for the task ahead. In other words I like to have a battle plan. Today’s programme was a mixed one. It started out with a walk to the local food market -oh goodie. HB was not happy about going to another market; I think she had been traumatised by the fish market in Vietnam. Well she needn’t have been worried; I don’t think that I have seen a market that was ... read more
Mmm fish
No idea
Cooking demonstrations

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto » Gion February 13th 2010

Today we are leaving the neon lights of modern Tokyo behind and heading into the modern yet quaint area of Kyoto. I was very excited about this for 2 reasons: 1)I have always wanted to go here. It was number 3 in my top 10 place to visit, right after Mongolia and Antarctica. 2)This is the home of the traditional Geishas! I have always had a fascination with the world of Geishas ever since reading Memoires of a Geisha (which as a side note is MUCH better than the film). To get to Kyoto we went by the ultra sleek bullet train that can get up to very fast speeds. The first class section of this train was better than most airlines (every time the stewards came in or left they bowed!), we got hot towels, ... read more
How ultra cool are they?
a portal for individuals
A statue with a bib

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda February 12th 2010

My 2nd day off in 32 days! So much for 2 days in every 14, more like 1 a month. For this month’s day off I decided to go to Tokyo Disney Sea! This is a big milestone. A huge milestone, because I will have visited every Disney park in the world! How great is that? Well not that great for you, but yay me. Tokyo Disney Sea blows all other Disney parks out of the water in terms of themeing and details. They have as the centre piece of their park a massive volcano that erupted every now and then. Words cannot do it justice - so take a close look at all the photos. I was at the park before opening and at Tower of Terror not long after that. It already had a ... read more
Inside Tower of Terror
Things in the lobby
The broken lift

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda February 11th 2010

Where was I? Oh yes, time for lunch I think. It was now gone past 12pm and we ha only had a light breakfast at the hotel as we thought we would eat when we got to the park. Well that plan didn’t work as we got slightly distracted by the rides, which is fair enough excuse. We had a look at the Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant that was in fantasyland, but there was nothing on the menu that really appealed to any of us. So off we went in search of some grub. To get out of fantasyland we had to go past the Haunted Mansion! which was shut! WAH not fair at all! How dare they shut it! Did they not know that we were coming? Shame on them! Well complaining wasn’t going ... read more
Cinderella's Castle Again
World Bazaar
The parade is coming

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda February 11th 2010

Finally the day we have all been waiting for, did we make it to Disney or didn’t we? Of course we did. Nothing will stand in the way between me and visiting a Disney park. I would have to be actually dead for me not to go to a park when it is so close, esp. with the prospect of being able to visit all the Disney parks in the world. That is something that appeals to me greatly. I had found out that today was actually a national holiday so that the parks would be busier, this warranted an earlier start. As all veteran Disney goes know, that on public holidays and during peak attendance periods, one must always be up and at the park a good 30 mins before it opens to be in ... read more
Just inside the park
A Mexican parrot
Another Mexican Parrot

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda February 10th 2010

When I went to bed last night, much later than I had planned to go, I had a beautiful Orchid on my pillow along with a card that said ‘Sleep is an art, for one to appreciate it one must stay awake all day’. Or something along those lines. I tell you I have stayed awake all day and been up much earlier than I care to be up - I really appreciate my sleep. So when my alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 4 am I was less than amused. Oh how I wanted to sleep in again to a decent time. Hopefully I was planning to get tomorrow off. Not that I would be able to sleep in that day either but I needed a day off, it had been 17 days ... read more
Balancing act
Beep beep car
HB and I

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 9th 2010

Goodbye Cambodia! A short, but sweet stay. I am now ready for some cold weather. I do not like how thin my blood is becoming. It should be thick to cope with the English weather. However much I may complain about the terrible English weather (and we English love to complain), I do actually prefer the cold and wet. When it is cold I can snuggle up in a blanket in a warm house, or wear more clothes or run around. When it is hot there are only so many clothes that I can take off in public before I would get arrested. Heat makes me tired and grumpy, cold makes me annoyed. And I would much rather be annoyed than tired and grumpy. Another early start, although not as early as 4:30, more like 5, ... read more
The Golden Palace
Even more gold
Pink Taxis!

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap » Knar February 8th 2010

Whose idea was it to get up 4:30? Ugh. Silly o’clock that is. It was for a good reason though. We were going to see the sunrise over the Angkor Wat! With 100s of others. Oh goodie. Well, there would be 100s of people there, but not where we were going to be. Most people sit/stand outside the main entrance and watch the sunrise over the Wat, but not us. We watched from the east side of it so that we had the outer wall then the jungle before us. So not the traditional photo people get, but we would actually be inside sitting somewhere to watch it. Not many people get to do that. There certainly was no one around us or even near us when we watch it. To get there the Rotuks parked ... read more
First colours of dawn
Deep in thought
More colours

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap » Knar February 7th 2010

Ah to sleep in, what bliss is that? Back in London I always looked forward to Saturday mornings more than any other time of the day. Firstly I was waking up at home and not at work, secondly I didn’t have to work but thirdly and most importantly I could lie in. I have found that the further I move away from being at school, University or College my ability to sleep during these lie ins is greatly reduced and I normally wake up by 8ish. Do I get out of bed? No, of course not, I like to lie there and ponder and think how great that it is a Saturday and that I am not at work. Sometimes I do get up, but that is to move myself from my bed to the sofa ... read more
The demons
Main gate
Croc filled Moat

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap » Knar February 6th 2010

Another departure day, but not a silly o’clock start, just an early one. While at breakfast we came up with the brilliant idea of seeing how long we could go without talking. It just so happened that as soon as we started they brought our food over. But seeing as we couldn’t talk we ended up laughing. F tried signing to me the T sign so I thought he was asking did I want tea. So to make me understand he took the book that HB was drawing on and tried to write Time Out. See I am no good at charades. HB nearly hit the roof (well she would if we had been inside). She grabbed the book and pencil back and stormed off about 10 paces from us, turned her back to us and ... read more
The plane...

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