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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter January 4th 2010

Well I am into the final countdown! It is all rather exciting, but at the same time very scary. Obviously I am going to miss my family and friends but what is scary is going out into the unknown - starting a new job is always the same, but here I have no idea where I will be going half the time or what I will be doing, and that’s what is scary - not being in control. Looking at it from a different view though - what an adventure it will be, waking up each day not knowing what to expect and just going with the flow. I am almost packed. That is the hardest part. Knowing what to take, and how much. My new boss has said that it is fine for me to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London December 24th 2009

I have learnt over the years, and especially while working with children, that sometimes it is better not to say anything, because if you do it will no doubt get you into more trouble. Well I had one of these moments yesterday in the car while being driven to the station by my bosses husband. Lets just say he didn't take the news of my leaving too well, and as I said in a previous message it took him all of 10 days to actually talk to me. Well for the last 3 days I was down in the Country with them (which was, by the way, as dull as a very blunt object), so he kind of had to talk to me. Well on the 5 minute drive to the station, he suddenly said 'i ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge December 18th 2009

Well Friday was a mixed day. The last of the children finished school and so the family took off down to their house in the Country for the holidays. So it was the last time I would cook the 3 youngest any meals there, or get them up, or put them to bed, or more importantly, it was the last time that I would EVER have to pack them off for a journey. I HATE HATE HATE getting them ready for a journey. I always ask the day before or in the morning 'what time would you like to leave by?' and what ever the answer is the 4 children are always ready and in the car at the time stated. But there is always pfaff and they never leave on time. It usually ends up ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge December 17th 2009

Oooo my first every blog entry! How exciting. Well today was hardly an interesting day, I took 3 of the children I look after to see Father Christmas. Other than that, it was well pretty normal. The youngest has a rotten cold so he was all fun and games this evening. Although, saying that, he did take his first steps with out support with me today!!! He took three steps this morning, although the last one was more of a fall onto me, and two steps tonight. HA - the mum wasn't even around to see it. Score one for me. Well my room is all packed up for tomorrow evening when it will be taken back home for me to sort through into what is going into the attic, what will stay in my room, ... read more

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