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March 16th 2010
Published: June 26th 2012
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1: Video of Glowing Things 19 secs
Cwock and the CrocCwock and the CrocCwock and the Croc

I think Cwock wants in.
I could have slept for ages this morning, if the light hadn’t off woken me up. F and I had a constant battle about leaving the curtains open or shut. I get woken by the smallest amount of natural light, even if I wear an eye mask the sun finds away slipping in and waking me up, therefore like the curtains closed. F on the other hand likes to wake up and see what is going on outside. Well that is great, but seeing as I always get up first and am ready long before the kids wake up, that curtain should stay closed! But what sort of lesson would I have been teaching him if I said no, so we made a compromise; alternating every day between open and closed. As it turned out they were closed the majority of the time just because F forgot to open them when he went to bed, and I certainly wasn’t going to open them. Although I didn’t want to be awake for the sunrise, I was, and what a beautiful sunrise it was over the Opera House.

Today was just another kids and me day, and what a great
My what big teeth you have!My what big teeth you have!My what big teeth you have!

Don't really want to be on the recieving end of those.
day we had. HB is always so well behaved when it is just an us day, if only every day was like this. Today’s plan was to walk to the Aquarium in Cockle Bay a good 1.5miles away from the hotel. F was in charge of map reading, a skill I am not great at, and very good he was at it too. He found us the most direct route and got us there. HB was a real trouper, not once did she complain about her legs being tired. We had a lovely little walk over chatting about what sort of things we might see there. Fingers were crossed for a Crocodile!

I didn’t think much of the aquarium, but then I haven’t ever found them that interesting. I would much rather see them in their natural habitat, that is a catch 22 for me though as I don’t like being in open water so really an aquarium is the best place for me to see this type of wildlife. As we were there now we were determined to make the most of our time. The place is divided into different sections covering the different type’s water

But they are sooo cute and small! Sure I can't have one?
environments that they get around Australia. I will break it down with the highlights from each section.

Northern Rivers: “Drenching monsoon rains followed by scorching dryness – see how Australia’s extreme seasonal weather of the Far North has shaped its unique marine life”. This was my favourite section, only because this is were the Crocodiles were. They are just too darn cute, I love them. There was one giant Croc that just sat at the bottom of its pond and 2 baby ones that seemed to be pretending to be asleep, but kept opening one beady little eye to watch those watching them. I really wanted to pick it up (one of the small ones not the big one), don’t think management would have liked that.

Southern Rivers: “The Murray-Darling River is Australia’s largest river system but inflicts harsh conditions on its marine residents”. We got our first glimpse of the Duck-Billed Platypus! What odd creatures they are, I could understand why people thought that they hoaxes when they were first brought back to England. I learnt a few things looking at these creatures 1) they are not greeny-blue like in Phineas and Ferb,
Ooo they glow!Ooo they glow!Ooo they glow!

Glowing coral - who knew?
2) they are not undercover spies and finally they are really small. I obviously knew that the first 2 were not really, but I imagined that they would be quite large, like a Beaver. Let me tell you, they aren’t. I unfortunately didn’t get any good pictures of them : ( This means that I have to go back to Australia and find a really one.

Great Barrier Reef: “The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living system on Earth, covering 2000km north to south. So large that it can be seen from space!” I didn’t actually believe that you could see it from space – kind of like how you are “meant” to be able to see the Great Wall of China from Space. Turns out you can see it – the Reef not the Wall. Who knew! Anyway, as you could imagine this area is full of very pretty, colourful fish like Nemo. Not only did they have pretty fish, they had luminescent coral, I had no idea that coral glowed. That is rather cool.

Southern Oceans: “Australia’s southern oceans experience the roughest conditions of all yet provide an abundance of aquatic
Sea AnemoneSea AnemoneSea Anemone

More pretty colours.
life.” Apparently in this sections there were penguins – I honestly can not remember seeing penguins. I remember the sharks though. When I was younger I saw Jaws 3, the one where they are inside Sea World and the shark attacks them, I can not recall the whole film but the part in the tunnel going though a shark the tank – yup that part really stood out. It kind of left me with a feeling of dread every time I go near shark tanks. Those big teeth – ugh. Surprisingly, this shark tunnel was well less than intimidating. Maybe it was because I had been to the one in the London Aquarium in my last job were they play this spin chilling music. It is literally just 4 chords played over and over sounding like a minor version of the James Bond Theme, but it does the trick to convey how terrifying these creatures can be. This area is also where they have some rather stately looking Leafy Sea Dragons, much nicer than the fearsome-looking Grey Nurse Sharks.

Mermaid Lagoon: “Our newest and most exciting exhibit ever!” Hmm not sure about that. Here is where they

"I will call you Squishy, and you always be my Squishy" - Dory
housed the Dugongs; Australia’s answer to the Manatee. I in fact got told off by an employee for calling it a Manatee. Woops, sorry but they look the same and they are both know as Sea Cows and often mistaken for Mermaids. I wonder what would happen if you bread them together would you have a Mangong or Dungatee? They are rather sweet; you can not help but go aww.

Well that was enough sea life for today, time for lunch. The food here was over priced and not at all appetising. It was the same food you get at must attractions; burgers, hot dogs, and fries. However, I don’t think my hot dog was cooked. A lunch French fries then – healthy.

We took a look at what else there was to do in Darling Harbour, F was quite interested in going to the Maritime Museum to see all the ships, but I didn’t think HB would have been up for that. She had been ever so good, they both had, but that would have been a little too much for her. I remember being dragged around HMS Belfast in London by my

Looks like a Manatee to me.
Dad when I was 6 or 7 and it wasn’t fun, so I wasn’t about to inflict it on HB. They also had an IMAX theatre which looked very promising. Only trouble was they were about to show Avatar, again not really age appropriate for HB. So it was back to the Hotel for an afternoon of downtime. HB played, we played, F watched TV, all in all a fitting end to what turned out to be a pleasant day.

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It's a fish not a rock.It's a fish not a rock.
It's a fish not a rock.

That is one GRUMPY looking Stonefish.
Not sure what it is!Not sure what it is!
Not sure what it is!

Even more glowing sea creatures.

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