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North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville November 7th 2012

Saturday Nov. 3rd - Left Telluride today, bound for Nashville. After a quick stop at a natural hot spring, we buckled down for a long day of driving. We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at the Frontier Restaurant, across from the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque. It had been featured on an episode of Man vs. Food. Cheap, delicious, and filling:) Drove long into the night, making it into Oklahoma before pulling over for a nap, which was an hour longer thanks to daylight savings. Sunday Nov. 4th - Woke up early and pressed on for Tennessee. We arrived in Nashville right around dinner time, and Allison's cousin Sam, his wife Brynn, and their 8 month old daughter Freya took us out to their favorite dinner spot. Afterwards Sam showed us around downtown. ... read more
Baby Freya!
Hot Springs in CO

North America » United States » Colorado » Telluride November 2nd 2012

Tuesday Oct. 30 - Woke up in Telluride, Colorado and went to Hannah's bar for sandwhich's. Made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and then went to Laura's bar for a poetry slam and trivia. Wednesday Oct. 31 - We went for a short hike to a waterfall and a stream. When we got back to town we saw a Halloween parade with all the kids from town dressed up in costumes. In the evening, Andy dressed up as Thor and I dressed up as a cowgirl and we went to Laura's coffee house/bar to sing karaoke and hang out with geneva's friends. Thursday Nov. 1 - I woke up and made cinnamon rolls and then ran along the san miguel river trail. It was a tough run because of the elevation but absolutely stunning views. Friday ... read more
Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata

North America » United States » Colorado » Telluride October 31st 2012

Wednesday Oct. 24 - We ran to the park and played disc golf Thursday Oct. 25 - Kelli took us around old Scottsdale and we went to a bar that was run by little people (midgets). We sang karoake at the midget bar and then went to a bar that looked like the inside of a big ship and found a sword. Friday Oct. 26 - We played beach volleyball (in beach sand but there was not an actual beach because it's the dessert). Saturday Oct. 27 - We dressed up like rock stars and went to some bars in Scottsdale. Andy was Brett Michaels. Allison was Brittany Spears. Kelli was Nikki Minaj. Brittany was Rhianna. Sunday Oct. 28 - Monday Oct. 29 - Left Scottsdale Arizona in the morning and went to the Grand Canyon ... read more
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix October 22nd 2012

Saturday Oct. 13 - Stayed the night in Riverside, CA at a campground with a beautiful park. Sunday Oct. 14 - Arrived in Scottsdale Arizona and made ourselves at home in Kelli's condominium. Monday Oct. 15 - We visited Kelli at her work to say hi and then drove to a near by disc golf course and played 18 holes. We lost 2 discs in the water and met a lady who had an albino border collie puppy. Tuesday Oct. 16 - Drove to the nearby town of Fountain Hills to check out another disc golf course. It was in a park also named Fountain Hills, which ran around a small lake with a giant fountain in the middle. The fountain was off most of the time, but it spouted like a geyser every hour or ... read more
Giant Bug
Jumping Rocks
Ferris Wheel

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz October 13th 2012

Tuesday Oct. 9 - We got into Santa Cruz at around 5pm and set up our campsite with a great view of the ocean. Wednesday Oct. 10 - We went to a huge Disc Golf course and met a local disc golfer (Jacob) who played the course with us and gave us a tip about local restraunts. We took his advise and got some amazing mexican food that we brought back to the campsite for dinner. Thursday Oct. 11 - Stayed at the campsite and played cribbage. We walked on the beach and I saw a bobcat. Friday Oct. 12 - We played Disc Golf again and we're heading to Arizona tomorrow.... read more
"On top of the World"

North America » United States » California » San Rafael October 8th 2012

Saturday Oct. 6th - Andy and I biked to the grocery store (kinda). We got lost and went a few miles past the grocery store and then on the way back we saw Mattuci's bar in San Anselmo. We took some pictures because they had a cool statue of the blues brothers. We made breakfast when we got back to Sue and Fritz' (at 2pm because we got lost). Sunday Oct. 7th - Really Great day - Fritz and Sue treated Andy and I to a delicious breakfast at "Comforts" in San Anselmo. I had my first fig that wasn't in a fig-newton. They brought us to the San Fransisco Theology Seminary and we saw incredible views of the valley and some really Scottish-looking buildings. We stood infront of the Stewart Memorial Chapel at Geneva Hall ... read more
At Geneva Hall
At Geneva Hall
Robson-Harrington Park

North America » United States » California » San Rafael October 5th 2012

We've been in California for 4 days now. Tuesday Oct. 2 - Arrived in Palo Alto California at 1am and stayed with Kiel's Aunt (Linda) and Uncle (Rand). Linda and Rand let us stay in their beautiful home for a couple nights and it was so great getting to know them. Kiel's family was really nice. Kiel left in the morning so Andy and I went to Ocean View to get lunch at Sono Sushi which had sushi boats floting around and was really awesome. Wednesday Oct. 3 - Andy and I drove to San Anselmo to meet his Aunt (Sue) and Uncle (Fritz). They took us to Fairfax for burritos and we had lunch in a park and then drove to Bolinas CA which was a town of hippies and crazies. There were also fisherman ... read more
Bolinas, CA
Naked Surfing Area
High School Reunion

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland October 1st 2012

We've been in Portland OR for 3 days. Tuesday Sept. 25th - Andy and I Met Kiel's roommate Amillio and we went to Ground Kontrol - an arcade/pub and played mortal combat, pac man, and X-Men. Amillio was really good at pac man. Andy was really good at Mortal Combat. I am not good at video games. Wednesday Sept. 26th - Andy and I went to Kiel's bike shop and borrowed bikes. We all road bikes to a movie theatre and saw the movie "Safety not Gaurenteed" Thursday Sept. 27th - Kiel, Andy and I got inner tubes and floated down the Clackamas River for a few hours. the air temp was about 80-85 but the water was 50 degrees (so it was really cold). Our solution - more beer. Friday Sept. 28th - Andy and ... read more
Silver Falls State Park
Silver Falls State Park
Silver Falls State Park

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