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14th November 2012

Cousin says Hello!
Hi guys! Older cousin from good old Skagit county just wanting to say we're so happy for the two of you taking on such a fun adventure! We love you and look forward to more updates. Love Jenny, Mike, Thomas & Jillian. Ps, if you miss WA & need a picture update we have a shutterfly webpage for family - if anything it will give you a good laugh as we are living with a teenager & pre-teen - they are always in for a good photo op! Happy Travels!
From Blog: Nashville, TN
11th November 2012

Fall Greetings. It is cold and Bubba is chasing squirrels. Jim is out blowing leaves. Suppose Florida is 85 and sunny so we can eat our hearts out. Thanks for posting Freya... clearly a Great Niece! Looking for Florida update. It must seem flat after the Colorado adventures.
9th November 2012

hope you get this...
Hi guys, Andy, you said that it seemed the comments weren't getting through, or at least you hadn't seen any. I hope you get this, cause we just want to say hi and we love you!!! Nashville looks really cool and I agree, that is (one of) the cutest babies ever, since you were a baby! She is adorable. Good luck with the job hunt. I have my ladies coming over tomorrow and we'll be praying! (Laura, Suzan and Mary). Love mom/Linda
From Blog: Nashville, TN
7th November 2012

thanks for link. May your Florida adventures be gator free. Glad you finally escaped Tennessee.
4th November 2012

wow, that "hike" is amazing. Looks like the nearest thing to bungee jumping there is! So glad you two are having such a great time. Love you, need I say, "stay safe"? Linda/Mom
From Blog: Telluride, CO
18th October 2012

The pictures are great, but is there any way to include GPS data? (I was curious about the location of the campsite, and the route you are taking.)
13th October 2012

Finally, found the blog! Very nice. Seattle's nice weather pretty much ended day-before-yesterday; pretty big storm expected tomorrow, Sunday, Oct 14. How's the car running - Getting decent gas mileage? How much farther south will you be traveling before you head east? Is Kiel still accompanying you? (Say 'hi,' if he is.)
From Blog: Santa Cruz
8th October 2012

Great Day!
So fun to hear about and see pics of your time with Sue and Fritz! I've been to some of those places and am remembering the good times I had, too. I agree, Sue and Fritz and the best tour guides! mom/linda
From Blog: San Anselmo

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