Our plan is to sail around the world in about 3 years, and every summer until then we'll take a sailtrip, and thats mostly what I write about. In 2008 we travelled from Germany to Denmark further through Sweden in the "gøtakanal", to Finland, Estonia, Latvia. The year of 2009 we traveled to the Scottish west coast.

At eight a clock on the 8th of july we went down "Neptuns staircase", it's a row of eight locks. When we arrived at the harbor at the bottom of the locks, Jørgen and Arne changed the engine oil. After that we longed for some food since we hadn't even eaten breakfast yet. We tok a bus towards the town centrum, and as we sat looking out of the bus window we suddenly saw something that looked like a destillery and jumped off. We hoped it was ben nevis, but it wasn´t, may have been an old distillery, but now a guesthouse. We had some breakfast at a cafeteria close by, and while sitting there looking up at the Ben nevis Mountain, Olav were on top of it, sending us a text-message wondering if we could ... read more
highland cow
stills at ben nevis

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 5th 2009

On Sunday we filled some diesel at the marina, and went on our way to Loch Ness. We anchored up outside urquart castle, fired up the grill and drooled for some biff and sosauges. But unbelievably we had the German boat from the first lock beside us, some 20 meters away. They didn't like the grilling apparently, one guy came to the bow of their boat and complained that the grill could damage his rolled up genoa. We quickly decided that his request for us putting out the grill, and missing out on our dinner was unacceptable, ignoring him worked just fine, and the food was great. Afterwards we had a little whisky tasting with some 5cl bottles Olav had bought and when they were empty we went over to the big bottles. The morning after ... read more
urquhart castle
a loch

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness July 3rd 2009

After getting our canal license, and paying for the marina, we went into the town for a look and a bit to eat. Inverness is a nice place with old houses situated on either side of of the river Ness, though it is very apparent that tourism is a major part of its income. On the fourth of july when we finally got out of the boat we went out and walked around town by our selves. Later I met Jørgen and Olav, who finally got the sail jacket, that he had ordered before leaving Norway, it was only two days until he would leave the boat and would not have much use for it in this lovely wether, but it was a bargain. We sat down at a cafe where we met Arne and ordered ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 2nd 2009

Next stop Wick and for what it seemed like, it was an abandon town. On one of the first corner we past, there was a small beautiful but dead rabbit on the ground, with a tight red ribbon around its throat. Abandon may be a wrong word, since there were people there, mostly driving by or some crewcut kids on bicycles. All the building around seamed so dead, colorless and sad, though the raining light fog may have been a contributing factor, or maybe it was that three out of five stores we past had been boarded up and closed for ever as it seemed. A positive surprise was the brand new, high quality marina. We asked the harbor officer, and he told us that the marina actually was just a week old. He could also ... read more
Dunrobin castle.

We arrived at kirkwall 29th of june at 7:30 after a nights sail. On our first day in Kirkwall we visited the highland park distillery, were we got a great tour and a taste of the whiskey. It was fun to learn about the prosess and since Higland park actually is one of few who malts the barley themselves, at least 20% that is, we got a insight into that. The wether was warm and great, we had a walk around in the town, and bought an ice cream, that melted almost instantly in the non scottish wether. I found it a cute little town. Our second day in kirkwall we packed out our bikes, and bicycled to the other distillery namely Scapa. We had been looking forward to this since Jorgen was a "scapa crew" ... read more
Highland park stills
Highland park casks
Kirkwall marina

Europe June 24th 2009

We stayed in Bergen for 3 days, during that time Arne and Olav came on board, and on the 24th, we left to join the shetland-race. The weather was warm and sunny while we were in Bergen, but I think I had too high expectations for the visit. It was a very nice place, and people there were happy to stop for a talk, but the tourism there were a little to big for my taste. And also I had heard that Bergen had those little special shop, but I coldn´t find any. Maybe I went to the wrong places, but all i saw were common everyday stores, that you find in more or less any larger town. At the beginning of the shetland-race it went very well, although we came a bit to late to ... read more
shetland, car trip

Europe » Norway June 18th 2009

18.6.09 On our way to Skudeneshavn we lost our map overboard, so we had to put all our trust in the GPS. When we reached Skudeneshavn it was like driving through a floating town. The houses we past where placed almost on the water, and it felt like we moored up in the town square. Most of the houses where white, and they all looked like where painted in a hurry. We went to a beautiful forest park, were the path led up to a view on top. From there we could see parts of town and the place were we sailed in. The next day we carried on to Haugesund, but as we got close to the harbor, our motor failed. We then had to raise our sail and call up the harbor-office on the ... read more

Europe » Norway June 14th 2009

14.6 09, at 05:00 in the morning( Norwegian time) we(Jorgen and me) left Oslo on our way to Stavern. It was a 12 hour Journey, were we almost at once got to test one of our new foresail, a genaker. It was a sunny and comfortable ride with the 3-7 m/s, down wind. I even got a tan, and a red nose... even though I used sun factor 50. Unfortunaly we didnt get to see much of the town, we were just to tired. The next day we startet at 07:00 am. The wind was a bit stronger today, and the waves bigger. We stopped at Arendal to buy some food and relax a bit. Before the sun went down we got on our boat, on our way to Kristiansand. We sailed throughout the night and ... read more
14.6.09  fishingboat
14.6.09 marina
15.6.09  Arendal

Europe » Norway June 12th 2009

It´s late at night, and I´m sitting and wondering about how we will get the boat ready in time. Our plan was to leave early tomorrow morning, but it seems like we will postpone it until tomorrow night or even until the 14th, hopefully not longer. My plans for tomorrow is to buy a rain hat, since, well... Scotland is known to be rainy.. But I´ve heard that it will be warmer and less rainy than the past years... Maybe they'll even set a new temperature record, which is supposedly at 33C, set in 2003. I hope we´ll set sail soon, It will be nice to try out the new foresail, and my new sailcloth! (and hopefully I wont get to seasick). ... read more

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