So many years sience I logged into my account... Writing a blog is so personal, like being religious. If you good at it, you can do it. If not, you better not be too proud. But, first of all, it's a way to reflect and learn. It is also a way to improve my Enlish, and I do appreciate comments, views and thought about how to do it.
Travelling and seeing the world with the eyes of a toddler, sharing and caring, tasting and sneezing and smiling and breething is just some parts of he puzzle that makes the picture. So with or without a backpack, being able to think as it's the Journe, help to appreciate everyday's gloom. The desire to decorate our thought with verbal expressions are so importan. So many of us want to share and tell each other that we not alone, we feel the same and however special and unique all moments we experience, there must be a way to connect.

Europe » Romania January 20th 2015

All right, I'm not trying to provoke all even show any toughness, but definitely I feel we are - as humankind - struggling deep down with our muddy opinions which does not help us in our evolution. Muddy and gloomy and not in any way free. We do have our very strong and strict ideas which developed under different circumstances. When you about to become a teacher there are few targets you should achieve to be able to prove you do understand what it is all about. And what is it really all about? Pedagogy? Teaching? Educating? In what sense? Do I have enough knowledge to take the responsability? Is there an absolute truth and a totally perfect wisdom which could be shared? Not really. But we should try and find in ourself the term, "Sustained ... read more
New friends
My room, their room

Europe » Hungary January 19th 2015

Last time I travelled back home, I thought it would be nice to do a bit of Couchsurfing, but this time being on the side of the host and invite some people I got to know in Brighton. Going back home is always intense, and when it's actually coincides with Christmas, even more powerful. When I have visitors in a place which I call home (and there are few places like that), than I do grow quckly the ability to see the world with the "eye of a toddler". Those moments are fantastic. It's like you reunite with your older self. First time in Budapest. that is how I must think. What would really make me think want to come back here. Because that feeling is the goal. Isn't it? To feel so good somewhere to ... read more
Ság-Hill in the West
Lake Balaton
Balaton Sunset

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex January 19th 2015

Today I made a list about the things that need to happen. I am visiting some schools and Special Schools to understand more about the Curriculum in England. I probably gently scare the people with my accent, but really love the way some teachers try to find out if I'm French or what. It is a kind of compliment, but it also includes the fact that If you don't know any Hungarians, you will not be able to categorise me by my accent. Somehow when people guessing they try hard to Judge where actually in Eastern Europe I came from, which makes me smile and at the same times I feel my nerves just at stomach level. I was thinking about different stories, which would entertain me on those occasions. Last one when walked around Ashdown ... read more
Dogs on leeds
caressing Sun

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex January 18th 2015

Last time, when I was Listening the news in my little car, while traveling to work and accepting the fact that everything is going to the wrong direction, thought about spending the weekend with animals and plants. The resoult is refreshing. The air was just fresh enough and the news after did not reach their destination (to destroy my brain cells). If you feel dizzy from all the News you can not ignore, just go for a walk.... read more
Donkey friendship
The afternoon light touching the ground

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex November 12th 2012

Today I'm in pain again. I should be at work right now but instead I'm in my new "home" next to the lake. In the woods, in my little room, waiting for the pain to be gone. Waiting to get energy to be able to do things properley. Yesterday I was walking at the side of the River Thames. Perfect light came from the sky, and a perfect bold tree was streching up on my way.. posing. Lovely Autumn! Enjoy the coloures and the sounds of the leaves!!:)... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex June 21st 2012

Today this big storm came to Brighton. It's here now. The sea is about to wave goodbye. The sun is gone in few hours and I haven't see her all day. But yesterday was different. So sunny.. we got attacked by some seagulls. They were really hungry and angry...... read more
sea life

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata June 18th 2012

I did wake up. It’s an other day. I’m so tired and my face so disintegrated. I wish I got an other one in my backpack. I wanted to wake up and feel only happiness and excitement like last year when I arrived to Kolkata. Instead I had fewer and runny nose. I was just sitting in that classroom, wondering what happened. A year is gone since I left India. Now I’m back but I don’t really feel it. What I only feel is the pain in my body. And incredible tiredness. So let me rest on that bench and let’s get back now to the January 2011. to Kolkata. My Lovely friend Beverley waiting at the gate of the airport.. air..port.. another continent. I saw it on the map. It was much smaller. It was ... read more
India 2011
India 2011

Asia » India June 16th 2012

Why people going to pack their life up and start a journey? Before I left London…this noisy city, I went to India. No real reason, only for the joy of being able to go. I didn’t really want to go this time, because last year was so amazing I didn’t really want to destroy my great image but on the other hand I was honest to myself. I started to get crazy. My work made me worse day by day and the awful routine.. My whole life was a mess. What can be worse than living in a house with the Chinese landlord who got OCD and who doesn’t let me use my mouthwash cause according to him it’s hurting his eyes. To live between a huge and smog logged 6 traffic lane main road and ... read more
jogi ommm

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex June 16th 2012

In the corner of my window the big blue sea is struggling with the invisible stressed wind which can’t stop travelling from west to the east or from North to the South.. So funny how they try to express their feeling and no one listens them. Except few sadus in the caves... But then no one listens those sadus. Except few backpackers but nobody listens them. So it tickled my eyes in the morning as I opened my curious curtains to see where I am today. The seagulls flying on the sky like some crazy old dinosaurs that just recognized something is missing. They are so noisy and panicky. I hope they will settle down by the time the clock shows 1pm. At 1 pm is too late to change things. If you didn’t start the ... read more

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