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Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Shingu September 22nd 2017

Well, is anyone still awake out there in blogland? Another dribbling concoction of tales from the land of the rising sun....and how wonderful it is! (Sorry Kate, I've forgotten the exec summary again!) I asked for a priority tag for my bag and she offered me a seat right up the front, front of cattle mind you, not the real sharp end, I took it, only 6 hours and I'd be off quick smart. Thought I was lucky, 2 vacant seats, but then they arrived. 2 extraordinary, wonderfully crazy, whackjob Japanese women, indeterminate age and manic. Soon we were hysterical, no language but the usual mime, pen and paper and dic app. They brought out huge makeup boxes, I mean yuge! They applied for an hour and a half.....unnecessary, as I pointed out, but entertaining. Chie ... read more
Tanabe bar 1
Tanabe bar 2
Start of the Kumano Kodo

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah September 22nd 2017

We arrived by boat in a small island called Labuan. I loved Malaysian food when I was in Kuala Lumpur a few months ago so I was excited for that again. Labuan, they say, is where people from Brunie come to chill from the strict rules of their country. It’s only a two hour boat ride away. They had alcohol, bars, clubs, hookers, the works. They had some sites for tourists which we planned to see, but then it rained. I wasn’t too disappointed though because we got a pretty good deal in Agoda for our accommodation. We got an $80 hotel room with free buffet breakfast for two for only $30! I rarely get to sleep in proper hotels. That only happens when I’m travelling with family. Otherwise it’s the usual backpacker hostel. The ... read more
Urangutan in Sepilok
Croc in the river!
Snorkeling in Sapi Island

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon September 22nd 2017

As you may recall, Yangon was my first stop on my Myanmar journey, but I left after only one full day because Bagan beckoned. I'm now back in Yangon. What a journey this has been. Arriving Back At Yangon I flew from Mandalay to Yangon on Wednesday, September 20th. As this was my last stop in Myanmar, I decided to splurge a little on a three star hotel. I chose the Hotel Grand United on 21st Street. Since this was the low season, the room price wasn't too bad at US$40 per night. It started pouring the minute I landed at Yangon airport. The taxi ride into town was in heavy rain, and it persisted until the late afternoon. Thankfully, this hotel's wifi was quite decent, so I watched Netflix while waiting for the rain to ... read more
Cover Band at Park Royal
Yangon Circular Train
Yangon Circular Train

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Banyuwangi September 22nd 2017

Wszystko przez niedomknięte drzwi łazienki. Wyczekał aż zaśniemy. Wślizgiwał się powoli, pełznąc po podłodze. Gdy dotarł do naszego łóżka, równie nie śpiesząc się zaczął wdzierać się w nasze nozdrza. Zabójcza, halucynogenna mgła wkręcała się coraz głębiej w wypoczywające mózgi. Śniło mi się, że jem przegotowane jajka, pływam w nich, jestem nimi przygniatany, duszę się... w końcu zadzwonił budzik. Była 3 nad ranem a od tej chwili siarka, pod każdą postacią, oblepiła nasze zmysły na dwa dni. Znaleźliśmy się w piekle. Na szczęście tylko w przenośni. Były to dwa najbardziej intensywne ale i najwspanialsze dni w Indonezji jak dotąd. Wyprawa z Bali na Jawę, Bromo i Ijen to spore wyzwanie dla psyche i soma. Nie dość, że ostatnie 2 noce spaliśmy średnio 4 godziny, to w samochodzie spędzamy około 8-12 godzin na dobę. Do tego ... read more
Na szczycie Bromo
U podnóża Bromo
Kawah Ijen

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak September 22nd 2017

Well, this is our first attempt at a Blog. We are sitting in Hong Kong Airport waiting for our overnight flight to Amsterdam after a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong. Landed just after 3.00pm and after getting through customs, we caught the train into Hong Kong and, after a lengthy wait in hot and humid conditions, got a cap to the Peak Tram. Another long queue but it moved at a reasonable rate and we made it to the Peak in good time to see the spectacular views of Hong Kong in daylight and on a pretty smog free day (due to the wind). We'd worked up a thirst by then so stopped at Bubba Gump Restaurant at the Peak for an icy cold beer, sashimi and tempura vegetables. Jenny went over the top with a ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng September 21st 2017

. Today we began the adventure of train travel 800 miles across China to hanoi In 3 days on train will arrive Hanoi Saturday morning at 6 am, probably not get much sleep. so it's buy to China and hello Vietnam. china is one of the cleanest country I have ever been too not a speck of litter. each block has a street sweeper who keeps Thier area spotless. The people's clothes are spotless clean . Some of the ladies look like fashion models. All in the latest fashion .The teenagers dress like American teenagers. There are huge modern malls. There are police and security every where never felt so safe like this. Hardly any crime . the people look straight ahead and very few look at us. a few wanted a pic with us. This ... read more
Susie's breakfast

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Hsipaw September 19th 2017

I trekked in rebel territory. But, before we go there, I shall regale you with a woeful tale of my planning fail. The Planning Fail As you may recall from my last entry, I flew south from Mandalay to Heho, my jumping off point for Inle Lake. I had initially intended to go to Kalaw from Heho Airport to do a three day trek from there to Inle Lake, but I changed my mind because it rained most of my last full day in Mandalay and I realized I did not want to deal with rain and mud for three days. As it turned out, it did rain a fair bit during the three days I was at Inle Lake. But, this decision left some slack in my schedule. While I was at Ostello Bello in ... read more
Hsipaw Trek
Hsipaw Trek

Asia » China » Beijing September 19th 2017

Today we took cabs around town stopping at Bejing zoo to see the Pandas play and to see the golden monkeys of Chins. Than went to the Summer Palace of the emperors spent Thier holidays with there family the temples were surrounded by water. After we went to the Llama temple a buddist temple saw them worshiping with incense. On the way got caught in a traffic jam caused by a wreck .... read more
Susie and panda bears

Asia » Indonesia » Java September 19th 2017

Nasze wyjazdy do Azji skazane są dożywotnio na problemy z szoczewkami kontaktowymi. Po kłopotach w Singapurze, Basia nie bierze ze sobą soczewek żeby jej nie kusiło. Ja natomiast biorę zawsze. Wziąłem i na wczorajszy rafting. Plan raftingu rzeką Ayung zakładał 10 km spływ z 2 przystankami na kąpiel w płytszych miejscach i jak się dowiedzieliśmy później, podczas jednego z nich, kąpiel pod zjawiskowym wodospadem, który znany jest w okolicy ze zrywania biustonoszy europejskich niewiast. Od wczoraj wodospad ma jeszcze jedną umiejętność. Potrafi zdjąć soczewkę kontaktową z oka polskiego dentysty, zrolować ją i umieścić pod dolną powieką. Oczywiście zanim się zorientowałem, że soczewka jest jeszcze w okolicy oka, zatarłem je na kolor prawie buraczkowy. Gdy już do tego doszedłem i miałem jeszcze nadzieję aby umieścić ją we właściwym miejscu, p... read more
Taki znak
Wczoraj był skuter

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Mount Lavinia September 19th 2017

As the Sri Lankan adventure slowly moves towards finishing so to has my timeliness with this blog. I am now two days behind and writing this on the morning of our final day. There is an unspoken rule amongst us blog writers that all blogs must be completed prior to disembarking in your home country. Hence the two days covered here and what will probably be two days in the next posting. After our trip to Galle we decided upon a quieter day so a trip to the beach followed by a cooking class and dinner in the guest house. Tuk tuks to Polhena beach which was about 6km from Marissa so 15minutes by tuk. The staff at guest house said this was a beach favoured by local folk not so much by tourists but was ... read more
Polhena beach
Stilt fisherman with a catch
Donna's man

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