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Asia » India » Kerala » Varkala November 18th 2099

Checking out of Wilson Hotel, Kovalam, we took a rickshaw back to Leela Resort where we caught the local bus back to East Fort Bus stand, Trivandrum. To escape the burning heat, we then took a rickshaw across town to the KSRTC bus stand where we were to catch a 3hour bus rattling up north to Kollabalam. Stepping off the bus in Kollabalam we opted to take a rickshaw 12km to Varkala Beach (a lovely slither of sand set beneath a cliff-top lined with restaurants and guesthouses) where we were greeted and led to our accomodation-to-be. As per usual, having just arrived, we went out in search of food heading in the completely wrong direction, over barren headlands to a secluded beach where we found ourselves scrambling over huge boulders to avoid the incoming tide. Eventually ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi November 18th 2099

Arriving in Cochi city from Kottayam, we exited the bus and took a rickshaw to the boat jetty. Leaving the mainland (Ernakulam) behind, we boarded the boat (for just 5 rupees each) and made our way to Fort Cochin - a beautiful and relaxed sea town. Departing the boat we took yet another rickshaw to Princess Road (the main backpacker district), where we were greeted by a young gentleman and taken to his beautiful homestay (Fort Residency), equipped with a living room and kitchen free for cooking. Whilst staying in this funky homestay, decorated with Banksy images and other inspiring images, a cafe area was also in progress and soon to open ... a must-go if you visit Fort Cochin! After settling in and getting our bearings the next 2-3 days were spent wandering the beautiful ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore November 18th 2099

Day 1 - Waking bright and early in Cochi we gathered our belongings and headed to the boat jetty to catch a ferry back to Ernakulam (the mainland). Departing the boat we took a rickshaw to the train station to board the train and embark on an 8-9 hour journey headed north to Mangalore. Once aboard and in our reserved seats/sleepers, we watched as 100's of people piled onto the train station after station which made for a very hot and uncomfortable journey. It was at this point we decided never to purchase over-priced reserved tickets for a day train due to the fact that the locals, having hold only general tickets, just sat wherever they liked including our seats (7 people squeezed onto 2 seats)! Finally as the train rolled into Mangalore around 10pm we ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Canggu October 20th 2080

For those of you who have been reading our blogs and knew our itinerary, you will all know that we have been to Malaysia BUT I'm going to return to this fabulous country as we are actually going back for a another couple of weeks. In the meantime our jet-setting (well mainly a combo of driving and flying) took us to Singapore and Bali, Indonesia. Singapore was the official end of our overlanding trip, most of our group were either off in different directions so our time in the city was limited. I have been to Singapore many times and it doesn't seem to change. It is so well organised, clean and everything you would want from a modern city. What it makes up in cleanliness and order, to me it always seems it lacks just ... read more
Temple monkeys!
Cute but naughty
Photo 5

Asia » Thailand October 1st 2080

For once on this trip, I can talk about a country that I had actually been to before. Unfortunately I have to admit that the first visit in question was a ten day package holiday to Thailand (Phuket to be exact) and included as much cultural appreciation as a visit to your local pub, although I'm sure I had better cocktails than the pub. So I can't really say that all we did in Thailand wasn't new to me as we got the chance to visit most of the 'must see' places the country had to offer. Where does one begin with Thailand? Do you start with its history - the country that was once Siam but changed its name to Thailand meaning 'Land of free people' thanks to its claim to being the only South-East ... read more
Cute gecko
Group star jump
Time for dinner

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh September 13th 2080

If ever you were to say a country moved you, I would be prepared to put good money on big odds that you were talking about Cambodia. As the title of this blog suggests this is a country that has had a past that has taken it to hell and back, but they still smile. They still welcome you to their country. They still fight the demons of their past, and they still work hard everyday to remember that past so that it doesn't happen again. We drove an easy, luxurious six hours from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh over what could easily be described as the nicest border crossing since driving through them in Europe. A smile and a stamp and we were in! Immediately we knew we had just changed country. Instead ... read more
DId someone say bone?
A new chapter
I see the sea

Asia » Kyrgyzstan August 1st 2015

سرزمین قرقیزستان کشوری پهناور برای اسب های زیبا در دل کوهستان و یورت های کوچ نشینیان قرقیز با زبان ترکی و فرهنگ و زبانی آمیخته به روسی کشوری از مستعمرات قدیم روس ،که فرهنگی هم مشابه روسها دارند و خیلی مثل تاجیکها مهموننواز نیستند و یا اصلا نیستند و بسیار خشک و جدی اند ،و کودکان اینجا هم به اندازه تاجیکستان هیجان زده نیستند ،البته آب هوای خشک و سرد کوهستان هم بی تاثیر نیست ،اما فرهنگ خوردن ودکا در اینجا بین زنان و مردان بسیار مرسوم ،غذاهاشونم یه چیزی شبیه شوربا که فقط یه تیکه گوشت... read more
یورت و کانکس
یکی از راهای زیبا
دریاچه کراکول

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili June 1st 2015

Sister Meal Festival in Shidong Province in Southern China 1 – 4 May 2015 So after 3 nights in the Trade Point Hotel in Guiyang, and seeing, in and around the region, we were met by our new guide Jonathan who was to take us to see the Miao and Dong people who are 2 of the minority groups in southern China. The reason we came to China at this time of the year was to attend the Sister Meal Festival in Shidong, over 200kms due east of Guiyang. The region is called the Qiandongnan Miao & Dong Autonomous Prefecture. This is a festival where young men select a new bride. If the girl is not interested in the man she will give him multi coloured rice and chillies and brown chop sticks. If she is ... read more
Sister Meal Festival at Shindong a Miao people village in Miao and Dong Province southern China (89)
Sister Meal Festival at Shindong a Miao people village in Miao and Dong Province southern China (1)
Sister Meal Festival at Shindong a Miao people village in Miao and Dong Province southern China (21)

Asia » China » Beijing » Mutianyu May 25th 2015

It's our final day in Beijing and what better way to finish off our visit than with a trip to The Great Wall. This was a spectacular moment for our entire group. We all felt so privileged to be in the presence of The Great Wall. According to our tour guide, "Lily", we are all now Great Girls & Boys now that we have climbed The Great Wall. The trip was an hour and a half by bus outside of Beijing, and as we arrived to the park everyone was very anxious and eager to get to the top of the mountain where the wall stood. A short shuttle ride, a 10 minute walk uphill, and a 5 minute gondola ride got us to the top. I was surprised that the wall was so crowded with ... read more
Cable Car at The Great Wall

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak May 25th 2015

To say that I picked up two guys on a street corner and spent the night drinking and dancing with them is, well, accurate. For those of you who haven't travelled solo before let me explain to you how it works. You have to be comfortable in your own company. Happy to spend a morning, day and night finding your own way, independently exploring and wandering around revelling in the sights and experiences you encounter, seeking out new places to eat and sitting alone amongst locals and travellers alike indulging in people watching. Relishing the freedom it brings, the unique discoveries, the sense of liberation, personal achievement and privilege.  But you also have to put yourself out there to meet other travellers, and if the current situation doesn't lend itself easily to this you need to find or create one that ... read more
Chilling out

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