Photos from Asia

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Katu women view the spectacle that is falang harvesting manioc. Somphone's chariot to the rear.
Search for a photo opportunity? Nah, sit in your garden and wait for one to appear on the wall.
Woman digging for frogs
Lunch in the field
The three madams: Namphun, Mi and Mui snaffle some make-up from somewhere
Katu lad and his pipe
Yak Poo Fuel Bricks
Petroglyphs Behind Langar Village
Driving Out
Khulikalon Lake.
Chor Bakr Necropolis
The beautiful Inside of the Temple of Heaven
Registan Square at night
View of Po-i-Kalyan Complex
Mui looks out
Mi and Per
Trucks Waiting to Enter Russia
Sunset over Xi'an
The later it got, the more fog covering the forest
Backbone breaking work at tea plantations
Sunrise View of Kawah Putih Crater Lake
Tea break among tea trees
View of Kawah Putih Crater Lake from Ibu Sunan Hill
Modeling in China
Namphun reflects
Harvesting manioc
Somphone's mum enjoys a puff
moon bear
weaver in small laotian village
Eagle Hunter
Kardibek with his horse
Eagle Hunter
Young Eagle Hunter, Sultan
Eagle Hunter in Action
James Bond Island, Phang Nga Bay
Loh Sama Bay, Ko Phi Phi Lee
Hover fly cleans up the keyboard
Ali in Raven's donated hat
Kayaking down the Nam Song
Balloon landing next to Magic Monkey
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