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Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi December 7th 2012

Spoiled by our recent ability to drive at over 10 km/h, we thought this leg of our journey would take us no time, and we planned to visit the Cu Chi tunnels in the afternoon. The route involved driving Highway 1 around Ho Chi Minh City, which we hope would mean avoiding the worst of the traffic. If there is worse traffic than what we experienced, then we really can't imagine it. The carpet of vehicles was so thick it moved as a whole, the honking was incessant, the pollution and dirt and dust were so bad that by the time we stopped for lunch it looked like we'd been working in a coal mine. And the smog was so thick, we didn't need our sunglasses. In retrospect, it was a Sunday, which meant everyone was ... read more
All in line

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi October 18th 2012

6/00 vstavam,teda budi ma ten debil,normalne ma zacal chytat okolo pasu.buzerant zasrany.Uzaj vstavam,balim sa as a idem prec.CS co vietname uplna katastrofa,v thajsku serem tiez na to. Idem hladat hotel,je ale moc skoro,cekujem ceny,hostel v dorem za 7USD asi tam pojdem,bo izby su od 10USD hore.Zistujem aj Cu Chi tunely,v prvej za 6USD,v dalsej za 105kD,odchod za 45 min.Berem to.Aspon mi prejde cas.batoh nechavam v cestovke.idem na rychle ranajky. Po jedle cakam na bus v cestovke.V cestovke fasujem 0.3l vodu,v buse dalsiu 0.3l vodu.Zbytocne som si kupoval 2x1.5l,cul to musim vlacit.Sprievodca je priemerny,na MJ z My Son nema.Cesta k tunelom trva 2 hodiny,mame este pispauzu.Zasa su rozdielne ceny vstupneho,cudzinci za 90kd,japonci,francuzi,australcania za menej a domaci za minimum.Fakt ma toto vytaca.Kupujeme si listky v kase.Pri vstupe este dostavam nalepku na rameno. A sme tam... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi September 7th 2012

Hej med jer! Her vil jeg forsøge at lægge lidt billeder op og fortælle lidt om vores tur til 'Nam :) Hvis i har lyst, skal i være velkomne til at kommentere indlæggene... Vi lander i hovedstaden Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), og planen er at vi bliver der et par dage og derefter flyver op nordpå til Hanoi ved Kina for derefter at arbejde os ned sydpå. Vi ses på den anden side!... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi May 11th 2012

The bus journeys and time spent on the road is getting easier & easier. The bus ride from Phnom Penh, Cambodia through to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam was 8 hours including a stopover at the border to have our passports stamped. The process was seamless. Hand your passport to one of the assistants on the bus, receive a departure stamp, get off the bus on the Vietnam side of the border for another stamp and checking of your baggage, then proceed to your destination. Our arrival in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) marked a change in our vulnerability. We had the usual heckles from taxi drivers as we stepped foot of the bus. Having no idea where our bus had docked, we decided to show a taxi driver our hotel address and he agreed to take ... read more
Chinese Incense
Potent Snake Wine
Chinese Temple

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi April 16th 2012

We decided to go straight from the train station in Ho Chi Minh to the Cu Chi tunnels, to avoid the crowds and the main heat of the day. We thought we'd seen the craziest traffic possible when we were in Hanoi. Silly us! Moped madness soared to a whole new level in Ho Chi Minh City! With a population of over 6 million we found out that 4 million of them own a moped or motorbike! Even at 6am the city was heaving with massed ranks of mopeds at traffic light junctions waiting for the count-down red light to get to zero and glide, like a shoal of fish, off into the massed bipping and weaving of hundreds of other bikes. Yes, they did actually stopped at the lights, more or less, a few would ... read more
Entrance map of the Cu Chi tunnels site
Weapons gallery
Tunnel under the road to get to the Cu Chi tunnels site

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi March 1st 2012

We took the hour and a half bus ride to the Cu Chi Tunnels, they're located 30 kms from Ho Chi Minh City. It is an area where the Viet Cong lived. They dug tunnels to live in to protect themselves during the 1960s/ 70's war with America. The tunnels stretch for for over 200 kms as far as the Cambodian border. The Viet cong set many traps to stop the American soldiers and thus the Americans were unable to flush them out so they turned their artillery and bombers on the area, transforming it to a moonscape. Some of the tunnels have been preserved and visitors are able to get into the narrow openings, the tunnels are accessed by trapdoors hidden on the jungle floor. They were an ingenious system that included living quarters, hospitals ... read more
Factory where wall plaques and ornaments are made
Some of the products
Washing the colours in

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi February 25th 2012

I had the cheapest dinner of my life last night, and it was actually really good! For less than $1 each, we both got full plates of rice, veggies, fresh Vietnamese herbs, mildly spicy sauces, and egg (for me) and meat (for Diego). We were exhausted by the end of the day, so we just went back to the hotel and slept after dinner. The next morning we visited the Chu Chi Tunnels outside of the city. We usually avoid organized tours whenever possible, but this tour was very interesting and informative. The tunnels were originally built in the 1940’s to be used against the French and at that point were about 17km long. Throughout the Vietnam war, they were extended to over 200km, dug by hand through very hard dirt that was then dumped in ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi February 15th 2012

Today the 3 Amigo's head to Tay Ninh to visit the quite South Vietnamese people for those in Cao Dai Sm - This is a unique religion that you might never expect to encounter, arriving in time for its noon time prayer service, you enjoy peculiar hymns with followers attired in brightly coloured gowns (red, yellow, blue and white). The colourful painted 3D sculptures adorn the many pillars both within and outside the temple with its unusual shaped roof, while inside looking down down the long hall you see a most impressive brass ball with the all seeing eye. This occult practices from Taoism, theories of karma and rebirth from Buddhism, and a hierarchical organization (including a pope) from Roman Catholicism. Well worth the visit. Next stop, was the underground villagea Ben Dinh in Cu Chi ... read more
Cao Dai Temple Hall
Midday Prayer Time
Bye Bye - Cu Chi Tunnel

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi January 30th 2012

OK next entry, hey we are only 2 months and 2 weeks behind now.....maybe we will catch up at some point!!! 11th November Another long bus journey, this time to Ho Chi Minh city (formerly known as Saigon), which is the capital. As we arrived closer to hcmc the rain started to come down and it looked as though it had been raining there all day. On the way our journey was hampered by a river running through the road. We looked out to see locals on scooters and motorbikes still trying to ride through the water which was coming up to the tops of their legs! We saw one woman clinging onto her child trying to ride her motorbike (which of course was laden with boxes) through the water. To be honest she wasn't doing ... read more
more egg shell art!
massive vase!

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi January 18th 2012

Today was a day in which I learnt alot. Today we got up at 6:00 in the morning, got ready and ate a breakfast of 2 boiled eggs with juice by 6:45. We went down stairs to be escorted by our escort to the port. Once we got to the port we had to wait a bit because 2 people hadn't arrived. When everyone had finally arrived, we got on the boat to start our 1.5 hour trip to the Cu Chi tunnels, this is where the Vitnamese dug tunnels to protect themselves from the American bombs. it was an underground village connected by networks of tunnels. it consisted of bedrooms, kitchen, hiding rooms, bunkers, oxygen tunnels and water rooms but no "happy stations" (that's how they refer to toilets here), if you needed to go ... read more

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