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Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands April 9th 2013

After a 17 hour bus ride, Beka, Emily, and I arrived in Hoi An, Vietnam. We will spend a day here and continue our trek north. While we are happy to, finally, be in Hoi An, we were very sad to leave our last temporary home of Dalat. Arriving in Dalat is what I imagine it is like to find a lake in the middle of a desert. When we stepped out of our bus, we could immediately tell something was off about this place. We were cold. I kind of forgot cold existed. (for reference, cold is 80 degrees). We made our way to our hostel which was back in this little alley. Our hostel owner's name was Joseph, and he is opened the first hostel in the area (it opened about a month ago). ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat March 19th 2013

13 to 16 March 2013 – I didn’t plan to visit Đà Lạt city. I was happy in Nha Trang beach city for a week, but then I lost my money at a market because of my carelessness. This made me sad, so I decided to do something that could make me feel better. I booked a bus ticket and moved on to Đà Lạt city. It is 15 years since my last (and also the first) visit to this city, so I wanted to see how the city has changed. Within two weeks, I traveled from the Central Highlands to the South Central Coast, then I came back to the Central Highlands again! Anyway, I had no fixed plan, so I could do whatever I wanted. Also, it's good to try different routes and get ... read more
Xuân Hương lake
Statue & French words "Valley of Love"
At a local restaurant in the city

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands March 1st 2013

I was traveling in the Central Highlands of Vietnam by local bus and motorbike during the last four days (25 to 28 February 2013). It was my third visit to this interesting region. My last two trips were made in 1998 and 2009. On this trip I visited four provinces, two of them are located in the Central Highlands, and they were the last provinces of Vietnam in my must-see list. Now I can say that I have been to all the 63 provinces of Vietnam. It took me 17 years to make this dream come true. As the motorbike taxi service was expensive, I couldn’t go to the villages of the ethnic minority people who live far from the towns. I took local buses to the major city/town of the provinces and walked around to ... read more
Dambri waterfall near Bảo Lộc city
Flowers in Bảo Lộc city, Lâm Đồng province
Coopmart supermarket

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands February 26th 2013

OMG many laughs along the way Excellence is something you always remember......take this trip! For my husband and I working as a team when we Tavel is paramount. Lee and his wingmen follow this ethos with committed spirit and carry with them an un-presidented level of expertise. From safety to problem solving every detail of our tour was organised and provided for. We experienced outstanding scenery, views, villages, industry, plant and animal life, fantastic food, waterfalls and most of all the true heart of the Vietnamese people. To Lee and his team - Thank you - we fell in love with Vietnam, so it is not good bye but rather. "Hasta la vista Baby!!!!" See you for Sapa......... P.s. keep Chau and Quang we love them xxx ........above is my note to Lee, Chau and ... read more
Da lat to Saigon-Vietnam-easyriders
Da lat to Saigon-Vietnam-easyriders
Da lat to Saigon-Vietnam-easyriders

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong February 8th 2013

We said a reluctant goodbye to Nha Trang, its wide boulevards, sparkling sea and white sand beaches and the Hotel Michelia which we thought superb. Driving south we passed the outskirts of the city with life going on as normal, busy traffic, trees being carried on the backs of bikes we even saw a larder fridge not tied on but held on the back of a motor bike whilst the driver steered with one hand. Granddad was cycling his grandchildren to school and we almost collided but we have a very skilful driver. Soon there was real countryside with fields of rice and other crops. The fields gave way to hills and we were climbing the mountain road. We stopped at a village typical of this area. There were lots of children there who came out ... read more
Morning at Na Trang beach
Hill village
Shaving coconut palm trunck

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands January 17th 2013

Thakhek (Laos) to Hué (Vietnam): 11th Jan 2013 - 17th Jan 2013 Distance covered so far (since 20 Dec): 1879.90 km (YES! Over 1000 miles!) Bouyant from a remarkable game of scrabble (Andy went 'all-out' in his first two goes, and was rather proud of himself, Mel got 'crazed' on a triple word score), the cycle on from Thakhek was predestined to be easy-peasy. It wasn't. What followed was 5 days into a strong headwind. Now... cyclists may be able to appreciate the pain of a headwind, non-cyclists may not. As an analogy, imagine you are making a cake. Not too complicated, you say.... But wait... instead of whisking in eggs and sugar.... you are whisking setting concrete. AND - the only implement you have to whisk the concrete into your cake, is a floppy flannel. ... read more
Thakhek (Laos) to Hue (Vietnam)
Wild Camping
Thanks to Dave, Jen and William BL

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands January 15th 2013

We met the Easy riders, when we arrived in Da Lat and decided to go on a ride with them. First we planned on going to Nha Trang, but we soon exteded it first to Hoi An and then to Da Nang instead. This trip was some of the best money, I have ever spend. It was simply just a beautiful way of experiencing the country. I do not have any doubts why a lot of the guys, I met while travelling, bought a motorbike and drove throug Vietnam,and if I had been more experienced on a motorbike, I would probably have done the same. So that's what I'm planning on doing, when I return to Vietnam at some point. I don't think, it's actually possible to descibe the beauty of this country, not even my ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands January 10th 2013

I was in Da Lat twice, but not for long any of the times, and I didn't really get a good impression of the city either of the times. The first time, Bo and I arrived late in the afternoon after taking a sleeperbus from Ho Chi Minh, where I managed to get a cold from the aircon. At the busstation we met th Easy riders, who drove us to a hotel and explained about their trips, so we decided to go with them on motorbikes the next day. Er walked a bit around the town that evening, but it was late, when we arrived and almost dark when we alked around and also a bit cold, so it was hard to get a good impression of the city. We did however see the big lake, ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands January 7th 2013

Time to leave Mui Ne today we have booked an open tour sleeping bus to Nah trang. We are picked up from the road side about 1.30pm. This is an unusual mode of transport, the bus has 3 rows of you could call them bunk beds down the bus, windows for the top and bottom bunks. We head to the back and find 2 top bunks together, Richard takes the bunk in the centre of the bus and I have the window, these buses are called sleeping buses as the seats recline right back and you have a compartment in which your feet fit into. They're pretty cool allow not really designed for the taller person as Richard discovers....bless him he site there with his knees bent. The bus is very new and comfy (for me). ... read more
Making the most of the local food in Hoi An
Some of the locals
The river through Hoi An

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat December 17th 2012

We were heading for Dalat next, about 650km south of Hoi An in the mountains. We planned a three day trip mostly along the Ho Chi Minh Road first stopping in Kon Tum which was a 286km drive. We knew this was going to be a long day but it turned out to be extremely slow because we were riding through some pretty steep mountains and twisting roads – which was lovely scenery but ended up having to ride in the dark for two hours which is pretty scary in Vietnam. Half an hour into riding in the dark we had a break down – the electrics had been dodgy in the bike from the first day and this was the first time we had to use the lights. We managed to get going again but ... read more
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