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Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat June 10th 2012

Expectation is a fickle friend. He often disappoints you, but sometimes he happily surprises you. On the long run however I am not sure I would like him as a friend. Let me explain. Expectation, more often than not, is the emotion that decides whether or not I like or dislike a country. Or to put it correctly it is because a territory doesn't live up to its expectation that it falls out of grace with me. Those expectations are often fueled by what others tell me about their experiences in a country. Now, I am not that naive that I believe whatever people tell me about a place. I know that such experiences are highly individual. But be that as it may, if enough people tell you a country is great, or perhaps not so ... read more
Ha Tien
Ha Tien
Ha Tien

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat May 16th 2012

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Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat May 12th 2012

I take a 7am bus out of Saigon & head for Dalat, a town up in the central highlands I'd heard good things about. I'm the only westerner on the bus but I don't mind, the bus boy speaks a little English and hands me a bottle of water and a refresher towel as I board. Now this is service I'm not used to! What a refreshing change from the crowded stuffy buses, packed with motorbikes & refridgerators, people sat on the floor etc. This is a new coach, air con fully working and the staff even have a uniform! I booked my open tour bus ticket yesterday which basically means I can travel South to North from Saigon to Hanoi, stopping at all the main cities on the way for the bargain price of £30. ... read more
Easy Rider!
At the Waterfalls
Beautiful Scenery

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat May 11th 2012

Leanne and I have spent the past few days in Da Lat. It is a beautiful place set in the southern central highlands. The weather is a bit cooler here which i have enjoyed. We shall be heading to Nha Trang on the south central coast of vietnam. Da Lat has been brilliant. I went on a countryside tour yesterday My driver was chilli. The drivers are generally older people who speak english because of their involvement with the war. Chilli informed me he served five years and was lucky to survive. The tour included visiting temples, various farms (silk,coffee,flowers), eating a traditional vietnamese meal (lovely) and drinking rice wine (65%) and crazy house. Da Lat is crazy with all its random lane ways, almost maze like. I spent a large part of today just walking ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat April 17th 2012

Vietnam, one country, so skinny....but sooooo long!! I feel like my time spent here has mostly been on buses. To get to my next destination it takes 11 hours, me sitting next to an elderly Vietnamese man who, I suspect, is trying to block out my existence by holding up his newspaper like a wall between us. Our bus driver is anything but considerate and I believe he might be mistaking the sound of the horn for a catchy tune because he leans on it about every three minutes, even when the road ahead is clear. We drive through Saigon city limits and buildings get closer and closer to the ground until there are only two room shacks lining the road, and hammock stops where motorists can escape the sun for a few hours and take ... read more
Street Side of Crazy House
View over top of Gondola

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands March 23rd 2012

Kontum to Pleikan A pleasant days cycle digesting the crazy couple of days we'd spent with Binh. We loaded up with cakes for our journey, enjoyed a final avocado sinh to and hit the road. We rode through the usual newly built dual carriageways laying the foundations for new towns, with the propaganda billboards and largely mostly empty government administration buildings. Maybe these towns are awaiting the minority villagers whose rural lifestyle is becoming more difficult to sustain. We had a fantastic lunch in a village cafe and drew the attention of about 30 primary school children. They were fascinated by George undertaking some bicycle maintenance and then we entertained them with throwing a frisbee which was well received. They all wanted a go to throw the frisbee :) We made ... read more
Rolling road
Minority village
A different style Rong house

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Kon Tum March 19th 2012

Pleiku to Kon Tum On our way to Kon Tum we took in a couple of beautiful sites, the ride wasn't long and we had some opportunity to explore some backroads. The main road had been fairly busy with trucks and buses, and we passed through a stretch of a rubber plantation. The hills in the distance were as bleak as ever but we decided to seek out a lake marked on the map. The back road that took us there went through Tea and Coffee plantations dotted with happy Vietnamese ladies toiling in the fields. It was the first time we have seen tea growing and Kathryn was quite excited! We also passed a seemingly isolated Chinese temple. The lake was very quiet and almost a little boring but we were happy to see a ... read more
Ladies picking tea
George tucking into cake when my back was turned!
Found the reservoir

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Gia Lai » Pleiku March 15th 2012

Tuy Hoa to Phu Toc We left the luxuries of our 5 star hotel after 2 days to head into the central highlands. We meandered in land following the course of a canal. The hills began to rise out of the rice paddies and we caught our first sightings of the adorable pot belly pigs roaming around the minority villages. Once we parted from the canal, the land became dry and dusty and the road a single bumpy lane. Traffic was sparse so we only disappeared into the odd dust cloud! The hillsides were stripped of any trees leaving a brown and rather depressing landscape. The houses were different, long wooden homes with chickens, pigs and the odd cow wandering about. Living standards appeared quite basic although an essential to every home was a satellite dish ... read more
Local house
Dry fields

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands March 11th 2012

We started the day with a vegetarian (Buddhist) cooking class, making steamed rice cakes, corn spring roles and a veggie hot pot - surprisingly, all of them turned out to be really good! After making a meal of the food we had cooked, we visited two mausoleums. The first one was of the King Tu Doc (who lost the country to the French), and the second one was for King Khai Dinh, both with unique architectural styles. The day ended with us taking a flight to Saigon or Ho Chi Mihn city, our last stop in Vietnam...... read more
Cooking class
Cooking class
Tomb of Tu Doc

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat March 9th 2012

We left Dalat around 1pm, the sun was shining in a bright blue sky and despite being cold overnight it was now a lovely temperature around 26 degrees. Soon into the journey to Na Trang, back on the coast, we were climbing steeply. Before reaching the coast there was a whole mountain range to cross. The higher we climbed the more the clouds moved in and the tops of the mountains were swathed in mist. Before long we were in and out of the mist itself driving along steep narrow roads with deep drops to one side. All around us were towering hillsides covered in rainforest bathed in the mist. We had a brilliant coach driver who stopped constantly and waited while everyone piled out to take photographs and of course the odd cigarette break for ... read more
Misty Mountains
Photo Opportunity

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