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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi November 30th 2015

Sangkhlaburi really has charmed me. It's beautiful and there's no over stating how much I have enjoyed actually seeing, walking and moving through the village, bridge and rivers that I had read of. I've found the people to be kind, quieter with me than in those in Kanchanaburi, enjoying of a slow pace; and its a place that's culturally diverse and harmonious. The status of many of the minorities from old Burma means that some do not get education or health care access, however there are a few important school programmes & community hubs here. An example of the overall harmony and care is from when the Mon Bridge partly collapsed in 2013 - the communities both sides (the Thai, the Mon and the Karen) worked together to very quickly build a floating bamboo walkway over ... read more
Night market, tiny dancers
Local band
The sun rises

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi November 28th 2015

I'd grabbed onto this idea a little while ago, my mind taking the guidebook's small paragraph and sailing away with it as a flag. And my imagination of it came to visually define my excitement of coming away and my desire to find adventure and history. It was to canoe down to the sunken Mon temple at Sangkhlaburi, where the rivers now meet. This was where the old Mon village had been flooded by a new large dam upstream in the 80s, the Mon now live on one side of the town's stunning wooden bridge. The old temple, Wat Saam Prasob,which was upon a hill, is all that can still be partly seen. There was a sad local story here too. I went in the afternoon, imagining the evening mist and darkening sky as excellent companions ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi December 29th 2014

For many western travelers Kanchanaburi is the well known destination for tourist who have been attracted by the history of World War II and also the famous Erawan Waterfalls. However, there is a small town that 5 Hours away from Kanchanaburi called “Sangkhlaburi" which is rich of of history and slow cultures. Sangkhlaburi is a sleepy little town that located along the Thai-Myanmar border with the spectacular view of the Songkalia river in the center of the town that will take your breath away at every turn. The best spot in town is the “Mon Bridge” or hand made longest wooden bridge that connect to colorful and lively Mon village. The journey to Sangkhlaburi will lead you to discover the various ethnic groups, including the Mon, Thai, Karen and Burmese so this little gems is a ... read more
Hop on the boat to the Sunken temple
The local water taxi

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi January 28th 2011

We set off early in the morning in the truck to make the short drive to the kids school, in order to go camping with 200 of the scouts there. When we arrived we had to wait around whilst they did formal things like saluting and standing in columns. Whilst waiting, we were approached by a scout leader (a 40 year old guy complete with shorts and neck-tie - not a good look), who got us all to write our names next to some Thai text on a piece of paper, then split us up and made us stand with our assigned columns. I was with Tarapon and her group of "Sparrows", Yeo and his group of "Lions", and a chubby woman who was the 'Leader' and insisted on giving me an incredibly silly scout leader ... read more
Crossing the river
Spot the path
View at the top

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi January 24th 2011

At the start of this week we got 2 new volunteers, Dionne (Emily's friend) and Jenna. They are both in their 20s and are pretty cool. General things happening here. We went into Sangkhla one day which was fairly dull, the only saving being we had chocolate ice lollies filled with condensed milk - so good! On Thursday we did our normal trip into the Thursday morning markets in Huay Ma Lai to buy condensed milk pancakes, chickpea wraps and sticky rice. Then we celebrated B's last day here by going for a walk in the surrounding jungle which was pretty cool, and making banana cake, which took all afternoon as we had to cook it in an old school brick oven that was heated by a wood fire that we had to keep topping up. ... read more
Gathering dirt

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi January 9th 2011

I've spent about 2 weeks here at Baan Dada now, and having a great time! Nothing here is very organised, and nothing is ever on time, so we're having to be pretty flexible. For New Year's Day we all, even the kids!, had a lie in, being tired from walking in circles all evening. Then we spent the day playing with the kids, and in the afternoon we headed over to Songkhalia Guest House to perform. For once, everything went to plan, nothing was forgotten and we were only half an hour late. Afterwards we headed into Sangkhla so the kids could spend their money, and me, Emily and V got the nicest banana pancakes. They were basically some form of doughy stuff, fried with an egg, then cut up and drenched in condensed milk and ... read more
Small Girls
Me and Ehdodu

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi December 31st 2010

Whilst waiting for the kids to arrive, Gale showed me round the home a bit. They have a boy's house, girl's house, office, schoolroom/library, dining room/kitchen and music room/hall. A 5 minute walk away is the volunteer house, where we were staying, and the place has lots of outdoors stuff as well - climbing frames, a volleyball court and a football/basketball area. Our house is fairly basic, with a 1 out of the 4 toilets having a flushing mechanism, and 1 hot and 1 cold shower. The beds are basically a metal frame with a board across it, or simply a yoga mat on the floor. There are a few thin mattresses (about 1 inch thick) - I ended up folding one in half so it's not very wide but at least I can't feel the ... read more
Girls' House
Walk to volunteer house
Ultra comfy beds

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi July 23rd 2010

10. You no longer smile at or play peek-a-book with babies on the street for fear they will burst into tears at the sight of your strange sunburnt foreign face. 9. You secretly love Korean pop music. 8. You are disappointed (or maybe relieved?) when there is not a jelly or jello balls of some sort in your beverage. 7. You are not embarrassed to use an umbrella to shade yourself from the sun. 6. You stare at other foreigners when you see them and occasionally whisper to your companions about their strange Western ways. 5. Your English has deteriorated, become very s l o w and includes a lot of hand gestures. Even when talking to native English speakers. 4. You occasionally can't think of a word in English. 3. Vegetables are for breakfast and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi July 13th 2010

The plan originally was to head to Sangklaburi and volunteer for a week at on of the orphanages that house refugee children from Burma, however as Lisa was too late in emailing the home there were no beds left! We decided not to let this deter us and so headed off on the 3 hour mini bus ride anyway, thinking that there would be other projects we could visit for a day or two and help out. Upon arrival in Sangklaburi it was a bit of a shock, dusty, dirty town with more than just smelly markets. After wandering about a bit lost for a few minutes we saw a couple of western girls and asked them where they were staying, they showed us back to their guesthouse which just at that moment was being fumigated ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi April 10th 2010

Catch a local bus for the 4-hour journey - starts OK but as we climb into the mountains quickly becomes like a rollercoaster. The driver throws the bus into blind corners whilst overtaking, and hurtles down slopes to carry enough speed to get up the next ones. P and I buckle up, the only ones on the bus to do so. We strike up a conversation with a 60-something monk, sitting at the front of the bus, dressed in an orange robe and with a leather briefcase on his lap. We stop for lunch and he walks alongside me as I lift the lids on the big silver pots at the roadside - "I don't think you can handle that - too hot for you" he chuckles. He sits with us while we slurp a bowl ... read more
On the bus.
Xan jumps in.
Early morning kayak

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