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Katie Hedgecock

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta March 15th 2011

Don't you just love the blog titles you get from traveling Asia?! For all you impatient types, I'm afraid you'll have to read through a lot of text about Saigon and the Vietnam war before getting to the part about drug smuggling, sorry ;). I arrived in Saigon at somepoint in the evening, and got a taxi into the centre with a couple I met at the airport. Once there we spent a while finding a hostel, and then went out to get dinner at a nearby restaurant. The prices here are crazy-cheap - at first glance they seem about comparable to prices in Indo: about 20,000 for a meal, then you realise that you get 30,000 Dong for the pound, compared with only 15,000 Rupiah. So, already feeling good about the money-situation here, we went ... read more
Cages for American prisoners
Boat Racing

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Lembongan March 9th 2011

Hello, So, after leaving Singapore, and upon the recommendation of numerous Aussies, I headed down to Bali. Due to delays, I ended up arriving at about 1 in the morning, which is obviously not ideal. I ended up getting a taxi into Kuta for the night with another couple off the plane. Once there, we spent ages looking for a cheap, available hotel, as it was late, so everyone was either just saying "full" and going back to sleep, or trying to charge us around 200,000 Rupiah. Eventually we found one for 150,000 which was still a lot, but by that time we didn't care so much. After chucking down our bags, we did what was expected of us (being in Kuta) and went out to buy some beers before hitting the beach. This turned out ... read more
Clambering off
Mushroom Bay

Asia » Singapore » Geylang February 28th 2011

First off I want to say thanks to Gavin, who let me and Leena take over his condo for the days we were in Singapore, giving us a key, and trusting us completely, having never met us before! So, my next stop was Singapore for a few days, where the accommodation was on a price standard equaling Australia, which meant me on my 10GBP per day Asia-budget, decided to look elsewhere. I ended up staying with 30-year old Gavin, who worked as a meteorologist at Singa airport (possibly one of the easiest jobs as the weather seems to be a standard 30 degrees and sunny, with rain at almost exactly 5pm each day), who I met through couchsurfing.org. Also staying with Gavin at the same time as me was Leena, from Germany, so we ended up ... read more
Banana Leaf Curry
Me paddling
British team

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 24th 2011

Hi again, After leaving Bangkok I arrived in Malaysia at about 1am as the plane was delayed. This wasn't such a big deal, up until I discovered the coupon system that keeps the taxi drivers honest closed at midnight, so I had to get a massively expensive taxi into town as they all seemed to have a mutual agreement not to use the meter. After going on a detour to some hotel that the driver undoubtedly would've got commission from, he reluctantly agreed to go where I had asked, and I finally got to Chinatown. Here I checked into the first and cheapest hostel, a place called Le Village. It quickly became apparent why it was the cheapest in KL, as I turned up at 2am to find all the guests still up playing poker, and ... read more
Me and Yashim at the watchtower
View from the top of Mount Brinchang
Me at the top of Mount Brinchang

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai February 18th 2011

Hi again, Okay, so first off that title was just waiting to be written and I wish I could've seen my mother's reaction ;). However, before I continue, I'd like to reassure any relatives that, no, I didn't get high and have a tattoo done, nor did I get arrested. I simply watched as the idiots I was with did :D. So, with that in mind, my next blog update.... To get to Pai, I ended up taking the minivan, and luckily I got a seat in the front as the road there turned out to wind up and down through the mountains. Apparently there's something like 300+ bends in the road, most of which seem to be hairpin turns. As if this didn't make the trip bad enough, the driver was a classic Thai, by ... read more
Me boiling eggs
Yoga class

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 9th 2011

Hi again :) I left Baan Dada for the last time in a minivan to Kanchanaburi with Matte and Mathijs. It was a very long and boring trip, but we eventually arrived in Kanchana 4 hours later, just in time for lunch. After eating Mathijs and Machteld went on to Bangkok, and I got a motorbike taxi over to Jolly Frogs to meet up with Dada and the kids, who should've arrived already, having left at 7am. 4 hours later, Dada 2 turned up, and an hour after that Dada 1 finally drove up with the kids in the little truck. It turned out they couldn't all fit in the truck, so Dada had had to do some last minute welding to attach bars to the roof to tie things on to, and they hadn't actually ... read more
The insects
Me eating a cricket
Matte eating a cricket

Asia » Thailand February 8th 2011

Dal Lentils Cumin Tumeric Paprika Water Ginger Potato Soak Lentils, Fry Tumeric cumin paprika and ginger, add lentils and water, boil for 10mins, add potato and simmer for an hour ish Stir Fry Chickpeas Tofu Oil Yoghurt Corriander Sweet and Sour 2 Cups tamarind Sugar Carrot Tomato Pineapple Salt Soy Sauce Chilli Potato Tofu Boil potato, fry tofu, mix everything up and simmer. Tofu Chilli Sauce Tomatos Cabbage Crumbled Tofu Ginger Chilli Lemon leaves Soy Sauce Salt Fry tofu, remove, fry everything else, add a bit of water, add tofu, simmer, add lemon leaves Fried Tofu Tofu Carrots Beans Tomatoes Soy Sauce Tamarind Rice Fry Tofu, remove, fry everything else, add tofu Avocado Shake 1 avocado 1 tbsp br sugar/honey 2 cup condensed milk or soy milk or yoghurt or milk or ... read more
The food I made
Yellow curry

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma February 3rd 2011

We got back from the camping trip near the end of January, and as such, it was time for a trip into one of the Burmese border villages to administer vaccinations. Me, Matte and Mathijs got up at half 5 as requested, to discover everyone else in bed, apart from Dada 2 who was meditating, and therefore being generally uncommunicative. After about half an hour, Dada emerged and we started packing ice blocks into cool boxes to keep the vaccines cold enough for the entire trip. At around 8am (2 hours later than planned), me, Mathijs, Matte, the medic and 2 random Thai guys squeezed into a jeep more designed to look cool than be comfortable - someone had removed the seat cushions in the back and replaced them with speakers. In the end Mathijs had ... read more
Vaccine injection
Me and Matte giving out drugs
Cleaning the pool so the fish don't die

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi January 28th 2011

We set off early in the morning in the truck to make the short drive to the kids school, in order to go camping with 200 of the scouts there. When we arrived we had to wait around whilst they did formal things like saluting and standing in columns. Whilst waiting, we were approached by a scout leader (a 40 year old guy complete with shorts and neck-tie - not a good look), who got us all to write our names next to some Thai text on a piece of paper, then split us up and made us stand with our assigned columns. I was with Tarapon and her group of "Sparrows", Yeo and his group of "Lions", and a chubby woman who was the 'Leader' and insisted on giving me an incredibly silly scout leader ... read more
Crossing the river
Spot the path
View at the top

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Sangkhlaburi January 24th 2011

At the start of this week we got 2 new volunteers, Dionne (Emily's friend) and Jenna. They are both in their 20s and are pretty cool. General things happening here. We went into Sangkhla one day which was fairly dull, the only saving being we had chocolate ice lollies filled with condensed milk - so good! On Thursday we did our normal trip into the Thursday morning markets in Huay Ma Lai to buy condensed milk pancakes, chickpea wraps and sticky rice. Then we celebrated B's last day here by going for a walk in the surrounding jungle which was pretty cool, and making banana cake, which took all afternoon as we had to cook it in an old school brick oven that was heated by a wood fire that we had to keep topping up. ... read more
Gathering dirt

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