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Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand October 31st 2018

Thailand is a beautiful country in which to live and work. I had an American friend who visited Thailand a few years ago during her vacations, and she found the country intriguing. When she found out teaching English as a second language in Thailand was a possibility, she start researching what she'd have to do to get certified. After listening to what information she found out, I decided to write this handy guide for people who want to know what they need if they're interested in English teaching jobs in Thailand, my beloved home country. What Is TEFL TEFL is instruction in English for non-native speakers or Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL is also called: Teaching English to Sp... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand October 22nd 2018

I had an up and down day in Bangkok today. Some things worked out well, others didn’t. I’ll concentrate on the good stuff. My first stop was Lumphini Park where I hoped to see monitor lizards that live there. As it turned out, there were a number of them in or by the little lake. They all about 3 feet long (including tail), so they were not as large or fearsome as the Komodo Dragons that I’ve seen in zoos. Nearby is the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute which specializes in producing snake antivenin and there is a “snake farm” with various species of snakes from all over the world, including a king cobra that seemed interested in a little girl who was touring the facility. There is a poisonous snake “milking” demonstration every day at 1100. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen May 26th 2018

Chiang Rai: Toi chon di thang nay ve Thai lan muc dich chanh la o day bat dau mua mang cut va toi rat thich an mang cut. Day la lan thu 3 toi di Thai Lan vao thang 5 de an mang cut va lan thu 6 toi den Thai Lan. Tuy nhien lan nay toi den thang mien bac Thai Lan, Chiang Mai toi cho la xu so cua mang cut, toi o den day mot lan nhung khong vao mua mang cut. Va mu dich thu 2 toi den Thailan la toi muon den vung Golden Triangle noi giap nhau cua 3 quoc gia Thai Lan , Laos, va Burma de biet them ve vung nay la noi noi tieng la buon ban A Phien nhieu nhat the gioi. Thai Lan la mot ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand May 26th 2018

Chiang Mai: img= 1:06:34 2018, 5 Thailand, Laos, Macau, hongkong DVD 4 No views33 minutes ago... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand April 16th 2018

Hanoi, crazy and noisy but if you like city buzz that is the place to be. I had one day and night in Hanoi (8th April) after the group and had originally planned to stay in the hotel that the tour used. However as it was the worst hotel of the Vietnam trip I cancelled and splashed out on La Siesta Central hotel and spa. I got up early and decided to visit the Temple of Literature which was described as a quiet oasis. It was about a 1.5k walk but as I approached I could see a mass of coaches and groups of schoolchildren. I went in anyway and it was moderately interesting, it was the first university of Vietnam and was established to test potential mandarins. Vietnam was under Chinese control at the time ... read more
Queen Pagoda
Next stop Masterchef!
Banana steamed cake

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand February 18th 2018

Snow Birds -that’s what they are called here in Chiangmai........ the people who flee winter in the northern hemisphere and migrate to Northern Thailand. I don’t quite qualify as I’m only here for a month ......... but it’s certainly something to aim for. Over breakfast we chatted about the acupuncture. Nui thinks it’s really helping her to sleep well. I mentioned planning to have some sort of spa day treatment. But was told that Upin, the masseuse, can do coconut oil massage as well as Thai massage.....It will be booked! Michel and I express an interest in the Ayurvedic treatment centre ( Nui and Kung have tried everything!) We agree to have a nose detox and a foot detox. It is booked for us! It was the last day of my pottery class, so I got ... read more
Dear little BamBam at Baansong Jum
Chinese New Year in Chiangmai- I think this is the dog!
Dragon waiting to perform in Worarot market

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand February 12th 2018

That’s what it feels like -precious grains of time slipping through my fingers. And they slip through faster as I get closer to the end of the trip. There are so many new places to discover and familiar places to re-visit and so many interesting people to talk to. The icing on the cake is that I’m responsible only to myself and each day is a ‘jolly’! So on Tuesday morning I set off to the acupuncture clinic. I asked the acupuncturist how my pulse was performing and he said was about half, so I replied that I’d like 100% please. He was very amused by this so I’d like to know why. I’m still contemplating whether to go for a medical check up at one of the Chiangmai hospitals while I’m here.It seems like a ... read more
Chiangmai golden Wat doors
Chiangmai’s Wat
Painted shutters at the Nepal coffee shop

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand February 5th 2018

Tuesday again, and today I’ll have been here for a week. I reminded myself that my aim for this year’s winter break is to do as little as possible. Friend Carol had given me a book called’ Nelly Dean’ by Alison Case. It’s based on the character of the housekeeper in Wuthering Heights, and the untold stories in Emily Bronte’s book. It’s a long time since I read the original so I downloaded it onto my Kindle and set myself to reading it again before I attempted Nelly Dean. Well that kept me occupied for the day , other than a wander around Wararot Market across on the opposite bank of the river. In the evening I went to Woo cafe and had the most enormous and delicious Kaew Soi, a Northern dish of noodles and ... read more
Coffee and choc cake at The Blind Cafe’
Garlands at Chiangmai Flower Festival
Orchids at the Flower Festival

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand January 30th 2018

So on my first morning I wandered into the kitchen, a large space with two or three large fridges and open to the elements. It’s a Thai kitchen, so no oven but a job for cooking and toaster and microwave. I helped myself to tea and toast and sat in the communal space under the house to eat it. A chance to meet some of the other people staying here. There’s an American who is learning Thai as he plans to come and live here. He sets out his cards on the table -Thai consonants and vowels and Kong takes great delight in testing and correcting him. Good natured banter on both sides, and I admire him for tackling the reading and writing as well as speaking. There’s a sweet shy Indonesian teacher who is teaching ... read more
A chair by the fishpond at Baansong Jum
Down by the River Ping near Baansong Jum
Kaew Soi -a delious curry noodle Northern Dish

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand January 26th 2018

It’s time to start my travel ramblings..... so put your hands over your ears if you don’t want to hear! This year I’m planning a gentle, relaxing time away and hoping to replenish body and soul. I’m planning to do a lot of walking, eating, reading and resting so it may be a bit boring for you, the reader. But I like to do it and it helps me to remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done ..... otherwise the days melt into each other between leaving and returning. Pat dropped me off at Malvern station to get the train to Birmingham International. I’d left Lottie-dog at home with Ruth, who’s going to look after her and the pigs and the house while I’m away. My flight to Zurich was delayed by 40 mins, and ... read more
Singapore-dinner with Kay and Karunna
Singapore dinner with Kay and Karunna
Singapore-dinner with Kay and Karunna

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